Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Mac and Cheese"

Since the only real interesting thing that appears to be going on in life right now are my cravings, I thought I would title my blog entries after the food I am wanting that day!! Believe me, I don't mind the "calm down"! After the chaos of the last few months, it's nice to relax and enjoy the ride of life more as a carousel, than a roller coaster!!
Although I am not yet beginning to show a baby bump, I couldn't feel anymore pregnant! I am the most irritable person on the planet right now, and I feel so bad for Josh because of it. The tiniest thing can put me in a horrible mood. A look that is not so pretty on me! I have suffered from the dreaded pregnant acne. Well, not so much acne as a constant breakout. Which is hard for me to handle, since I've only ever broken out during that time of the month! I guess that's the price you pay when you are three months prego and still have your figure. Actually, if you ask my husband, he may tell you that my figure has, well, "blossomed"! One amazing thing about being pregnant are enjoying the womanly curves I've lacked the past 23 years of life. Curves I am sure I won't enjoy here in a few more months!! I get the worst headaches, almost daily. Something I am not sure I can fully attribute to "baby", or allergy and sinuses. I finally have energy again and feel more like a human than I have in over a month.
I am thankful that I don't yet have swelling feet, or a belly that continues to get in my way, but I will admit I am looking forward to the belly and being able to wear all of the adorable maternity clothes my mommy has filled my closet with!! It's my idea that the thought of Baby McCombs will become more of a reality once I get my bump! I'll keep you all updated on the baby bump though! With me entering into my second trimester, I may just begin to sprout!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!


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