Sunday, December 20, 2009

"The most wonderful time of the year!!"

So in about 3 days we will be on the road to Home Sweet Bowling Green!! I can't tell you how excited we are to get to go home for an extended stay. Usually we are home at the most 4 days, and are so rushed that when it comes time to get back....we are ready!! Luckily we were able to talk our families into spreading our Christmas(es) over the course of the weekend. We usually attend anywhere from 6-8 in less than a 24 hour period, which makes for a stressful and tiring holiday!! This year, however, we won't be timing ourselves at every location and can just enjoy our family time. I am mostly excited about watching all the little kids (aka Gavin and Nolan) open their gifts. It's so hard for me to believe that Lena Belle will be Nolan's age this time next year! It's crazy to imagine what life was before Nadina started to pop out babies!! I can't even remember what we used to do at Mamaw and Papaws on a Sunday afternoon. Nowadays we sit in a circle and let the little ones entertain us!! Hmmm :0)

We aren't even through this holiday yet, and I have already bought stuff for next year!! We went to Sams Club today (our regular "date" spot) and bought a tree and some of the cutest ornaments. They had a ton of their Christmas stuff half off. Their prices are already hard to beat, but this just made them a necessity...atleast in my book! Hopefully we will be able to keep both our girls, Allie and Lena, out of our tree next year!! haha

Since this week will be crazy, I am sure, I am going to go ahead and do my week 26 survey!!!

•How far along?: 26 weeks
•Total weight gain: Hopefully not much, if anymore, than last weeks!!!
•How big is baby?: Every book/website says something different. By now she is about 2 lbs and 8 inches long!!
•Maternity clothes?: Oh yes! I actually had my first "wardrobe" nightmare today. I tried a shirt on I had only bought 2 weeks ago, and it was almost too tight. It's possible it was thrown in the dryer, and my husband reassured me I looked "hott" (haha yeah right) but I almost fainted when I looked in the mirror!!
•Stretch marks?: Just a couple! I've been rubbing Olive Oil on them. Believe it or's helping!! Luckily there aren't many and they are located in areas no one will see!!
•Sleep?: It is definitely getting harder. Everytime I wake up I have to pee, and am usually in pain from holding it in. Then, by the time I lay down and start to get comfortable again Lena decides to play!! SIGH!!
•Best moment this week?: Locking myself in the house with my amazing hubby and puppy during the "ice"!!
•Movement?: OH yes!! I actually layed in a warm bath the other day because my back was hurting. When I started to get relaxed and feel better she began to kick around, so hard she caused ripples in the water! HILLARIOUS!!
•Food cravings?: I don't sit around and just suddenly crave something. However, if someone mentions a certain food or a commercial pops's hard to get it out of my head. I am also still having a tough time with the caffeine....although I am waaay better off with it then before pregnancy!!
•Labor signs?: Nopers!!
•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: Bending over to pick up something. No I have to take time to prepare myself, grab on to something for sturdiness, and ease on down!!!
•What I'm looking forward to: With Christmas time here, I can't wait to share in Lena's first Christmas!
•Milestone: hmmm, this always has me stumped. How about the fact that I finally got us signed up for our lamaze/planned parenting class!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Survey Week 25

•How far along?: 25 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 15 lbs. Which to me is horrifying, but is GREAT according to the doctors!! haha
•How big is baby?: Not sure!!
•Maternity clothes?: Yup! My hips grew first so I've been in my maternity jeans for a while, but I tried on all my other tops the other day for fun, and have actually began to really grow into them!!
•Stretch marks?: A few, but no where anyone will ever see them, so I can live with it!
•Sleep?: hmmm on and off. I'll sleep for a couple of hours, then am awake for an hour. Plus I usually wake up 2-3 times for a potty run!!
•Best moment this week?: Well, it's only Tuesday so I hope the week only gets better. I'm thinking the best moment is going to be the fact that I will be completely done with my Christmas shopping....either today or tomorrow!! YAY

•Movement?: LOTS! Every time I stand still, even if for only a moment, she kicks and hits!! I love it though!!
•Food cravings?: No, not really. I actually feel as normal as I did before I got pregnant. I actually have to remind myself to eat. I've always been the type that if I'm not starving I don't eat!! Bad habit when preggers!!

•Labor signs?: I spent last Monday in Triage. They thought my lower side, and back pain could be due to early labor, but thank goodness it was not!!!

•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: Sleeping and waking up rested!!!
•What I'm looking forward to: Holding Lena for the first time!
•Milestone: hmmm...Milestone?? We have picked out all of our baby furniture, and bedding, and paint colors (pretty much)!!! Now onto the room!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Why do I even bother!!??"

Yesterday was Hubby Josh's 24th Birthday. At his request, we spent the day just lounging and enjoying the company of one another. Quiet time together is something we are trying to appreciate more of, knowing that in a few short months that quiet time will occupied with cries, feeding, diaper changes, and peek-a-boo games!!

After a few hours of lounging, my ADD kicked in and I had to find something to do. After admiring my smelly, dirty, baby girl Allie, I decided it was bath time. I removed her collar, ran a tub of water, and wrestled my little cocker spaniel into the bathroom. Once there, it took only a matter of moments before the tub was a nice shade of brown, from the dirt she had collected in her fur. That was the moment I decided we would be getting the "twice over"!!

After the bath I got her out, and because it was so cold out decided to dry her off. I usually let her air dry, because I know the blow dryer can really dry out her skin, but I made sure to spray in lots of doggy conditioner, and used her oatmeal bath. Josh had to give a helping hand during this process, Allie does NOT like to be blow dried!!! We got all of her tangles out, brushed her skirt around her legs (something I love because they always resemble UGG Boots) and cleaned out her ears. Let's just say that Allie was looking good.

This process took about two or so hours, with periodic grooming through the night. So, why go to all of this trouble when today I had to put her in her crate to go to my monthly check up, and come home only to find her DRENCHED from head to toe.

