Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In Saturday!!!

The snow began to fall right around 430, literally as my husband was walking in the door from work! This tickled me pink, mainly because they had been calling for rain and freezing rain to happen before the actual snow hit!! Snow I can deal with, ice is another story. In celebration of our first big snow (the last snow turned more into a solid sheet of ice for a day) I decided to make some homemade potato soup and garlic cheese biscuits. They were delicious and just what a cold night calls for. Joshua then proceeded to bake a peach cobbler....of which we ate over half!!

So, the snow storm started off sweet and romantic, but this morning when we woke up we realized we would be stuck inside ALL WEEKEND. Atleast 5 inches of sleet and ice had accumulated outside our front steps- a dream come true for any gradeschooler. For two twenty somethings....boredom!!! I have conveniently kept myself inside, the last thing my 32 pregnant butt needs, besides the stretch marks, is a large bruise from falling. So after watching some bad programming on cable tv, we both ventured off into sleepy land. I think I slept for almost 3 hours. I woke up sore, and refreshed, and completely lazy.

Thank goodness there's a Kentucky game on. My poor husband has this combination of ADD/OCD (atleast that's my diagnosis) and absolutely can NOT stand to just do nothing. After fixing breakfast this morning he decided to bake another clean the kitchen from top to bottom. Sometimes his fidgitiness (sp) really pays off for me!!!

I hope the rest of you have enjoyed this beautiful white blanket, my hope is it melts tomorrow so we can get out and keep our sanity!! Stay safe and happy blogging!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't sleep....

So, as I begin to type this blog I notice that it is exactly 11:11. As tradition you are supposed to make a wish at this time....and the only thing I can think of is I wish my husband would quit grinding his teeth and smacking his lips in his sleep!! AHH it drives me absolutely MAD!! I know we all have those "things" that make the hair on the back of our neck stand up, and cause us to clench our jaw together to keep from screaming....and this is one of mine!!!

It's bad enough that I am up atleast once an hour to relieve my over worked bladder, or to roll over and relieve my other side, but now this!!! Ugh, I know he can't help it, and I love him to death....but I won't lie, there have been times I literally wanted to roll over and just smack him!! LoL

I have a few of these little annoyances that just drive me mad. The biggest one is when someone smacks their lips as they eat. First off....GROSS, get manners. Second...the sound just gets to me. (so if you are ever invited to my house for dinner, watch it!!!)

Wow...this is turning into an annoyance rant. I guess it's better that I let my steam out on here, then to "accidentally" let my hand fall hard across my sleeping husbands face!! (note: I would NEVER do that....I do, however, nudge him awake on occasion)

hmm...ok, I'm done!! :0)

Lena's Room

So we are almost done getting things set up and as prepared as new parents can be for our Little Lena. I wanted to post a few pics of her room thus far! Still a work in progress, but give us a few more weeks and it'll be put together!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The secret of life...

SO lately I have been thinking about the choices that we make in our lives. Ok, this post is going to have some serious undertones!! I have so often heard people complaining, or rather, whining about the cards that have been dealt to them in life. "I hate my job, I'm so out of shape, I dread going to class..." I too have been guilty of these whoa is me statements. But, the fact is that everything in your life, with the exception of certain illnesses is YOUR CHOICE!!

People like to make life out to be this hard, complicated thing, where only the rich and lucky can succeed and be happy. In reality, life is very simple. You want to be happy, be dislike your job, start looking for another one you might enjoy more...this class is dreadful and brings down your day, drop it, replace it with some invigorating or transfer to another teacher!!

We so often believe that once we start something we are stuck. NO, you have chosen to be stuck. (note, I am no expert on life) I have just been through it. Unfortunately it took my grandfather falling ill to cancer for my eyes to open up. I had wasted so much energy in my life focusing on the things that didn't matter, and ultimately can not make you happy, (ie going out, clothes, looks, etc) that I had neglected those that do- God, Family, and your best of friends. It really is amazing how living for God, and not yourself can help your life just fall into place.

