Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 28

•How far along?: 28 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 20 lbs!!! AHHHH
•How big is baby?: Not too sure!!
•Maternity clothes?: Oh yes!! Mom actually took me shopping while we were in for Christmas and stocked me up with a new maternity warddrobe. Hopefully they will last with this crazy growing belly!!
•Stretch marks?: None you will ever seee!!
•Sleep?: It is definitely getting harder. Everytime I wake up I have to pee, and am usually in pain from holding it in. Then, by the time I lay down and start to get comfortable again Lena decides to play!! SIGH!!
•Best moment this week?: Too many to pick just one!
•Movement?: Constantly
•Food cravings?: I don't sit around and just suddenly crave something. However, if someone mentions a certain food or a commercial pops's hard to get it out of my head. I am also still having a tough time with the caffeine....although I am waaay better off with it then before pregnancy!!
•Labor signs?: Nopers!!
•Belly button in or out?: half in half out.
•What I miss: Being able to sit up, or get up, like a normal person!
•Milestone: I got Lena's closet organized by size and season finally!! Hopefully she will still have a place to put stuff after the shower in Feb!!!



Don't worry about that weight now! You will be surprised how easily it falls off after the baby.... it takes a few weeks but it falls right off except for the last few lbs but you are so lean and I'm sure you exercise good so that will come right off too! It's funny, I thought the worst thing about labor was having to pee! I didn't get my catheter until the epidural so up until that point, while I was having contractions with iv fluids running through I had to pee like every two seconds. And when you are in labor, it's like a major trip to the toilet! You have the waist thing monitoring the baby strapped around you, the blood pressure cuff, the ivs, not to mention while you are walking you have to hold what looks to be a puppy pad underneath you due to things that come out after your water breaks... oh the glamor of pregnancy and labor! hehehe It is ALL worth it tho and someday you will forget how bad it sucked to have to get up and pee all night long! =)

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