Let me explain. My dog has HORRIBLE seperation anxiety and can not stand to be left home alone. She will literally hide when she suspects Josh and I will be leaving. The problem with this is that when crated she throws a horrible fit and manages to slobber all over herself. Its absolutely disgusting and frustrating to come home and find your dog covered in her own saliva. (esp after pampering her the day before)

Needless to say, I will have to bathe her again sometime this week before getting her groomed for Christmas. I always bath and brush her out before I take her to the groomers. Silly, I know, but I don't want them to look at me as some neglectant "mother"!!

There's today's dilemma on my mind! That, and the fact that I have decided that after today's weigh in I will be deducting 4 pounds for my snow UGG Boots. I think that is only fair, they are extrememly heavy!! Other than my weight, everything looks great and is right on track, even my weight, just something I have yet to grow used to!!

Alrighty, I have a cookie exchange Wednesday, meaning I have about 4 dozen to bake....I might cheat and go the candy route!! I'll let you know!!

"When did we become adults??"

I've had this question on my mind a lot lately. I am sure it is due to the last year of life changes I have experienced (ie. Marriage, Moving, Baby on the way). I find it interesting to look back on the person I was, thought I would become, and the person I am today. I don't think maturity is something that just happens over time, I believe it's a decision. It's truly up to you to wake up one day and say "It's time for me to start a new chapter in my life." And do it!! For me, I really didn't "mature" until the last year. I wasn't walking around acting like a five year old, but I made just about every mistake you are permitted to make in your college years. Once I was done with school, I came to the realization that I would no longer have that excuse.

So, I made a decision. Did I want to be in my mid 30s at the bar every weekend, or did I want to create a life with my love and move into a new "adventure". I had a lot of anxiety about marriage, and domestic life. Not because I didn't love Josh and want to be with him, but because it wasn't what I had planned out for myself. Something you quickly learn through life is that it doesn't always go the way you planned, but it does turn out exactly the way it's supposed to.

By now I had planned to be a struggling Broadway Actress living in New York!! Now, I look back on that dream and laugh, mainly because I know it would have never made me as happy as I am now. It's easy to dream big, and shoot for the stars, when you're the only one to worry about. But the second you throw anyone else into the mixture, life changes. Now all I can think about is this growing life inside of me.

I'm not perfect, have never and will never be. And this life is not at all where I expected to be five years ago. But, this life is amazing....and even more precious and wonderful than anything I could have dreamed up!!

So there's my random thought for the day, unorganized and shuffled, but you get the point!! Happy Blogging everyone!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friend's Blogging!!

Check out Brit's (from new blog and amazing Christmas giveaway!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pregnancy Week 24!!

Name: Ashley Belle
Birthdate: 06/06/1986
Current Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight before pregnancy: 130-ish (but remember I had just gotten married....aka MAJOR DIET!!!)
Current Weight: hmm not really sure
Partner's Name: Joshua Scott
Partner's Birthdate: 12/13/1985
Partner's Age: 23 (24 on Sunday!)
Partner's Height: 5'10"
Partner's Weight before pregnancy: NO clue
Partner's Current Weight: we don't know, neither of us weighs ourselves regularly.
When did you find out your were pregnant? a couple weeks after the honeymoon!!!
What was your reaction? I had my suspicions, but after they were confirmed there was a large rush of emotion. Excitement was one for sure, followed by fear, sickness, anxiety!! You name it, I felt it!!
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy? My dog Allie!! But as far as humans, the hubs!!
Date of Conception? For sure July 2!!
Due Date? March 29th.
Was the pregnancy planned? Nope, but definitely not a mistake.
How did your parents react? They all hesitated, took a minute to figure out what exactly was going on, then cried. My mother thought it was a big joke we were playing on her. We had bought baby bottles, put a poem in them from baby, and wrapped them as presents. We gave them to each set of parents and told them we had picked them up something on our honeymoon!! Each reaction was priceless, and I still wish we had had a video camera!!!
How did your partner's parents react? "see above"
Did you go to the doctor yet? Yuppers.
Did you have your first ultrasound? Yup. I have had 3!!
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl? Baby Girl
How is the baby's movement? She is a rowdy one, for sure.
How is the baby's heartbeat? It was at 155 on Monday!
Baby's name? Lena Belle McCombs.
Who do you think the baby will look like? I have NO clue!! I think she will have Josh's darker complexion, and hopefully come out with a big ole head of hair like I did!!
Mom to be's favorite foods? . Hmmm at this point I eat just about anything!! Loven me some poptarts though! LoL
Mom to be's latest cravings? hmmm....what are my latest cravings?? I am really not having any cravings. I've cut back, well for me, greatly on caffeine. For those of you that don't know me, I HATE COFFEE, but my withdrawal was soo bad the other day I had to make myself some, just to take a sip. Pretty sure it had more milk and flavored creamer in it than actual coffee, but it eased the crave!!
Mom to be's latest "mom" moment? I facebook stalk all of my friends online who just had babies!!! It sounds creepy, yes, but it really gets me excited.
What was the first change you noticed in your body? I was extrememly sleepy and sick after our honeymoon....that was a dead give away!!
What was the latest change in your body? My belly is really starting to round out now that my uterus is moving up. My hips are nice and wide...sigh!!!
What is your sleep schedule? I'm in bed by 10, and usually wide awake around 7. I do nap somedays!!
What is your work schedule? I work from home, so whenever I feel like it.
What is the last thing you bought for the baby? Josh and I bought a big pack of Golden Books at Sam's the other day, and some Winnie the Pooh books!
What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Clothes!!
Planned birth place? Hospital!!.
Who will be in the room with you? Besides the Dr. and nurses I want Josh and my mom!!
Are you scared? The closer it gets, the more nervous I become. But I also realize that this is what God made the woman's body for, and I trust that he would never give me anything that I can't handle!
Are you going to use drugs? I'm going into it saying no, but I'm not against asking for it if the pain becomes unbearable on my part.
How do you think you will react? Oh, I bet I cry, the entire time!!
How do you think your partner will react? I think he will cry. He's very sappy, and extremely excited about his baby girl!!
Have you started birthing classes? Not yet, that's my goal over the next week, to get us signed up!
What is the nursery theme? Shabby Chic. :)
Are you going to breastfeed? Of course....why wouldn't you!!??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Guardian!!