I am not saying that you have to be sitting in church every Sunday, and reading your bible every free minute. I, personally, don't think religion makes your faith. Religion is a means of worship and learning, but your faith and relationship with God is within you. You can take that with you anywhere. Yes, church is amazing (I personally love going home to my church) and if you've never had a great relationship with the Lord, it is a starting point. But you can't lean and depend on the church to carry your cross. I often found that after I went to church I always felt refreshed and better about myself. This was a selfish endulgemtn, because I had been out the entire week fulfilling personal sins. I used church as a means to "start over", but it was completely up to me once I stepped outside of those four walls to Live for and through Christ.

My life changed pretty fast. Unfortunately I had to make decisions for my better life, that may have offended others. I started by cutting those people out of my life that were deemed "bad influences". Not that any of them were bad people, I just didn't like the person I was when I was around them. I moved back in with my parents, mainly due to the fact that my lease was up, but also just to be closer to them. I cut back on my hours at work. After working an entire weekend as a server in a restaurant I was usually too tired to get up for church on a Sunday, or just completely unpleasant to be around. Plus it was far to easy for me to be convinced in going out for a "drink....or 2" after a long shift. Not exactly the smartest of ways to unwind.

The process wasn't easy. There was a LOT of turmoil, arguments, etc etc. I finally just woke up one day and said NO MORE!! This is what I want for my life, and this is what I am going to have. I haven't turned back since. Granted life didn't lead me where I was expecting, but by waking up every morning and decided that today is going to be amazing, just because I was allowed to wake up and life, I have discovered the secret to living a happy life!!

You see the secret of life is....Just be happy!! It's a choice, a priviledge, not luck!! :0)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lazy Day...

Sometimes you just need a day to do absolutely nothing...esp when you are carrying around almost 30 more pounds in your mid section! Today is that day for me! I have noticed recently that when I wake up in the mornings I am sooo ridiculously sore that the thought of movement makes me sick. Don't worry, I always feel better after I stand up and walk around, allowing my insides to take their rightful place again. But today the soreness has decided to just not subside. This could be to the amount of activity I have done the last week or so. (ie cleaning my house from top to bottom, getting all the painting done, putting together Lena's room) The list goes on and on, and although I can not take full credit for everything, I have an amazing husband, I will say that what I did do wore me completely out.

I like to think, or say that I am nesting, but let's be honest with ourselves, my house needed to be clean! Plus I am absolutely paranoid about going into labor and having people visit me in a nasty home. That wonderful trait of OCD I inherited from my mother. If you've ever been a visitor at my parents house, you know what I am talking about. The woman can clean...and I'm not talking sweeping the dust under the rug clean, I'm talking you walk in the door and even the air in the house feels more pure as you breathe it in. That trait...I did not get!! I can clean, clean, clean to my hearts content, but I know if my mom were to come visit and help me with it, my house would look like it was washed with bleach.

I will say that I did accomplish a pretty great scrub to my fridge the other day. This was something I had been avoiding for a while now. I'm not sure how it happens, but my fridge gets soo dirty sometimes. There's nothing leaking in it, no open containers, and no left overs from a month ago...the stank just appears. So instead of cleaning my precious Allie...who was also overdue for a scrub...I attacked the fridge. I hate throwing away food, but when the expiration date is up, it's just gotta go. So I filled a trashbag up of old ketchup, a couple of containers of stew from last week, and other odds and ends. I scrubbed down the trays and sides, and now have an amazing looking fridge.

Clearly I need to work on this whole getting a life thing if the most exciting part about my day was my attack with fabuloso (amazing product) to an undeserving appliance. Hmmmm....I did leave out that we had a lawyer over last night to put together our living will. Something we both decided we should do before Lena gets here. It's comforting to know that if something were to happen to us...she will be taken care of. But even that isn't exactly a blog worthy topic!! **sigh**

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazing Blog!!

I you are a stay at home mom you will absolutely love this woman's amazing blog!! I found it through a friend...Rachel!! (thanks for sharing!!)

The uncomfortable....

So Brit...from Dave and Brit Plus One does a top ten every Tuesday!! Today she decided to do one on the "uncomforts" of your regular visit as a woman!! Check it out here !!

