Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays to You!!

So I must admit that my radio has been conistently playing Christmas music since Halloween! (I have quite the obsession) You can also note that my tree has been up since that week after! So you can imagine my excitement when my hubby finished a loong overdue project! Allow me to share some before and after pictures with you! The first is of our home during Christmas last year, and the next are of our home this year.....

Bland, boring, and I HATED my tree! I had it for about 4 years and hadn't changed it since I first put it up in my apartment!

Can you see the difference!!?? Josh and his Poppy installed our beautiful wood floors this past summer after the arrival of our precious angel! And josh just finished putting up the beautiful new fireplace mantel! I have quite the "tool man" in my home! (get your head out of the gutter)

I am pretty handy myself. Did you see the initial stockings?? I made those! And by made I mean I bought the stockings (for 2 dollars) at Hobby Lobby and ironed on our initials!! Pretty nifty!? Plus it cost WAAAYY less than the 13 dollar ones I found at Target!!

Needless to say it feels like Christmas at home! I can't wait to spend the Holidays with my little angel! She's already gotten a head start...not only did we give in and give her her Tickle Me Elmo, but mom and dad, aka Gammie and Pappy came in with gifts! Not tot mention the BAG full of clothes her Gramma and Nana brought last weekend!

So we are ready for this amazingly magical time of year!! Having Lena has enabled us to relive all of our favorite Christmas memories again, and it's been amazing!! Tomorrow we are taking her to meet Mr. Claus himself and we can NOT wait. I'm sure there will be more to share sooner than later!! Hope you all are having an AMAZING holiday season!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

FREE Christmas Cards!!

No, this is not a scam, and my account has not been hacked! Shutterfly has offered 50 FREE Christmas cards to all bloggers willing to share space with them!! PLEASE...use all you want! I conveniently came across this on a fellow bloggers page, and you couldn't believe my excitement! I love a good deal, but FLIP over the word FREE!! I can't wait to make Lena's Christmas cards for our family! This is a tradition I have ALWAYS wanted to do!!

Go here to learn more about this sweet deal!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!!

I have decided that I am the place that all electronics come to die!! Morbid, I know!! However, I can't keep a cellphone working (it could be the fact that I allow it to be used as a teething toy in order to get my 7 month old to quit screaming in public) and now my digital camera has gone KAPUT! Well, maybe I exaggerate...the flash has just given out! AHH...and during this time of year!! Luckily Josh has a work camera that I can pawn off of him for the time being! **Note to self, remind Josh to bring home his camera**

So now my quest is to find a new camera! We had talked about purchasing a canon, but with my history I'm not sure that the money would be well invested! Plus I keep my digital in my diaper bag at ALL times! So I want something light weight that enables me to catch those little moments that happen out of no where!! Any suggestions!!??

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing Catch up....

While this post should imply to my lack of enthusiasm for blogging lately, what I am really talking about it my rowdy little seven month old. She's growing so ridiculously fast, that Josh and I have a hard time keeping up with her!

She's already crawling, pulling up on EVERYTHING, and grabs anything that catches those beautiful blue eyes! It's hard to believe that she is already seven months and this first year of her life is over halfway through! **insert sigh here** I am soo very excited for the upcoming months with our little bundle! Christmas will be soo exciting, and no doubt will leave us with more toys than we have room for! But it's so worth it. I'll be the first to admit she's a rotten little squirt. I don't think I can get out of the house without coming home with bags full of goodies for my angel.

I've already bought her Christmas present, and am finding it very hard to not go ahead and give it to her and just buy her something else!! ;0)

I am so ridiculously thankful for the joy and love that Lena has brought into our lives. Even though it's only been seven months, I'm not sure I remember life before her!!