Don't let her sweetness full you, she is one guard(ian) dog!! Yes, there is a story that come with this, a funny one actually!! Let me start by giving you the background on our Allie. I bbought Allie for Joshua last Christmas. Since he had moved out to North Carolina, I could tell he was a bit lonely, and was in desperate need of some lovens. Since I couldn't be there with him all the time, I thought what's more perfect than a dog!!?? I wanted to get him one small enough to keep inside, but large enough that you can still play I chose the Cocker Spaniel. Plus my parents have a Cocker Spaniel, Foster, who I absolutely why not!!??

Allie is a little pistol, and has been from day one! My parents picked her up in Louisville from me on their way home from a trip they took to Ohio. She marched into their house like she owned the place, and pestered Foster to death!! She was probably one of the most playful puppies I had ever been around, esp. after just being taken away from her family. That first night was a little rough, she cried a lot, and I am not ashamed to say that I took her out of her crate and let her sleep with me that night. The beginning of a bad habit!! LoL

Josh knew that I had gotten Allie for him. I wanted him to name her, pick out the color, and also get the clear from him landlord. He chose black, a girl, and named her Allie after our favorite movie "The Notebook"!! It was love at first sniff for them. Josh has never had a dog of his own, so he was like a little boy on Christmas! Absolutely obsessed, and still is! I think the resposibilty of having a dog took him off guard a bit, but will hopefully prove to be great parental training come March!!

So, now on to my story. Before Josh and I got married, everytime I would come out to visit, Allie was very terrotorial of her daddy. She never growled, or barked, but made her way in between us whenever we got to close for her comfort!!! Since we've been married and I have been home with her all day, the roles have reversed!! She still loves Josh, and waits for him by the garage door when it's time for him to come home, but she is most certaintly a momma's girl.

Josh and I were goofing off with each other last night and he went to grab me from the couch and attempt to "tickle" me!! A little childish, we will admit, but we were having fun. I screamed, and Allie took guard! She began growling and barking, and took off after Josh. He ran around in an attempt to play, and caught a mouthful to his bottom. At this point I had to sit down from the side pains caused by my laughter. Allie has never had this reaction to anything before, and I truly do think she thought he hurt her mommy! I also believe that she knows Lena is there (she sniffs at my belly a lot, and in the last couple of months has become much more clingy and loving) So maybe she was just sticking up for her little sister! Either way she was definitely my guardian that night!! I love my "first born"!! :0)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mary Kay!!

Hey all!! I wanted to put out there that I am an MK consultant!! I know a lot of you keep up to date through my blog, and it's an easy tool for communication!! If you are interested in any products or doing a party let me know!! Contact me directly to find out about the amazing holiday sale I am currently running!! :0)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Punching Bag, Known As My Tummy!!

So lately Little Lena has become ridiculously active!! Last night Josh really wanted to feel her move, so he layed his head on my stomach. As soon as he did, poor thing got a swift punch in the face. He sat up with the biggest smile, and slight look of shock on his face yelling "HOLY CRAP"!! It was absolutely perfect!! I love that now I can lay on my back and just watch the gymnastics going on!!! It's such an amazing feeling, and it brings this "new life" more into perspective!!

I am truly starting to actually "enjoy" being pregnant. Once you over come the sickness, and tired feeling, you are able to focus on the miracle of it all. So far I haven't had any random people come up and want to touch..(thank goodness, cause that's just creepy!)!! I do, however get a lot of questions and predictions. The lady checking me out at Sams this afternoon had me pose a couple of different ways, before guessing it was a girl. And of course she is right! I don't mind talking about her to strangers. Babies are such a blessing and miraculous thing, that I am soo excited I could just share the news with the whole world! Cheesy right??

Well, it's time to get prepared for It's Always Sunny!! I know with a baby inside of me, I should probably be stimulating her mind with Reading Rainbow or something, but a little laughter never hurt anyone!! Sweetdreams everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Survey Week 23!!

Is this your first pregnancy: Yuppers!!
When did you find out you were pregnant: Just a few weeks after we were married.
Was it planned: Not at all.
What was your reaction when you found out: Excitement, fear, and disbelief!! Plus the thought of "what is josh going to do/say" Wouldn't leave my head
Who was with you when you found out: No one. Josh was at work and Allie was at the Vet!!
Who was the first person you told: Allie, our dog!! But then Joshua.
How did your parents react: They all cried and were extrememly excited!! My mom actually thought we were playing a mean joke on her!
How far along are you: 23 Weeks!
What was your first symptom: I was sooo sleepy all the time, but the second I got sick that morning before taking Allie to see the Vet, I just knew.
When is your due date: March 29. 2010.
Do you know the sex of the baby: Yes, Girl.
Have you picked out a name: Lena Belle McCombs.
How much weight have you gained: It was around 10 at my last visit, but not sure. I'll let you know next week.
Do you have stretch marks: none on my belly just yet, but the girls have a few!!
Have you felt the baby move: Oh yes!! She loves to move around!!
Have you heard the heartbeat: Yup, several times!! And everytime I feel this big rush of relief!

Rudolph the Red Nosed...

This is the song I was attempting to sing with Gavin the other night while Nadina and mom were fixing their Christmas Tree. Unfortunately he has a different version, it goes...."Rudolph, Rudolph go away, come again another time!!" I'm not too familiar with that one, but I am working on it!! haha Lena Belle enjoyed the singing, however, she would not stop kicking. When I told Gavin she like it he kept on singing and yelling YENA BELLE!! (He still has trouple with his "Ls")

Gavin and Nolan are growing up just too fast. It's hard to believe that this time next year, Lena Belle will be Nolan's age. Nolan has become a little man since the last time I saw him. He isn't crawling yet, but when people want to hold you all the time, why would you?? He does, however, FLY in his little walker. He would take off across Aunt Pam's kitchen running, and then pick his little legs up and just slide. It was just too funny. And, he has learned how to throw a little fit in order to get what he wants. Josh was holding him after Thanksgiving dinner, and he let him have some coolwhip from mom's piece of cake. As soon as he had that down he was growling at Josh for some more. And, of course, he got it!!