This got me thinking! As a pregnant woman some of your best friends for the next 9 months quickly become your ObGyn and the nurses that accompany the office. Basically, you get familiar. I've never really been what I would call "uncomfortable" at the Gyno's. It's something that's got to be done, they've seen it before, and I can guarantee they've seen something much more interesting then what I happen to be offering up down there. I'm one of those that is anything but afraid to ask questions at my visit...I mean it's going to be another year before I'm up here again, let's get our facts straight.

The problem I've been presented with since my visits as a preggo is I don't know which questions to ask!! The office I frequent out here in North Carolina works in rotations. I have my "listed" doctor, but I have seen three different ones since this new adventure. I don't mind having to switch it up, you never know who will be on call the night you go into labor, so I'd rather just know them all! The down side to this is that they don't really know my "history", atleast nothing aside from what's written down in that secret folder they carry around with them. So a lot of conversations seem to be repeated....

At the end of every visit they ALWAYS ask do you have any questions. In my mind I am thinking..."YES...what is going on, I've never been pregnant" I always either end up asking a million different things, and come off paranoid, or ask nothing, and the second I walk out I think "dangit, I meant to ask about..." Any other mommies ever experience this??

Now that I am almost in my eighth month (next week!!) I will be frequenting my Doctor's more often...every two weeks, then once a know the drill!! And, let's be honest, they are getting more intense!! I'm kind of a nervous wreck about the hospital...I already have packed bags!! (I'm that girl!! So what should I be focusing on in these last couple of months? Or am I just worrying to much!? Probably the latter of the two!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 31

How far along?: 31 weeks
•Total weight gain: about 26/27 pounds!!!
•How big is baby?: A little over 3 lbs and close to 18 inches...according to the book!
•Maternity clothes?: A necessity!!
•Stretch marks?: In discreet areas that I now can hardly reach!! Sooo hubby gets to enjoy putting the lotion on me!!
•Sleep?: I can sleep for about 3 hours straight before having to turn or tinkle!! Then it's hard to get back to sleep!! Thank goodness for naps!!
Best moment this week?: Josh enjoying the movement in my tummy!! He layed his hand on my baby bump and was amazed to feel her rolling over and squirming around, as opposed to a couple of swift kicks!!
•Movement?: Lots!! I have to be bruised on the inside! haahaa
•Food cravings?: I was watching the food network the other day and they were cooking sushi!! Made me miss it oh so much!!
•Labor signs?: I have decided that I am definitely having Braxton Hicks...!!
•Belly button in or out?: hmmm depends on the moment!! Sometimes it's out more than others.
•What I miss: Going to the movies! You see, I can barely go out to eat comfortably! Not even halfway through the meal my entire back is usually on fire from sitting for so long!! Plus I pee..A LOT! So I've decided that it'd be a waste of 10 dollars for me to attempt to venture to the movies!
•Milestone: Lena's room is finally complete!! Well, there is furniture in it..and it's put together! We will have her bedding after our shower in Feb!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have figured it out!!!!

So this amazing revelation came to me today while I was cuddling with my beautiful cockerspaniel Allie Mae. I've noticed that the farthe along I get into my pregnancy, the sweeter she has become. It's much more common now for her to jump up in my lap and lay for an extended period of time. This is unusual because Allie is one of those independent girls. She sleeps most of the night in her own bed (until she has a bad dream or it's late and mommy and daddy have yet to get up), and when she was younger she didn't want to be cuddled...she just wanted to play play play!! Maybe it's due to the fact that she is getting older, or she knows that there's a baby in my tummy, but I have a different theory!

One of the hardest things to deal with when you are pregnant is dealing with the weight gain. I mean gaining a good 25-35 lbs in less than 9 months is a "large" change!! However, I have found that apparantly this weight gain has plunged me into "mommy status". You see, I've become a bit more comfy!! I've noticed this change not only in Allie, but also with my husband! I'm assuming Ms. Lena is going to enjoy my new cushiony figure as well!! (atleast for a few months) So that's my theory! The weight gain is not only a necessity to help make a baby, but also helps make you "mommy"!!! Atleast that's what I'll keep telling myself!! ;0)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming together!!

So life is starting to really take shape and come together in this home of ours. NO, we have yet to finish painting our bedroom, the outline is done, and it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to put the coat on!!! And, we are still waiting for Lena's furniture, which should arrive in the next week. But, all in all it's really starting to take on a sense of "home" as opposed to "house"!!

