Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lazy Day...

Sometimes you just need a day to do absolutely nothing...esp when you are carrying around almost 30 more pounds in your mid section! Today is that day for me! I have noticed recently that when I wake up in the mornings I am sooo ridiculously sore that the thought of movement makes me sick. Don't worry, I always feel better after I stand up and walk around, allowing my insides to take their rightful place again. But today the soreness has decided to just not subside. This could be to the amount of activity I have done the last week or so. (ie cleaning my house from top to bottom, getting all the painting done, putting together Lena's room) The list goes on and on, and although I can not take full credit for everything, I have an amazing husband, I will say that what I did do wore me completely out.

I like to think, or say that I am nesting, but let's be honest with ourselves, my house needed to be clean! Plus I am absolutely paranoid about going into labor and having people visit me in a nasty home. That wonderful trait of OCD I inherited from my mother. If you've ever been a visitor at my parents house, you know what I am talking about. The woman can clean...and I'm not talking sweeping the dust under the rug clean, I'm talking you walk in the door and even the air in the house feels more pure as you breathe it in. That trait...I did not get!! I can clean, clean, clean to my hearts content, but I know if my mom were to come visit and help me with it, my house would look like it was washed with bleach.

I will say that I did accomplish a pretty great scrub to my fridge the other day. This was something I had been avoiding for a while now. I'm not sure how it happens, but my fridge gets soo dirty sometimes. There's nothing leaking in it, no open containers, and no left overs from a month ago...the stank just appears. So instead of cleaning my precious Allie...who was also overdue for a scrub...I attacked the fridge. I hate throwing away food, but when the expiration date is up, it's just gotta go. So I filled a trashbag up of old ketchup, a couple of containers of stew from last week, and other odds and ends. I scrubbed down the trays and sides, and now have an amazing looking fridge.

Clearly I need to work on this whole getting a life thing if the most exciting part about my day was my attack with fabuloso (amazing product) to an undeserving appliance. Hmmmm....I did leave out that we had a lawyer over last night to put together our living will. Something we both decided we should do before Lena gets here. It's comforting to know that if something were to happen to us...she will be taken care of. But even that isn't exactly a blog worthy topic!! **sigh**


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