It's so crazy how fast time really does seem to go by the older you get. When you are younger you always hear older people talk about how time flies, but as a child time just seemed to drag on and on. It's hard to believe that I am already on my 6th month of pregnancy. Although I haven't enjoyed every aspect of pregnancy, feeling her kick and roll around is absolutely amazing. I do think I will miss that.

Well, enough rambling for one morning the dog has decided to check out the trash!! I hope you all had a safe and amazing Thanksgiving!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Survey Week 21!!

How far along?: 21 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: Right at ten pounds. Which means I am on target!! yay
Maternity clothes?: yup, but not because I have some large preggo belly, because my hips have decided to expand!!!
Stretch marks?: Only on my Girls. But that's what happens when they grow almost 3 sizes in just a few months. And man do they itch!!
Sleep?: It's on and off. If I wake up to potty, or because I am just uncomfortable, it's hard to get back to sleep. Luckily I am home and can nap when need be.
Best moment this week?: Lena has really started to move, I mean A LOT!! It's soo neat knowing its her and not thinking that it might be gas! haha
Movement?: Oh yes! She is working on her tap dancing for sure!
Food cravings?: Hmm, nothing too serious this week so far. I have attempted to give up the caffeine again. In hopes it helps my iron intake and decreases my dizzy spells. So a coca cola would pretty much be AMAZING!!
Labor signs?: nopers.

Belly button in or out?: In.
What I miss: Although I loved being an outgoing crazy girl, I can't say I truly "miss" it. But it's nice to reminisce!
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting Little Lena.

Milestone: We got the nursery cleaned out and ready for paint!! YAYAY

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yup, still wanten that salad!

When are you due: March 29, 2010 How many weeks: The BIG 20!!
Was this planned or unplanned: Unplanned
How much weight gained: ?? Does it really matter!!
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes
Latest food craving: Yeah, still have yet to receive my salad, so that craving still lingers!! Now, I am really wanting some Hibachi Chicken...can you say YUMMM!!
Your top two name choices or baby's name: Her name is Lena Belle McCombs
Worst Thing about being pregnant: These crazy headaches I have developed!!
Best Thing about being pregnant: Knowing I have this amazing gift growing inside of me!!
The first person you told was: Hubby Joshua!! Well after I talked to Allie (our dog)!
Are you more scared or excited: A little nervous about the delivery, but oh so excited!!
Happy or mostly moody: Since I've been able to listen to my Christmas music, much happier!!!
Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: I was most definitely watching a cheesy ABC family movie that had a wedding scene the other day, and the water works just happened!! **sigh**
You pee an estimated __ times a day?: Oh gosh, TONS! Lena things my bladder is a nice cushioned seat we installed for her comfort!!!
Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: Before I knew it was a girl, I dreamed I had a baby girl and she amazingly just started to walk and talk very soon after birth!! Maybe I am a little obsessed with Twilight, but it creeped me out!!
Will you breast feed: Oh of course! It's only natural and there are so many benefits!! I'll never understand why those that can, won't!!
Words of wisdom : No matter how much you plan and prepare, life will still get you with it's curve balls!!

Rafferty's's all I want!!

So, the last week has held it's fair share of AMAZEMENT!! Joshua got to feel Lena kick for the first time. I woke up that morning, to a series of gymnastics going on in my stomach, and the second I was able to get his attention to try and feel her, of course she stopped!! So after playing this game all day, we were finally able to catch her before we went to bed that night!! Clearly she likes to play games already!

We spent our Halloween weekend in Columbus, OH with my parents. We went to the Columbus Zoo Friday night, and enjoyed the Broadway Musical Young Frankenstein Saturday night. To kill time in between, my mother and I made our way to the mall. I can't even begin to describe the adorable WARDROBE we got for Lena!! I am probably going to have to change her outfits a good 3 times a day!!!

With the Holiday's coming up, I find my mood to be much better. There's something about this time of year that makes me want to decorate, light candles, and cook every night!! I love it! And lucky for me, I have a husband who is just as into the Season as I am. We've been playing Christmas music since Halloween, it's kind of our thing!! Hopefully I will have my house completely put together in the next couple of weeks, and can post some pictures of our home during the season!!

Well, I will quit with the ramble I have going on!! I hope you all have a happy day!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Survey Numero Dos!!

When are you due: March 29, 2010 How many weeks: almost 20!!
Was this planned or unplanned: Unplanned
How much weight gained: ?? Does it really matter!!
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes
Latest food craving: Still wanting that Rafferty's salad, but now I am really looking forward to the Meatloaf I am making for us and our dinner guests tomorrow night!!!!
Your top two name choices or baby's name: Her name is Lena Belle McCombs
Worst Thing about being pregnant: It's always something new, sickness, cravings you can't fix, breakouts, weight gain, moodiness for no reason!!
Best Thing about being pregnant: Knowing I have this amazing gift growing inside of me!!
The first person you told was: Hubby Joshua!! Well after I talked to Allie (our dog)!
Are you more scared or excited: A little nervous about the delivery, but oh so excited!!
Happy or mostly moody: Both!! I'm a rollercoaster!
Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: I really really really needed a Rafferty's salad, and there's not one anywhere near us!! It got to me! lol
You pee an estimated __ times a day?: Oh gosh, TONS! Lena things my bladder is a nice cushioned seat we installed for her comfort!!!
Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: Before I knew it was a girl, I dreamed I had a baby girl and she amazingly just started to walk and talk very soon after birth!! Maybe I am a little obsessed with Twilight, but it creeped me out!!
Will you breast feed: Oh of course! It's only natural and there are so many benefits!! I'll never understand why those that can, won't!!
Words of wisdom : No matter how much you plan and prepare, life will still get you with it's curve balls!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a Girl!!