My mother offered to buy us Lena's bedding (as if they haven't already done WAAAY to much). I found one at Target in their shabby chic collection that I liked, but unfortunately they've been sold out of them online!! So, mom was at babys-r-us yesterday and called me to look online at this adorable collection they had ( ! You have to understand that my mother has become completely obsessed with Baby Lena!!! I seriously think we might have to have an intervention or put her in counseling for it!! I joke with her a LOT, but am truly blessed to have such an amazing family!!

I am just as bad as the rest about getting carried away. I don't even want to think about what all I bought for Gavin when he was born! Anyways...I got off track again!! Back to our house!! I have successfully gotten the downstairs to a state of cleanliness that I have been able to keep up for the past week. Got a dirty dish? Put it in the dishwasher!! See some dust? Wipe it up! This logic is really working for me. So now, after dinner all the dishes are washed and put away. Something I used to do all the time, but have slowly lossed!! It's nice to wake up to a spotless home, well atleast downstairs, each morning!!

The bedroom should be painted and put together by Saturday...which means Sunday is reserved for "spring cleaning". Lena is due in about 9 weeks and I feel like there's soo much to get done. Knowing that we will be having family and other visitors for a while, I want to make sure my house is in order. Side it rude that I asked all of our parents to get hotels while they were in for the birth? You see we have a nice house, but not HUGE. And there's absolutely no way we can pick and choose who can and can not stay here. Plus this is our time. I want to be selfish and have time at home with just me, Lena, and Josh. We get one opportunity for that first time at home together. And, although I love our families, I think I will go crazy with everyone here. It's easier to deal with mine...mainly because, well they are my family. They know exactly how I am, and I am not afraid to tell them they are getting on my nerves and I need them to give me time. Josh's family, however, is a different story. I'm pretty sure I would offend or upset someone if I got irritable, and let's be honest...I will be irritable during this joyous time!!! This is one of those moments when living away feels a bit like a burden.

I want all of our parents here for the birth, but I am hoping that they are each planning to come for a visit later on also. This way it's not so stressful on us, and we are given the alone time to bond with our baby....but also so they can each have their time with her and not feel like they have to share!!

Well, Joshua should be home soon and my eyes are drooping!! So nap time it is!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Let me just start by saying God has truly put amazing people in my life path! I couldn't ask for a more wonderful family and group of friends. With that said...last week there was a ring at my door. I had been expecting a prize from Mary Kay, so I just assumed it was UPS with that box. It was definitely a prize package, but not from MK, from one of my best friends Emily.

Emily and I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend Brianne. Shortly after she started work at Longhorn (also where I worked at the time). Emily and I were "friends" but our relationship didn't grow until later on. She was pregnant at the time, and I was on a "wild" streak!! Needless to say, our interests were different!! After I began to calm down, however, we became closer! I now talk to Em atleast once a week, and usually more. She's an amazing woman, mother, child of God.

Back to my package. Emily had sent me a care package, full of mommy goodies. There were lotions, books, powders, card, notes, aromatherapy, and a journal! Emily journaled throughout her pregnancy with her little one Jackson, and has continued since. I love this idea, obviously, since I blog. After thinking about it, I decided to ask Josh to write in the journal. I plan on printing out all of my blog entried and organizing them in a binder for her. This is wonderful because I have an account of my pregnancy and wedding since day one!!

Josh began to write last night. If you know him, you know how OCD he can be. He decided to type all of his thoughts before writing them in the journal...he wanted it to be "organized"...whatever that means!! He politely let me read what he had so far, after all my blog is out there for anyone's reading pleasure. It was sweet, writting specifically to Lena. I was amazed to find out how he is feeling through this pregnancy. We talk, a lot, but it's still hard to know what is going through his mind sometimes. My favorite part was the fact that he actually put down that he wouldn't trade all the foot rubs for anything, they have been some of the most amazing moments in his life!! haha...I quickly allowed him to enjoy another one of his favorite moments!!! Aren't I sweet??

I hope after Lena is born we can keep all of this up! I loved going through old pictures, yearbooks, letters that my parents kept. I would have had an amazing time reading a journal about my life through their eyes!!

