Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 31

How far along?: 31 weeks
•Total weight gain: about 26/27 pounds!!!
•How big is baby?: A little over 3 lbs and close to 18 inches...according to the book!
•Maternity clothes?: A necessity!!
•Stretch marks?: In discreet areas that I now can hardly reach!! Sooo hubby gets to enjoy putting the lotion on me!!
•Sleep?: I can sleep for about 3 hours straight before having to turn or tinkle!! Then it's hard to get back to sleep!! Thank goodness for naps!!
Best moment this week?: Josh enjoying the movement in my tummy!! He layed his hand on my baby bump and was amazed to feel her rolling over and squirming around, as opposed to a couple of swift kicks!!
•Movement?: Lots!! I have to be bruised on the inside! haahaa
•Food cravings?: I was watching the food network the other day and they were cooking sushi!! Made me miss it oh so much!!
•Labor signs?: I have decided that I am definitely having Braxton Hicks...!!
•Belly button in or out?: hmmm depends on the moment!! Sometimes it's out more than others.
•What I miss: Going to the movies! You see, I can barely go out to eat comfortably! Not even halfway through the meal my entire back is usually on fire from sitting for so long!! Plus I pee..A LOT! So I've decided that it'd be a waste of 10 dollars for me to attempt to venture to the movies!
•Milestone: Lena's room is finally complete!! Well, there is furniture in it..and it's put together! We will have her bedding after our shower in Feb!!!


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