How far along? 19 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Gained, but not sure how much!!
Maternity clothes? Oh for sure! I don't have a huge belly, but my regular clothes don't foot!!
Stretch marks? NO, but i Have a feeling my tatas are getting them!!
Sleep: I finally sleep just fine! I usually wake up 2 or 3 times to pee and change positions!!
Best moment this week: Finding out on Thursday we were welcoming a little girl- Lena Belle McCombs!
Have you told family and friends: YES!
Movement: A little!!
Food cravings: Cotton Candy!! And a salad from Rafferty's....ugh!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: My prenatal vitamins get me every single time!!
Have you started to show yet: A little, but you have to really concentrate to notice it, unless I wear something fitting!
Leakage: NO
Gender prediction: IT'S A GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: NO
Belly Button in or out? IN
Wedding rings on or off? ON
Happy or Moody most of the time: Hmmm, both!! Most of the time I am happy, but bless my hubby's heart, I can be moody!!
Weekly Wisdom: I'm pregnant! This means I am going to gain weight..time to embrace it!!
Milestones: huge milestones, but we did finally get to go shopping and my mom bought Lena some of the CUTEST outfits!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...."

Wow, it's been a minute since I have written anything on here. Not too much has happened over the course of time. I am finally starting to actually look pregnant, which means I am gaining weight!! I am sure many women can relate to that first initial "pop" of the belly! It's welcomed, and in some ways HORRIFYING!! By no means am I model skinny, but I have always been blessed with a metabolism that kept me slender, plus my height doesn't help. So watching my body curve out in ways I thought impossible, has brought a bit of shock. Luckily I have one of those husbands that is enjoying my new figure. He reminds me everyday how beautiful he thinks I am!! How sweet!
Another amazing thing in our lives is our new mode of transportation. Joshua and I bought a minivan the other night!! After searching for a vehicle bigger than our tiny mazda 6, I found that none of the SUVs really "fit", not to mention the heavy lifting you have to do to get in and out of an SUV. Plus, in order to get the room I was looking for in a vehicle, I felt like I was driving a huge tank around, not to mention the horrible gas mileage they all seem to get. And with us living eight hours from home, a vehicle with good gas was essential on our list!
So, it got me thinking. I always swore that I would never, ever, ever drive a minivan. After doing some research and looking into the ewer models, I slowly began to give into the Dodge Caravan. We found one in Charlotte we really liked and decided to go test drive it. Four hours later we were driving off the lot in it! I have to mention also, that Josh and I sat inside while the paper work was being completed just laughing. We are only 23, aren't we supposed to be in our sports car with the top down cruising the coast?? I guess the Lord had bigger plans for us! We wouldn't trade any of what we are going through for all the money in the world!
We even talked about that last night. I couldn't imagine us not growing more and more into our roles as parents each day. We know it will be a challenge at times, but WOW....we are having a baby!!
We find out a week from today what the little one is! We will finally be able to refer to it by name as opposed to "it"!! I have a feeling I know what it is, you know the whole mother's intuition thing! I will let you all know if I am right....or just WAY off!! As for my title...I have began to notice that one of the few meats that still have its normal delicious taste are ribs. So that is what Joshua and I will be enjoying for dinner tonight!! :0)
Hope you all have an amazing day!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" I can't kick the caffeine!!"

I've never been some crazy unhealthy eater, but now that I am pregnant, I find myself trying to watch what I put in my body, or making sure I'm not forgetting to eat (something I used to do all the time). I make sure every morning to eat something as soon as I wake up, this is not regular for me. Breakfast was far from my favorite meal of the day, and for some reason it always made my stomach upset. At lunch I usually enjoy a bowl of soup, or a smaller portion of leftovers from the night before. And every night at dinner I make my attempt to cook a "healthy" meal.
It's hard to be healthy and tackle all of your cravings at the same time. For instance, I'd been craving chinese for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get myself to go down the road to the Panda Express and eat the greasy substitute. Instead I opted for making my own. It was out of a bag, not homemade, so it wasn't the healthiest it could have been, but I did opt for baking it in the oven as opposed to a deepfryer. Then poured the sauce over it, with some rice!! Yummy!! I have also been able to quench a sweettooth by eating sugar free pudding. Some people must be going yuck, that's what my grandfather eats, but honestly it doesn't taste any different than pudding with sugar in it!! And if I need another kick with it I will cut up and apple or a banana and dip it in!!

The one bad habit of mine I am unable to kick......CAFFEINE!! If you know me at all, then you know I love my Coca Cola Classic!!! If I don't have a coke ASAP in the mornings, it's almost a guarantee that I will get a headache before the day is over. I have tried to not drink any kind of caffeine after dinner, or even before if I can help it. I switch to water. And for every cup of caffeine, I attempt to drink atleast a bottle of water! It's hard to kick the habit, but I figure we all have these, and as long as I can manage it and not go over board, I should be ok!!

I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember, if you come across any yummy recipes...please share!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"General Tso's Chicken!!!"

So the last couple of weeks have been amazing! I have had a few bad headaches, but nothing to major to worry about. I am cramping a lot, but hopefully that has to do with the fact that I am finally getting a baby bump!! I think I may have felt the little one move around the other day, but I can't be sure. It felt a bit like a twitch in my side, could've been gas, so I am trying not to get overly excited.
I have finally gotten my Mary Kay business up and running. So if any of you need a new look for fall or winter, let me know, we have some AMAZING colors this season!!! It's soo exciting to run your own business. I can wake up in the mornings, grab the laptop, and eat breakfast in bed while working!! I am loving every single minute of it, setting my own goals and accomplishing them. Needless to say, I am having a blast!!
Joshua and I get to go home next weekend for my church revival! YAY, I am soo excited to see all of our family and my friends. Josh has only been home once since the wedding, so I know he is anxious. I think we have set our five year goal to be for him to get his Masters, and professional Engineering license and then try to move home. The reason we set the goals for him is because his work will pay for all of that now. So, we would be stupid not to take advantage of that opportunity while we can! As much as we are loving North Carolina, now that we have a baby on the way, we want to be closer to home!! I am sure you all can relate!
Well, I just wanted to update you all on what was new with us!! Hopefully Josh will be home soon and I can get to cooking my General Tso's Chicken! Doesn't that just sound amazing!!?? Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Chocolate Chip Cookies...."

