Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" I can't kick the caffeine!!"

I've never been some crazy unhealthy eater, but now that I am pregnant, I find myself trying to watch what I put in my body, or making sure I'm not forgetting to eat (something I used to do all the time). I make sure every morning to eat something as soon as I wake up, this is not regular for me. Breakfast was far from my favorite meal of the day, and for some reason it always made my stomach upset. At lunch I usually enjoy a bowl of soup, or a smaller portion of leftovers from the night before. And every night at dinner I make my attempt to cook a "healthy" meal.
It's hard to be healthy and tackle all of your cravings at the same time. For instance, I'd been craving chinese for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get myself to go down the road to the Panda Express and eat the greasy substitute. Instead I opted for making my own. It was out of a bag, not homemade, so it wasn't the healthiest it could have been, but I did opt for baking it in the oven as opposed to a deepfryer. Then poured the sauce over it, with some rice!! Yummy!! I have also been able to quench a sweettooth by eating sugar free pudding. Some people must be going yuck, that's what my grandfather eats, but honestly it doesn't taste any different than pudding with sugar in it!! And if I need another kick with it I will cut up and apple or a banana and dip it in!!

The one bad habit of mine I am unable to kick......CAFFEINE!! If you know me at all, then you know I love my Coca Cola Classic!!! If I don't have a coke ASAP in the mornings, it's almost a guarantee that I will get a headache before the day is over. I have tried to not drink any kind of caffeine after dinner, or even before if I can help it. I switch to water. And for every cup of caffeine, I attempt to drink atleast a bottle of water! It's hard to kick the habit, but I figure we all have these, and as long as I can manage it and not go over board, I should be ok!!

I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember, if you come across any yummy recipes...please share!!!


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