Emily and Jackson at his first birthday!!

Emily and I last summer!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Back!!

For those of you that remember,my first trimester was anything but a blissful event! Between the nausea,exhaustion, and crazy acne that took over my face, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch day in and day out!! In the last week or so, I have discovered that my exhaustion has made a wonderful return to the stage, along with some of that glorious nausea. Luckily, my doctor was able to pinpoint my nausea to my crazy acid reflux I developed over the Christmas holiday!! I am now on "Nexium" daily, and more sickness, or horrible heartburn!!!

Unluckily...I have ZERO energy!!! All I want to do is lay on the couch and sleep...or rather all I feel like doing!! I feel horrible because the last few days it's been a beautiful 65 and sunny outside. I have this gorgeous little cockerspaniel staring out the back door, just wishing to go running. Her mommy, however, can barely get the energy to take her our to potty, much less to the dog park. (Note to self: get our fence put up ASAP) Hopefully the fence will not only provide her the opportunity to be outside as ofen as she wants, but with Little Lena I won't have to take her out and walk her around for 20 minutes at a time while she does "her business".

The thing that has gotten me sooo irritated about this exhaustion thing is that when I do feel like getting up...I need to clean!! Ugh....keeping a house is a never ending cycle, and unless you've ever been a stay at home (worker) it's hard to understand the frustration!!! Sure, we know that the house is inevitably going to get dirty again, but couldn't it keep it's shine for oh....atleast an hour!! I can't tell you the "arguments" that have come from Josh bringing home a bag full of dirty dishes and coffee cups and just throwing them in the sick or laying them on the counter!! It frustrates me to no absolute end....esp when the dishwasher is a foot away!

Sorry...that was a complete ramble off track!! Back to my old symptoms, making their third trimester debut. As we speak it is 1:47 in the afternoon and I am still in my leggings and tshirt from last night, and this horrible messiness on top of my head that we will, for lack of better term, call hair. I have folded the blankets I brought down about 6 this morning, and put them back in the closet, but have yet to do much in the way of productiveness. It's not even that I don't feel motivated. I really do want to clean my house, it's just that the second I stand up, I am ready for a nap!! **sigh**

It might not bother me so much if I wasn't getting enough sleep. Last night Allie and I went to bed at 9. And to my suprise I was only up twice to flip and pee!! So, around 6 this morning I felt refreshed and ready to go. I had a donut, glass of milk, put together some Mary Kay orders, and watched a bit of tv. Around 9 it was nap time. I slept until about 1030. At that time I got up and had a bowl of cereal and watched a bit more tv. I haven't napped since, but besides food...I haven't ventured much away from the confines of my sofa. (note: I am trying to eat less more often. I have noticed that there isn't much room left in my tummy for food, between all the other stuff!!)

Ok, so now that the rant is over, I am going to attempt to fold and put up our laundry! I have to get the house in order if we are going to have a lawyer over tonight. We are filling out our will...depressing, but necessary!! Happy Blogging!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 30 Survey

Sooo....we are definitely starting to get into the countdown! Only 10 weeks left till my "due date"! But, as many mothers know, she will come out when she is ready!!!

How far along?: 30 weeks
•Total weight gain: I think around 25 lbs!!!
•How big is baby?: About 3 pounds, and around 16 the readings say!!
•Maternity clothes?: Lots, including some button ups outa the hubs closet!!
•Stretch marks?: Still in spots that no one will see...well except for those in the delivery room!!
•Sleep?:'s getting harder and harder! I have found myself getting tired more throughout the day again, like the first trimester! So I have gone bck into napping atleast once a day!
•Best moment this week?: Every moment is a good moment!!
•Movement?: tons, she is really starting to get in a routine though!!! haahaa
•Food cravings?: I think I am the only pregnant woman that craves carrots and salad! I could sit and eat lettuce and veggies all day long!
•Labor signs?: Pretty sure I am starting to notice my Braxton Hicks, but no labor signs!!
•Belly button in or out?: almost completely out.
•What I miss: Being able to sit or stand for any length of time. Even if we go out to eat or over to a friends I find myself uncomfortable in 30 mionutes, and since you can't lay down in a booth at a restaurant I end up shifting around, a lot!
•Milestone: I don't know if it's a milestone, but I was out shopping the other day and found a pack n play, swing, and highchair for an amazing deal!! Our home is finally starting to look like a baby lives here!!!


