Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Guardian!!

Don't let her sweetness full you, she is one guard(ian) dog!! Yes, there is a story that come with this, a funny one actually!! Let me start by giving you the background on our Allie. I bbought Allie for Joshua last Christmas. Since he had moved out to North Carolina, I could tell he was a bit lonely, and was in desperate need of some lovens. Since I couldn't be there with him all the time, I thought what's more perfect than a dog!!?? I wanted to get him one small enough to keep inside, but large enough that you can still play I chose the Cocker Spaniel. Plus my parents have a Cocker Spaniel, Foster, who I absolutely why not!!??

Allie is a little pistol, and has been from day one! My parents picked her up in Louisville from me on their way home from a trip they took to Ohio. She marched into their house like she owned the place, and pestered Foster to death!! She was probably one of the most playful puppies I had ever been around, esp. after just being taken away from her family. That first night was a little rough, she cried a lot, and I am not ashamed to say that I took her out of her crate and let her sleep with me that night. The beginning of a bad habit!! LoL

Josh knew that I had gotten Allie for him. I wanted him to name her, pick out the color, and also get the clear from him landlord. He chose black, a girl, and named her Allie after our favorite movie "The Notebook"!! It was love at first sniff for them. Josh has never had a dog of his own, so he was like a little boy on Christmas! Absolutely obsessed, and still is! I think the resposibilty of having a dog took him off guard a bit, but will hopefully prove to be great parental training come March!!

So, now on to my story. Before Josh and I got married, everytime I would come out to visit, Allie was very terrotorial of her daddy. She never growled, or barked, but made her way in between us whenever we got to close for her comfort!!! Since we've been married and I have been home with her all day, the roles have reversed!! She still loves Josh, and waits for him by the garage door when it's time for him to come home, but she is most certaintly a momma's girl.

Josh and I were goofing off with each other last night and he went to grab me from the couch and attempt to "tickle" me!! A little childish, we will admit, but we were having fun. I screamed, and Allie took guard! She began growling and barking, and took off after Josh. He ran around in an attempt to play, and caught a mouthful to his bottom. At this point I had to sit down from the side pains caused by my laughter. Allie has never had this reaction to anything before, and I truly do think she thought he hurt her mommy! I also believe that she knows Lena is there (she sniffs at my belly a lot, and in the last couple of months has become much more clingy and loving) So maybe she was just sticking up for her little sister! Either way she was definitely my guardian that night!! I love my "first born"!! :0)


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