Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Let me just start by saying God has truly put amazing people in my life path! I couldn't ask for a more wonderful family and group of friends. With that said...last week there was a ring at my door. I had been expecting a prize from Mary Kay, so I just assumed it was UPS with that box. It was definitely a prize package, but not from MK, from one of my best friends Emily.

Emily and I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend Brianne. Shortly after she started work at Longhorn (also where I worked at the time). Emily and I were "friends" but our relationship didn't grow until later on. She was pregnant at the time, and I was on a "wild" streak!! Needless to say, our interests were different!! After I began to calm down, however, we became closer! I now talk to Em atleast once a week, and usually more. She's an amazing woman, mother, child of God.

Back to my package. Emily had sent me a care package, full of mommy goodies. There were lotions, books, powders, card, notes, aromatherapy, and a journal! Emily journaled throughout her pregnancy with her little one Jackson, and has continued since. I love this idea, obviously, since I blog. After thinking about it, I decided to ask Josh to write in the journal. I plan on printing out all of my blog entried and organizing them in a binder for her. This is wonderful because I have an account of my pregnancy and wedding since day one!!

Josh began to write last night. If you know him, you know how OCD he can be. He decided to type all of his thoughts before writing them in the journal...he wanted it to be "organized"...whatever that means!! He politely let me read what he had so far, after all my blog is out there for anyone's reading pleasure. It was sweet, writting specifically to Lena. I was amazed to find out how he is feeling through this pregnancy. We talk, a lot, but it's still hard to know what is going through his mind sometimes. My favorite part was the fact that he actually put down that he wouldn't trade all the foot rubs for anything, they have been some of the most amazing moments in his life!! haha...I quickly allowed him to enjoy another one of his favorite moments!!! Aren't I sweet??

I hope after Lena is born we can keep all of this up! I loved going through old pictures, yearbooks, letters that my parents kept. I would have had an amazing time reading a journal about my life through their eyes!!

Emily and Jackson at his first birthday!!

Emily and I last summer!


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