I know there are a LOT of blogging giveaways, but I always try to post Britney's. ( I mean let's face it, the girl has amazing taste!!) Brit and I met at GSA the summer before our highschool senior year, and all of her blogging has really helped to get me through my first pregnancy....Thanks "Bertany"!! So, don't just check out her contest at but make sure you become a follower of !!! Happy blogging!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Obsession with clothes....for Lena!!!

So, while my wonderful husband is busy painting our hallway bathroom downstairs, I thought I would venture into the world of baby clothes...aka my new obsession. I can't even begin to tell you all how many outfits Lena already has. Between my mother, Aunt, and cousin Nadina I have a feeling she will be set until her second birthday! I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite stores, some of the outfits she has gotten, and those still on my wish list! So sit back, and be prepared to go "awww" a lot!!

This outfit is from!! This website has some of the most adorable outfits! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, and have debated buying it for Lena's coming home outfit!!

This too if from LaBella Flora!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Janie and Jack!! If you are a mommy (to be) you must check this store out! Most of Lena's wardrobe consists of dresses from this little childrens store!! A lot of their clothes have that vintage feel, which I absolutely adore! This little jumper was purchased for her from my mom and dad for Christmas this next season!! She also has the socks, shoes, beret, and onesie to match! Too cute!!!

I bought Lena Belle the cutest little bathing suit a few months back when I was in Janie and Jack's shopping their sale for fall clothing!! It's not like this one (also a heartbreaker) but instead is all white with the most adorable ruffing on her bottom!! I will be sure to take pics of her in it for your "awwing pleasure"!!

This is from Janie and Jack's new "Little Valentine" collection. Lena has an outfit similiar to this one, only it is covered in poodles and the Eiffel Tower. She also has the stuffed poodle toy to match!!

The biggest tip I can give to mommies and those to be is to shop out of season!! Luckily we have had many babies in my family, so I know what size to expect her in during each time of the year. With that information I have already been able to purchase her halloween/fall outfits, and those for Christmas...summer....etc etc!! Because of this we have been able to save a TON of money on clothing that I am positive she will wear only once, twice if lucky!!!

The Power of Prayer!

Afternoon blogging world! I wanted to take a moment today and ask for each of you to remember a friend of mine. Her name is Stephanie, and for privacy purposes I will keep her last name off!! Steph' and I are both around 30 weeks pregnant and last Thursday her water broke. Her and her little girl Kayleigh are doing fine. The doctors have given Kayleigh meds to help her lungs and all progress and grow and are keeping Stephanie in the hospital until she delivers. I can not even begin to imagine what she has and is going through, it makes my heart hurt. I truly do believe in the power of prayer....if used in the right way. So today I am asking you all to remember her in your prayers and thoughts!! If you realize it or not, we will all be in need of powerful prayer at some point in our lives, so lets not forget to remember!!! Much love!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Becoming Mommy!

So, Josh and I have decided to attempt to meet for lunch atleast once a week. This became my realization after noticing that my hormones were taking a dramatic turn, and any excuse to get up and get out was needed. Planning this lunch dates, can however be hard. Josh works about 30 minutes from home at Duke Energy, and is often visited by vendors during the day that take him to lunch. Luckily, though, our first lunch date turned out to be successful!! We met at Panera, yummy, where I had an amazing Greek Salad and was unable to finish my Cheddar and Broccoli Soup. Any other moms notice that even though they may be starving, all the extra goodiness inside is preventing your ability to eat...a lot?? Well I have!! And besides having HORRIBLE acid reflux (which Dr. Moon associates to my occasional quessiness) I have decided that my lack of room is causing some sickness as well. For this I am trying to eat smaller meals, and snack more throughout the day to prevent hunger. For me, this can be hard. I'm not a snacker at all and usually only eat when I am really VERY hungry, but I am managing!

Ok, so after that off track rant, back to my lunch date. We actually were able to get a lot accomplished. We have scheduled a meeting with a lawyer Tuesday night to get our will in order. Depressing, I know, but it's reassuring knowing that if anything were to happen to us, Lena would be taken care of without question!! We were also able to sort through our taxes....haha boring date conversation, I know!! But, needless to say, I left lunch feeling very accomplished!!

