Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Survey Week 25

•How far along?: 25 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 15 lbs. Which to me is horrifying, but is GREAT according to the doctors!! haha
•How big is baby?: Not sure!!
•Maternity clothes?: Yup! My hips grew first so I've been in my maternity jeans for a while, but I tried on all my other tops the other day for fun, and have actually began to really grow into them!!
•Stretch marks?: A few, but no where anyone will ever see them, so I can live with it!
•Sleep?: hmmm on and off. I'll sleep for a couple of hours, then am awake for an hour. Plus I usually wake up 2-3 times for a potty run!!
•Best moment this week?: Well, it's only Tuesday so I hope the week only gets better. I'm thinking the best moment is going to be the fact that I will be completely done with my Christmas shopping....either today or tomorrow!! YAY

•Movement?: LOTS! Every time I stand still, even if for only a moment, she kicks and hits!! I love it though!!
•Food cravings?: No, not really. I actually feel as normal as I did before I got pregnant. I actually have to remind myself to eat. I've always been the type that if I'm not starving I don't eat!! Bad habit when preggers!!

•Labor signs?: I spent last Monday in Triage. They thought my lower side, and back pain could be due to early labor, but thank goodness it was not!!!

•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: Sleeping and waking up rested!!!
•What I'm looking forward to: Holding Lena for the first time!
•Milestone: hmmm...Milestone?? We have picked out all of our baby furniture, and bedding, and paint colors (pretty much)!!! Now onto the room!!!


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