Friday, January 15, 2010

"Becoming Mommy!

So, Josh and I have decided to attempt to meet for lunch atleast once a week. This became my realization after noticing that my hormones were taking a dramatic turn, and any excuse to get up and get out was needed. Planning this lunch dates, can however be hard. Josh works about 30 minutes from home at Duke Energy, and is often visited by vendors during the day that take him to lunch. Luckily, though, our first lunch date turned out to be successful!! We met at Panera, yummy, where I had an amazing Greek Salad and was unable to finish my Cheddar and Broccoli Soup. Any other moms notice that even though they may be starving, all the extra goodiness inside is preventing your ability to eat...a lot?? Well I have!! And besides having HORRIBLE acid reflux (which Dr. Moon associates to my occasional quessiness) I have decided that my lack of room is causing some sickness as well. For this I am trying to eat smaller meals, and snack more throughout the day to prevent hunger. For me, this can be hard. I'm not a snacker at all and usually only eat when I am really VERY hungry, but I am managing!

Ok, so after that off track rant, back to my lunch date. We actually were able to get a lot accomplished. We have scheduled a meeting with a lawyer Tuesday night to get our will in order. Depressing, I know, but it's reassuring knowing that if anything were to happen to us, Lena would be taken care of without question!! We were also able to sort through our taxes....haha boring date conversation, I know!! But, needless to say, I left lunch feeling very accomplished!!

After lunch I headed over to Target to work a little on our registry, and then stopped by TJMaxx. I had planned on getting Billie, one of Josh's vendors, outfits for her new twin grandbaby girls. But, of course I found sutff for Lena!! I ended up purchasing a swing, identical to the one I had registered for at a third of the price, and found a highchair, and pack n play. I called Josh to have him stop by and look at them on his way home from work, and if he too liked them, I told him to go ahead and pick them up. Needless to say we ended up with all three pieces, for what pack n play we originally registered for costs!!! I am a sucker for a deal, and get easily excited!!

After about 45 minutes of Josh's inappropriate use of words and breaking a sweat, he finally took my advice and began reading directions!!! About 20 minutes later we had all three put together and running!! It's soo exciting having a house that looks like a baby lives in it now!! Definitely a reality check!!!

Hopefully I can find my camera later and share pics of all of her goodies thus far with you all!! Hope everyone has an amazing day and happy blogging!!!


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