After lunch I headed over to Target to work a little on our registry, and then stopped by TJMaxx. I had planned on getting Billie, one of Josh's vendors, outfits for her new twin grandbaby girls. But, of course I found sutff for Lena!! I ended up purchasing a swing, identical to the one I had registered for at a third of the price, and found a highchair, and pack n play. I called Josh to have him stop by and look at them on his way home from work, and if he too liked them, I told him to go ahead and pick them up. Needless to say we ended up with all three pieces, for what pack n play we originally registered for costs!!! I am a sucker for a deal, and get easily excited!!

After about 45 minutes of Josh's inappropriate use of words and breaking a sweat, he finally took my advice and began reading directions!!! About 20 minutes later we had all three put together and running!! It's soo exciting having a house that looks like a baby lives in it now!! Definitely a reality check!!!

Hopefully I can find my camera later and share pics of all of her goodies thus far with you all!! Hope everyone has an amazing day and happy blogging!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Survey Week 29

How far along?: 29 weeks
•Total weight gain: Over 20 lbs now!! Haha you know it's bad when your doctor walks in and the first thing he says to you is, "I see you packed on a few pounds over the holidays" haha
•How big is baby?: Big enough to pack a great punch!!
•Maternity clothes?: Every moment of every day!!
•Stretch marks?: A few on my thighs and booty!!
•Sleep?: Some!! I have to wake up and turn over every hour or so, and still lots of peeing going on!! But it's managable!
•Best moment this week?: Noticing that my little ray of sunshine is really getting stronger!
•Movement?: Painfully yes!! haahaa
•Food cravings?: I have really been wanting some donuts!!Unfortunately, I promised myself that after my apparent gorging over the holidays at home I was going to cut back on the sweets!!
•Labor signs?: Nopers!!
•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: My ability to clean without taking a break. Vacuuming wears me out so much that I have to sit down in between most rooms! And by the time I have the energy to get back up, I don't want to clean anymore!
•Milestone: We go Little Lena's bedroom painted and furniture ordered!!! Hopefully she comes out a girl, or a little boy that really enjoys the color pink!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taking a Break....

Pretty sure if Josh caught me on here I would get "the look"!! We have been working this week on getting our upstairs done, and today spent the majority of it painting Little Lena's room. I really hope she comes out a girl, or a boy that doesn't mind pink!!! Right now Josh is busy marking lines on our master bath, we are painting it in stripes. Hopefully we will get that finished by the end of the night, and can move onto our sitting room/office and master bedroom tomorrow!! Once it's all painted I will make sure to share photos!! You will have to wait on Lena's room though, we don't have her furniture in! But, I must say that I am very jealous of the way it's all turning out!! It's going to be such a little girly girl room!! I hope she enjoys it as much as we do right now!! Well, my break time is up, and I hear the hubs coming!! Happy blogging!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I know most people tend to have an "after Christmas Crash" of some sort. You know, the holidays are over, and life just seems too blah again! Or maybe it's all the ridiculously unhealthy food you stuffed your face with the last couple of months dragging you down. Whatever the case may be, at some point the after Holidays low hits us all. Mine ran me over full force this week.

I'm usually a little down after Christmas, but it lasts no more than a day or so. This year, however, my entire week has been a roller coaster of crazy emotions. I swear the other day I could have just sat in a corner and cried the entire time. I am attributing most of my hormonal breakdowns to that of my pregnancy, but will also take notice that we had a crazy whirlwind of a Holiday, and going from seeing family and friends all day everyday to nada, can be tough!!

Poor Josh has dealt with most of this emotion. The other night we got into a small rift, causing me to hyperventilate in tears. I grabbed my coat and keys and drove to McDonalds parking lot! Here I cried to my mother on the phone for about 30 minutes, before decided an apple pie and coke were a good idea!! My logic is undeniable, I know!

The tiniest little things seem to be sending me hurling over the edge lately. If you know me at all, then you know I am not some huge crying emotional person. Normally if someone upsets me I can either argue right back and let them know how I feel, or just get over it, but crying is saved for the "big" things in life.

