Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" I can't kick the caffeine!!"

I've never been some crazy unhealthy eater, but now that I am pregnant, I find myself trying to watch what I put in my body, or making sure I'm not forgetting to eat (something I used to do all the time). I make sure every morning to eat something as soon as I wake up, this is not regular for me. Breakfast was far from my favorite meal of the day, and for some reason it always made my stomach upset. At lunch I usually enjoy a bowl of soup, or a smaller portion of leftovers from the night before. And every night at dinner I make my attempt to cook a "healthy" meal.
It's hard to be healthy and tackle all of your cravings at the same time. For instance, I'd been craving chinese for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get myself to go down the road to the Panda Express and eat the greasy substitute. Instead I opted for making my own. It was out of a bag, not homemade, so it wasn't the healthiest it could have been, but I did opt for baking it in the oven as opposed to a deepfryer. Then poured the sauce over it, with some rice!! Yummy!! I have also been able to quench a sweettooth by eating sugar free pudding. Some people must be going yuck, that's what my grandfather eats, but honestly it doesn't taste any different than pudding with sugar in it!! And if I need another kick with it I will cut up and apple or a banana and dip it in!!

The one bad habit of mine I am unable to kick......CAFFEINE!! If you know me at all, then you know I love my Coca Cola Classic!!! If I don't have a coke ASAP in the mornings, it's almost a guarantee that I will get a headache before the day is over. I have tried to not drink any kind of caffeine after dinner, or even before if I can help it. I switch to water. And for every cup of caffeine, I attempt to drink atleast a bottle of water! It's hard to kick the habit, but I figure we all have these, and as long as I can manage it and not go over board, I should be ok!!

I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember, if you come across any yummy recipes...please share!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"General Tso's Chicken!!!"

So the last couple of weeks have been amazing! I have had a few bad headaches, but nothing to major to worry about. I am cramping a lot, but hopefully that has to do with the fact that I am finally getting a baby bump!! I think I may have felt the little one move around the other day, but I can't be sure. It felt a bit like a twitch in my side, could've been gas, so I am trying not to get overly excited.
I have finally gotten my Mary Kay business up and running. So if any of you need a new look for fall or winter, let me know, we have some AMAZING colors this season!!! It's soo exciting to run your own business. I can wake up in the mornings, grab the laptop, and eat breakfast in bed while working!! I am loving every single minute of it, setting my own goals and accomplishing them. Needless to say, I am having a blast!!
Joshua and I get to go home next weekend for my church revival! YAY, I am soo excited to see all of our family and my friends. Josh has only been home once since the wedding, so I know he is anxious. I think we have set our five year goal to be for him to get his Masters, and professional Engineering license and then try to move home. The reason we set the goals for him is because his work will pay for all of that now. So, we would be stupid not to take advantage of that opportunity while we can! As much as we are loving North Carolina, now that we have a baby on the way, we want to be closer to home!! I am sure you all can relate!
Well, I just wanted to update you all on what was new with us!! Hopefully Josh will be home soon and I can get to cooking my General Tso's Chicken! Doesn't that just sound amazing!!?? Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Chocolate Chip Cookies...."

Hello fellow bloggers!! I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds you well! Sorry if my opening seems to be too enthusiastic for you, but it's not often I wake up feeling almost normal. Not much has happened since the last blog. Joshua and I did go out and buy our china hutch and a tv stand this past weekend. Funny story with that, the gentleman who helped us, ended up living on the same street as we do! Small world? You can only imagine! We were actually shopping in Mooresville, which is a good 20-30 minutes away from where we live, instead of venturing down the street to get our furniture!! It's going to be so nice to be able to take my china out of the box and finally have it displayed, and be able to hide all the wires we have running up to our television. They are definite eye sores when you walk into our new home!

Still no belly to report on, just curves!! And the sickness is still pretty low. I'm now just experiencing intense headaches a few times a week. This can be extremely painful when the only medicine you are permitted to take is Tylenol. Not exactly the most powerful of meds!!

Well this ramble has gone on long enough! Maybe I will have more to talk about as the week progresses all!! God Bless everyone and have an amazing day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Pizza Rolls and Chocolate Chip Cookies!!"