Hello fellow bloggers!! I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds you well! Sorry if my opening seems to be too enthusiastic for you, but it's not often I wake up feeling almost normal. Not much has happened since the last blog. Joshua and I did go out and buy our china hutch and a tv stand this past weekend. Funny story with that, the gentleman who helped us, ended up living on the same street as we do! Small world? You can only imagine! We were actually shopping in Mooresville, which is a good 20-30 minutes away from where we live, instead of venturing down the street to get our furniture!! It's going to be so nice to be able to take my china out of the box and finally have it displayed, and be able to hide all the wires we have running up to our television. They are definite eye sores when you walk into our new home!

Still no belly to report on, just curves!! And the sickness is still pretty low. I'm now just experiencing intense headaches a few times a week. This can be extremely painful when the only medicine you are permitted to take is Tylenol. Not exactly the most powerful of meds!!

Well this ramble has gone on long enough! Maybe I will have more to talk about as the week progresses all!! God Bless everyone and have an amazing day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Pizza Rolls and Chocolate Chip Cookies!!"

So the crazy dreams are beginning to take hold of my "night life". I am having some of the most absurd things going on in my head. The other night I had a dream that I was in Halloween and Mike was out to get me. I wokd up in a cold sweat just waiting for him to peak around the corner of the hallway to the master bath and say "BOO"! Needless to say I made Josh wake up and hold me. I'm such a girl, I know. However, these dreams are becoming more and more frequent. They wouldn't be such a pain if I didn't wake up stressed out and unable to get myself back to sleep. **sigh** What do you do?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Mac and Cheese"

Since the only real interesting thing that appears to be going on in life right now are my cravings, I thought I would title my blog entries after the food I am wanting that day!! Believe me, I don't mind the "calm down"! After the chaos of the last few months, it's nice to relax and enjoy the ride of life more as a carousel, than a roller coaster!!
Although I am not yet beginning to show a baby bump, I couldn't feel anymore pregnant! I am the most irritable person on the planet right now, and I feel so bad for Josh because of it. The tiniest thing can put me in a horrible mood. A look that is not so pretty on me! I have suffered from the dreaded pregnant acne. Well, not so much acne as a constant breakout. Which is hard for me to handle, since I've only ever broken out during that time of the month! I guess that's the price you pay when you are three months prego and still have your figure. Actually, if you ask my husband, he may tell you that my figure has, well, "blossomed"! One amazing thing about being pregnant are enjoying the womanly curves I've lacked the past 23 years of life. Curves I am sure I won't enjoy here in a few more months!! I get the worst headaches, almost daily. Something I am not sure I can fully attribute to "baby", or allergy and sinuses. I finally have energy again and feel more like a human than I have in over a month.
I am thankful that I don't yet have swelling feet, or a belly that continues to get in my way, but I will admit I am looking forward to the belly and being able to wear all of the adorable maternity clothes my mommy has filled my closet with!! It's my idea that the thought of Baby McCombs will become more of a reality once I get my bump! I'll keep you all updated on the baby bump though! With me entering into my second trimester, I may just begin to sprout!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grilled Cheese, Candied Apples, and Funnel Cakes!

So now that the food aversions and morning sickness have finally calmed down, I find myself craving delicious goodies, that aren't so good for my body! For example, last night the hubs and I made a Subway/Movie! While we were preparing the video for our entertainment a commercial came on for the Cabarrus County Fair! "FUNNEL CAKES AND COTTON CANDY!!" The only things I could think about for the next half hour. So being the wonderful man my Josh is, he got up, prepared the pancake mix, and made me my own personal funnel cake!! (Don't worry, he made himself one as well, topped with his favorite honey!)

While I am glad that I finally have an appetite, and am beginning to lose weight, instead of lose, I worry about the things I am putting into my body! Are they healthy for baby? So tonight I began to crave some french fries. Instead of driving down to McDonalds, my first instinct, I got out the potato sack, sliced and diced, and baked myself some parmesan french fries! Much better than deepfried and covered in salt!!!

So here is my goal, fulfill my cravings the smart way! It's getting harder to do. I used to be so easy to turn away and go for the healthy, but when all you can think about is a donut dipped in chocolate (Thank you Stephanie!!) you aren't satisfied until you get it!! Let me know if you have any delicious healthy recipes, (I'm looking for a new way to cook my Salmon) I'd love to give them all a try!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home!!

I am pretty sure that when God created me, he had in mind a plan that consisted of chaos, 24/7!! This past week Joshua and I have been moving into our new house, trying to make it a home!! The task is daunting, fun, stressful, and seems never ending. Right now I am having a hard time finding curtains that are long enough! Anyone know where I can get some that are atleast 94 inches long?

The week before we began our move I got the news that my grandfather had passed away. He had been sick for over a year with cancer, and had finally given in to the battle. The news was hard, and relieving at the same time. It's hard to be sad when you know the person is going to be in a better place!!

Needless to say life just keeps happening!! We are pushing through and getting things done, but it takes time and patience!

I will put up some pictures of our home as soon as we have it all together!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm going to be a Mommy!!

If life wasn't crazy enough after planning a wedding, being a wife, building a house, and moving to NC, God decided to bless us with a baby!! Joshua and I conceived baby McCombs during the honeymoon, not before the wedding for those of you who think other wise!! :0) The week after we got back from our honeymoon I hadn't been feeling very well. I was tired, sick, and just irritable! I just knew! You can't explain it, butyou have this feeling that you are pregnant. The next week I was getting Allie ready to go see her vet when I got so sick, I decided it was time to take a pregnancy test! So after I dropped her off, I stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up a First Response ( I was still about a week away from a missed period). I didn't tell Josh I was taking the test. I just figured it would be better if it came up a big ole negative. The lady at the register was so sweet. "Is this your first?" "Are you nervous?" "Goodluck!!" It's so interesting to me how baby can bring up any conversation. From there the 15 minute drive home seemed endless. I walked in the door and went straight for the potty. And, to put it as nicely as possible, tinkled on that little stick. Now, for those of you who have taken a pregnancy test before will completely understand the next part. For those 3 minutes my head was full of daydreams. What will it look like? Will it be a boy or girl? Can it sing? I don't think there was ever really a doubt in my mind that I was with child. At the end of that three minutes there was the one line, that indicates you peed and then a very faint "you are pregnant" line. I went ahead and took the other test in the box, just to make sure and the results were exactly the same.

