Friday, September 17, 2010


Those of you that know me and Josh, know that we very RARELY eat out. When we do decide to venture out of the comforts of our home, it's usually with the company of friends or family. We are home bodies through and through, that LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook! With the trees beginning to turn and the smell of fall wafting through my home, I've def. been on a roll this week with the home cooked meals. Let's just say, I think Josh will keep me!!

Monday night we got home late from Bowling Green, and decided we should throw something quick together. I had some chicken bites in the freezer and some romaine lettuce. An egg was boiled, bacon microwaved, and buffalo sauce used. It was yummy, and Josh gets the credit for this one. Tuesday night we did a chef salad. ( we wanted to use up the lettuce since we'd been gone a few days and didn't want it to wilt and be wasted) Wednesday brought homemade potato soup, Thursday was cheese ravioli, salad, and yummy apple dumplings, and tonight is a big ole pot of beans and cornbread!!

Something about this time of year makes me want to get up and go. My house always stays clean, and the laundry done, and my baking skills drastically improve. I have a ton of friends that "claim" they are just not good cooks. However, I'm just not buying it. The beans I'm making tonight are just a bag of pintos covered in water with some slices of bacon thrown in a crockpot. Easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, those apple dumplings are the easiest dessert, and I promise you wont be disappointed. You just take cresent rolls filled with pieces of apple ( that have been rolled in sugar and cinnamon) Put in a baking disch and fill with a half a cup of water mixed with lots of sugar and cinnamon, then dollop the dumplings with butter and bake for 30 min!! AMAZING, you won't be disappointed!

This time of the year I also tend to watch Hocus Pocus about 100 times. We haven't gotten around to a viewing yet, but I am thinking it would go amazing with some pinto beans and cookies!! ;0)



Ok so I am totally going to make those apple dumplings this weekend!!!! You definitly need to add in the recipe when you talk about food, because you guys are always making stuff that sounds so good!!

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