So the crazy dreams are beginning to take hold of my "night life". I am having some of the most absurd things going on in my head. The other night I had a dream that I was in Halloween and Mike was out to get me. I wokd up in a cold sweat just waiting for him to peak around the corner of the hallway to the master bath and say "BOO"! Needless to say I made Josh wake up and hold me. I'm such a girl, I know. However, these dreams are becoming more and more frequent. They wouldn't be such a pain if I didn't wake up stressed out and unable to get myself back to sleep. **sigh** What do you do?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Mac and Cheese"

Since the only real interesting thing that appears to be going on in life right now are my cravings, I thought I would title my blog entries after the food I am wanting that day!! Believe me, I don't mind the "calm down"! After the chaos of the last few months, it's nice to relax and enjoy the ride of life more as a carousel, than a roller coaster!!
Although I am not yet beginning to show a baby bump, I couldn't feel anymore pregnant! I am the most irritable person on the planet right now, and I feel so bad for Josh because of it. The tiniest thing can put me in a horrible mood. A look that is not so pretty on me! I have suffered from the dreaded pregnant acne. Well, not so much acne as a constant breakout. Which is hard for me to handle, since I've only ever broken out during that time of the month! I guess that's the price you pay when you are three months prego and still have your figure. Actually, if you ask my husband, he may tell you that my figure has, well, "blossomed"! One amazing thing about being pregnant are enjoying the womanly curves I've lacked the past 23 years of life. Curves I am sure I won't enjoy here in a few more months!! I get the worst headaches, almost daily. Something I am not sure I can fully attribute to "baby", or allergy and sinuses. I finally have energy again and feel more like a human than I have in over a month.
I am thankful that I don't yet have swelling feet, or a belly that continues to get in my way, but I will admit I am looking forward to the belly and being able to wear all of the adorable maternity clothes my mommy has filled my closet with!! It's my idea that the thought of Baby McCombs will become more of a reality once I get my bump! I'll keep you all updated on the baby bump though! With me entering into my second trimester, I may just begin to sprout!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grilled Cheese, Candied Apples, and Funnel Cakes!

So now that the food aversions and morning sickness have finally calmed down, I find myself craving delicious goodies, that aren't so good for my body! For example, last night the hubs and I made a Subway/Movie! While we were preparing the video for our entertainment a commercial came on for the Cabarrus County Fair! "FUNNEL CAKES AND COTTON CANDY!!" The only things I could think about for the next half hour. So being the wonderful man my Josh is, he got up, prepared the pancake mix, and made me my own personal funnel cake!! (Don't worry, he made himself one as well, topped with his favorite honey!)

While I am glad that I finally have an appetite, and am beginning to lose weight, instead of lose, I worry about the things I am putting into my body! Are they healthy for baby? So tonight I began to crave some french fries. Instead of driving down to McDonalds, my first instinct, I got out the potato sack, sliced and diced, and baked myself some parmesan french fries! Much better than deepfried and covered in salt!!!

So here is my goal, fulfill my cravings the smart way! It's getting harder to do. I used to be so easy to turn away and go for the healthy, but when all you can think about is a donut dipped in chocolate (Thank you Stephanie!!) you aren't satisfied until you get it!! Let me know if you have any delicious healthy recipes, (I'm looking for a new way to cook my Salmon) I'd love to give them all a try!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home!!

I am pretty sure that when God created me, he had in mind a plan that consisted of chaos, 24/7!! This past week Joshua and I have been moving into our new house, trying to make it a home!! The task is daunting, fun, stressful, and seems never ending. Right now I am having a hard time finding curtains that are long enough! Anyone know where I can get some that are atleast 94 inches long?

The week before we began our move I got the news that my grandfather had passed away. He had been sick for over a year with cancer, and had finally given in to the battle. The news was hard, and relieving at the same time. It's hard to be sad when you know the person is going to be in a better place!!

Needless to say life just keeps happening!! We are pushing through and getting things done, but it takes time and patience!

I will put up some pictures of our home as soon as we have it all together!!