A faint line.....what does that mean? I read the instructions in the box and noticed that a second line, no matter how faint is a positive. I was filled with joy, anticipation, nerves, and utter fear!! How in the world was I going to tell Josh? We both knew we wanted children, but just assumed it would be a couple of years from now, atleast. I thought about doing it in a cute way, or suprising him, but as soon as he walked in the door from work and saw me wrapped in a blanket on the couch, he knew something was up. So I just told him!

Next step, how do we tell our parents. We knew we didn't want to do it over the phone, and since we live seven hours away we would have to wait for the next opportunity to come home (2 weeks later). Keeping the fact that I was pregnant in for that long was absolute torture. Mainly because I was dying for some advice from someone who knew me and had gone through this a couple of times before, aka mommy! I decided to make the telling here a bit more fun. Joshua and I went out and bought 3 bottles, his parents are divorced so we have 3 sets!! I found this adorable little poem from the baby to the grandparents, typed it up, and put it in the bottle. A "message in a bottle" The reactions were all priceless. There were tears, laughter, joy, and complete SHOCK!! We had a lot of fun with it. We are now 7 weeks along and trying to ease through the sickness and exhaustion!! March 26th can not get here soon enough!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Start to Life!

So this week Joshua and I found out that we get to close on our house the 21 of August! We are both so very excited. Although we love our neighbors at the rental, we are stuck in a twilight zone. It's a good 20-30 minute drive to civilization, and you have to stand in certain parts of the house to achieve any kind of phone signal! I will keep everyone updated to our new address once we get in and settled! I also began my part of becoming a working woman again, and signed up to sell Mary Kay! It was actually Josh's suggestion at first! Since he makes enough to support us, my money is kind of "play money", so I can make as little or as much as need be! Plus with the flexible schedule and being my own boss, I can travel home, focus on school, and be a part of the community like I want! I have to say that we are both extrememly excited about it. I am ready to dive in and make it the best that I can! So if any of you ladies wish to throw a party, or need a faciel, or just some good ole product, email me and I can set you up. I haven't yet started my website, but hope to have that up and running by the end of August!

In other events, Joshua and I are planning a small trip home next weekend. I reallymiss my family, and Josh's so it will be a nice pick me up to see everyone before the chaos of Aug. begins! It always feels like a rollercoaster though, when we only have a weekend. There are so many people we want to see, and it never feels like enough time with each of them! Luckily though Josh has accumulated enough vacation time that we will be in for two whole weeks during Christmas! We couldn't be more excited about that!

Well I guess as far as news with us goes, that's about it. Being married isn't always excited, but it sure is blissful! God bless!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Love and Marriage!

Let me start this blog by apologizing! With life in motion, the last few months have presented little blogging time! I wanted to let you all know that Joshua and I were married June 27th at 5:30 p.m.! The ceremony and reception were more amazing than any dream I could have ever had about them!
The ceremony was held at Beaver Dam Creek. This is the place we were both babtized at, and is located in Edmonson County, Ky. The reception followed at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green!! I wanted the day to have a large sense of that classic love. So I opted for a modern 1940's theme. The cave was originally a night club back in the day, so we wanted to bring back that flair. As you walked down into it, you could hear the big band music blaring!! The ceremony also stuck to that music era. Josh's cousins Kelli and Kyla did a beautiful job singing, while my brothers friend Jacob played the guitar for us! Instead of rambling about the day, I thought the pictures could do it more justice, so here you go:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's all Coming Together!

So today I found myself only 10 days away from my wedding day! I can't explain to you the excitement I am feeling knowing I am about to marry the love of my life, and best friend! For those of you who haven't been blessed enough to know my fiance Josh, he is truly the most amazing man in the world. I can say that our engagement wasn't always easy.
We were engaged at midnight on New Years of 2007! So this has been a long three year process for us! The engagement was absolutely perfect and romantic. I unfortunately had to pull a double at work that day, and didn't get off until 10 that night. Joshua came to work to see me right as I was getting off. We had thought about going out, but opted on staying in, mainly due to my tiredness. Josh went to get something for us to eat and I met him at his Mom and Stepdads house (where he was living at the time). When we got there all I could think about was a shower and PJs, followed by a long backrub! :0)
Joshua and I began to make our way downstairs after eating. While walking down I noticed a fuzzy light coming up. I didn't think much of it, until I noticed there were candles lit EVERYWHERE and a bottle of wine chilling on the coffee table. Josh took my bags and told me to go shower and get comfortable! I followed his directions, seeing as my steak perfume was a major mood killer!!
I could tell that Josh was anxious about something, but I was so exhausted that I didn't want to think, but just enjoy this amazing night together. We were watching the MTV NewYears party, so we saw the ball drop an hour ahead of our time. After that Josh turned the TV off and we layed there talking. He received a few odd phone calls, now that I think about it! It was his dad asking if he'd popped the question yet! haha Shortly after the clock struck midnight Josh looked at me and told me he wanted to ask me the first question of the new year. He told me how much he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and proceeded to give me my ring and ask me to marry him.
I smiled from ear to ear and happily agreed!! I didn't think of crying until I called my parents and talked to my daddy! Josh had been very sneaky and had gone to them weeks before with the ring to ask their permission! And now here we are almost 3 years later, a little over a week away from the big day! We couldn't be more ready than we are right at this moment! No regrets to the long engagement, or the way our relationship has played out! We have learned, and grown together! There were times we weren't on the same page in life, but we got through it with patience and understanding for one another, but mostly love! I am the luckiest woman in the world right now!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Ran over by a bus!"