So today I am going to try to take it easy and sort through some of these emotions. I know I've kept a lot of anguish about my pregnancy in. You know, will I be a good mother...etc etc!! So maybe I just need a day to cry, and rant!! Wonder if it would make me feel better!!??

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okie dokie!! So Joshua and I are going to try and get our Baby Registry done this weekend! I was hoping that some of you mommies out there can help me out by giving me tips on what to register for. It's all a bit overwhelming, and I'd rather get what I need, as opposed to registering for a bunch of stuff I think is cute, and will inevitably NEVER use!!!

Life in Photos!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out With the Old... In with 10!!

In the hussle and bussle of my everyday life I realized that I did not make a new years resolution this year. I know many see it as a starting over point, you know that chance to redeem yourself and be the person you really want to be. I guess this year I came to the conclusion that I am who I am, bad decisions and all. Although starting over fresh sounds nice, I am hoping that I can learn from the mistakes made in 2009, and cherish the accomplishments.

The older I become, the more rewarding every new year gets. So, my hope for 2010 is that I can continue down this path of happiness and contentment with this Amazing Thing Called Life!!!

Making Progress

So, after living in our house for about 4 months now we are finally starting to get our "decorating" on! In the last week we have bought oil paintings, prints, area rugs, new bed spreads, paint, and the list goes on and on. I don't know why I waited so long to get with the program, but after living in the house for a bit I have more a feel for what I want the space to look like. So now when I am out shopping there is hardly any debate. I see something and I know exactly where it's going to look good!! Hopefully by the end of this week we will have our master suite, and bathroom painted, along with Little Lena's nursery!!

P.S I think my nexting is really starting to take over...I have vacuumed the downstairs four times since getting home Saturday night!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 28

•How far along?: 28 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 20 lbs!!! AHHHH
•How big is baby?: Not too sure!!
•Maternity clothes?: Oh yes!! Mom actually took me shopping while we were in for Christmas and stocked me up with a new maternity warddrobe. Hopefully they will last with this crazy growing belly!!
•Stretch marks?: None you will ever seee!!
•Sleep?: It is definitely getting harder. Everytime I wake up I have to pee, and am usually in pain from holding it in. Then, by the time I lay down and start to get comfortable again Lena decides to play!! SIGH!!
•Best moment this week?: Too many to pick just one!
•Movement?: Constantly
•Food cravings?: I don't sit around and just suddenly crave something. However, if someone mentions a certain food or a commercial pops's hard to get it out of my head. I am also still having a tough time with the caffeine....although I am waaay better off with it then before pregnancy!!
•Labor signs?: Nopers!!
•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: Being able to sit up, or get up, like a normal person!
•Milestone: I got Lena's closet organized by size and season finally!! Hopefully she will still have a place to put stuff after the shower in Feb!!!

Back to Reality!!

Hello Blogging world!! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Joshua and I packed up the Wednesday before Christmas Eve and took off for Bowling Green. We only just returned Saturday night. I only checked my internet connections to the rest of the world one time the entire it's taking some time to get back into the swing of it all.

We had an amazing time at home, and as soon as I can find my USB cord I will upload some pictures and videos to share with all of you!! To say the least we were very blessed this year, and received more than either of us could ever need. Joshua got a big tool drawer...ummm thingy...for the garage, giftcards to harbor freight, lowes, some tools, socks, underwear....etc etc. AKA, things that I know nothing about!!! haha I got the boots, tennis shoes, some beautiful jewelry, a cute Vera Bradley that will substitute as a diaper bag when the time presents itself, picture frames, bowls for my kitchen, a new maternity warddrobe, hardback of Breaking Dawn, giftcards for Sams and Hobby Lobby....our list goes on and on!! My favorite gift this year was from my mommy and daddy...they got us a digital video camera. I had mentioned wanting one so we can capture all of Lena Belle's moments. Luckily with it being digital we don't hav ethe fuss of a tape, we just plus in the USB to my laptop, upload the videos, and create the DVD.

Of course, we can not forget the life growing daily inside of me. She is most certaintly the best gift of all and we can't wait to meet her this year!! 2010 is sure to be just as amazing as 2009!!!