So after an exhausting weekend with my bestfriends in Nashville, I have realized that I a more ready than ever to get married! We went down this weekend for CMA Festival and to have my bachelorette party! Don't get me wrong, we had a BLAST, but today I felt like I was ran over by a bus and crushed by a steam roller! Apparantly I was bound and determined to dance the entire night in my three inch heels. This resulted in muscle cramps and what I am sure to be a few pulled muscles. Rachel and I sat and talked the entire ride home about the good ole days. I used to be able to go out at night, be up at eight for class, many of which were dance classes for me, go to work, and then to a rehearsal and do it all over again! All while keeping a 3.0 and higher GPA. Now if I spend one night I seem to be in recovery for atleast twenty-four hours.
I am glad, however, that Joshua and I took thee time to get all of this out of our systems. I am being honest when I say I feel like I am getting married with absolutely NO regret. I don't feel as if I am being thrown into a prison of responsibility and stale life. Instead I get to wake up everyday next to my bestfriend and love of my life. Joshua and I always have an amazing time together, and life just seems better when he's near. This past yearhas been tough on our relationship, but we made it through and I believe our relationship is stronger because of all the ups and downs. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world and the next two weeks couldn't go by fast enough!!

God Bless

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Luckily it wasn't your nose!!"

This morning started off as any other, you know a few hits to the snooze button!! Just when I was about to get up and begin to get ready for work I got a phone call telling me there was no need to come in! Lucky me! You see yesterday my brother and I were on our way to the mall to get him measured for his tux! He was following me in his charger! I guess he assumed I had gone through a light, and while not paying attention he rammed into the back of my Ion! My head went shooting forward and whipping back before taking it's place back to center!! We were glad to find that both of our cars were fine, just a couple of minor scratches! Unfortunately though I woke up this morning unable to turn my head without sharp pains running down my side! I am very fortunate to have amazing friends and as soon as one heard about what happened I had about 7 missed calls making sure I was ok! While talking to Brianne (a bridesmaid) she helped me to remember that life can always be worse! She asked me what I would have done if my head went jsut an inch or two more forward and it was my nose hurting me this morning!! I laughed and thought I am sure makeup can do wonders! haha so even in the most painful of times, there is still good news!! :0)

God Bless

Productive Day!

So today I have gotten a LOT done, which makes me feel accomplished! I wrote our vows and organized the ceremony, mom took me shopping for my honeymoon wardrobe (my birthday gift) and now I am taking a pause to write this before I move on to programs! I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do with my free time after the wedding! It's pretty much taken over my every thought and decision! Hmm, I had no idea! I guess I will have to play grown up and get a "real job"! Thank goodness! Because as good as Longhorn has been to me, I am completely tired of waiting tables! Not to mention it's like highschool all over again! I guess it keeps life interesting! The ridiculous drama almost makes me feel like I am in a living soap opera (ehh aren't we all)! Maybe I will miss the craziness that is "the Horn"! Doubt it, but maybe! So I just wanted to give everyone an update on today's events and say I hope life is going blessed and amazing!

"The future depends on what we do with the present" - Ghandi


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Gavin got very excited about all of our presents and came running to me yelling, "Ashy, Ashy, you give dat ones to mes!!" ha, he is too funny!

Align Center
Everyone say PRESENTS! The best little helpers ever!

My guess would be that we opened up something and weren't quite sure what it was!

Us showing off Mamaw Sander's quilt surrounded by the most amazing helpers!

Too cute right?

There's not too much for me to talk about today! I did go out with my cousins Nadina, Jill, and Robin last night for a private bachelorrette party! I am sure you are all thinking that should be an entire page of story, but I would like to keep this blog a PG rating if at all possible! haha I will say that we had an amazing time! I always love getting together with my familiy! We laugh more than anyone I know! I wish we could do it more often, but schedules are hard to match up! So since theres not much else to talk about I thought I would share some pictures of the excitement that has been our lives the last few weeks. Hope you enjoyed them!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Big 23!!

So today I get to realize that I am almost in my mid twenties! I have to say it's nothing like I thought it would be! By this time I had planned on being a broadway star with a couple of tony's under my belt! Haha But, God has other pans for me! No, I'm not disappointed in myself! I am actually for the first time content with who I am and happy with my life! I don't deserve any of this, but am amazingly blessed! I owe it all to Him! He never promised we wouldn't have struggles, but that he would be with us through them all! So I guess this is the realization I have come across on my 23rd birthday!! I'm growing up, and that means change! The change and path that is best for me! Remember you can always be happy, if you want! You're only a smile away!
God Bless!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Bride to Be!!

So the stress is never ending. Today I finally finished all the thank you cards, sign sealed, and delivered! You should all receive them by next week!! Thank you again everyone for the amazing gifts! Josh and I were both so humbled by the thought that so many people love us enough to think of us during this special time! I also got all of my bridesmaids gifts in and all the groomsman gifts on order! The out of town invites were sent out on Monday, and last night me, mom, Angie (Josh's mom), and his Nana spent 4 hours cutting and making all of our table runners!
As stressed as I am I truly am enjoying this time! I'm trying to live in the moment and make sure I enjoy the last couple of weeks as Ms. Driver!! CRAZY!! If any of you wives have suggestions or tips for me, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Well I am going to go enjoy some icecream and a movie with my parents and Foster! So God Bless!! And remember you can always be as happy as you want!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello everyone! Ok, so this blogging thing is new to me, but it seems to be a neat trend that I could definitely get into! As most of you know Joshua and I are getting married on the 27th!! This is definitely an exciting time for us, but no one warned me it could be so stressful!! Between the pictures, tables, chairs, bows, flowers, outfits, work, and just down time, life seems to just be flying by!! I know it's important to slow down and smell the roses, but it's easy to forget! And on top of it all I am trying to get ready to move to North Carolina, and help my parents in their move! Basically just a LOT going on! But I guess I wouldn't change it for the world! There's no other feeling than knowing you are going to get to spend this rest of your life with your best friend and love of your life! So I am going to just sit back and enjoy this amazingly hectic ride! Check back with us! We will keep you posted of all the pre-wedding jitters and post-wedding stress! HAHA!!

**God Bless**