Friday, May 21, 2010


So the night before last started off as any other night in our household. Dinner was eaten, a bath was given, and bed was calling our names. However, a certain little girl (who had been fussy and wanted to be held all day) had other plans. Once the crying and screaming continued for almost the next 24 hours. I quickly learned that if she fell asleep in my arms that I needed to do all in my power to stay still in that position, and most definitely not attempt to sit her down.

Bless her heart. It was soo sad...well to a mommy of a baby it was very sad! I couldn't get her to latch on to nurse, and when she did, she would cry and scream like she was in pain. I just knew something was wrong, and had an inkling it was thrush. So after the 3 hours of sleep I was able to squeeze in, I woke up around 6 the next morning to a hungry baby, yet again unable to nurse. I also noticed that her whole body was covered in tiny red bumps, no doubt a rash. Her crying and fussiness quickly begain again. After getting a hold of her doctor's office I learned that I couldn't get her in until 3 that afternoon. And yes, she cried the entire day. Luckily Josh got home around 2 so I was able to shower. I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to show up in my puke stained pajamas and ratty hair!

Yep, I was right, thrush. The doctor informed that it had been caught very early and shouldn't take long to clear up. Boy was she right. I noticed a HUGE different after her first dose of meds. Thank the Lord. There was absolutely no way I was going to be able to pull a complete all nighter again and keep my sanity.

Luckily this morning she is doing great. Still not a fan of nursing (I am treating myself also, there's no doubt that I contracted it nursing her) but she will take the bottle just fine. Right now she is laying in her boppy and enjoying the television. There;s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain, and feeling completely helpless!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010



Please go here and read this family's heartbreaking story!! I promise it will touch you and give you appreciation for life!! And remember to keep them in your prayers ALWAYS!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I have probably started 3 different blog posts this week, none of which seemed to be too intriguing and were aborted after about a paragraph. Life has really just been pretty normal at the McCombs house.

We are planning our first trip home in a couple of weeks. I am both excited, and dreading it at the same time. Going home just isn't the same for me anymore. My parents no longer live there, so we always stay at Josh's parents. Don't misinterpret this. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my inlaws and am so blessed to have them as a part of my life, but their home, will never be a "replacement" for what my home was. You see, my parents also moved away from BG last year. They now occupy Delaware, OH, right outside of Columbus. So when we go home, in order to spend time with my parents we end up intruding my grandmothers, or have to make plans to go out. And it's just not the same. They are in the process of building a house right now, and I plan to spend a lot of time up there with them when it's done.

There are a lot of things that people take for granted on a day to day basis, and I am absolutely no exception. I can't tell you how many times we've visited home the last year and all I wanted was to be able to go to my mom and dad's and just lay on the porch swings. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a sure symbol of my childhood.
And extrememly comforting.

Now, going home can just be down right stressful. I was very much raised to be respectful, so when we stay at Josh's parents I completely consider myself a guest, and try to act respectfully so. (Not the easiest of tasks to do when you are about 8 months pregnant and really just need to veg out) And now, with Lena, I can just feel the stress coming on. She will more than likely, still be waking up to eat through the night, and we have now crossed over, into what I assume to be the world of colic. It's not horrible, but around 8 o'clock at night a crying fit ensues. The only two things that seem to help are a long warm bath...but the fit begins again as soon as you dress her, or simply walking and swaying her around the house. The crying doesn't last horribly long and I can manage, but I have a feeling my
nerves will get the best of me when/if it happens and we are a guest at someones home.

But alas I will manageand deal with my stresses and nerves. You see, I am usually a down right blunt type of person. And when it comes to my child, there will be no exception. I'm her mother, so my rules go...the end!! But I am always afraid that I will say something that will be miscontrewed (sp) and end up hurting someone's feelings. I don't so much worry about this on my side, actually I don't worry about it at all...where do you think I get it from!! :0) Plus they've spent years around me...they get ME and how I tick.

So there are my "personal" anxietys about going to what used to be "home". Not to mention the 8 hour drive with a 2 month old, and what I am sure will be anything but a restful vacation. With Lena thrown in the mix I have a feeling people will be fighting for our time. **sigh**

But I am also VERY excited. So many of my friends and family have yet to meet my perfect little angel, and I have to say I can't wait to show her off!! With it being a holiday week, and graduation, I wil have plenty of opportunity for her to meet the family!! I only wish it were a church weekend. There is absolutely something special about that first time you take your baby to church. Everyone gets up and come over to oo and ahh at her, passing her around to one another. I have a feeling I may have to schedule a trip with my mom in the next month or so, just so I can enjoy this right of passing every other mommy has received!!

So there...that's really all that's going on. Not much, not really exciting, and basically just a list of rambles!! But I consider myself blessed when I have a week of normalcy, something I am attempting to bask in and give thanks for!! :0)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day!!

Today was my first every Mother's Day!! I can't tell you how crazy it is to me that I am now a mommy!! What an amazing blessing it has been. There's no other job so rewarding, and I couldn't imagine doing anything but changing dirty diapers, making crazy faces, cleaning spit up, and feeding this adorable growing little girl! Thank you Lena Belle for making me a Mommy and "hiring" me for the greatest job in the world.

To start my "mommy weekend" off Joshua brought me home an arrangement of beautiful flowers, and the most adorable "coupon" book (It was full of coupons for foot rubs, cleaning, me time..etc etc)!! We then decided to eat out on Friday night, because it was no doubtedly going to be crowded the rest of the weekend, and I just wanted to go out, get in, eat, and enjoy my time with my family. For this venture I decided to go Japanese. It's been almost a year since I had any sushi and wine, so I thought what better way to bring it back into my life. (Don't worry...I only drank half a glass of wine with my sushi, and didn't breastfeed for a while afterwards) It was nice to treat myself to this delicacy that I have so come to enjoy over the last few years. I used to eat sushi on a weekly basis...!!!

Saturday I spent my afternoon laying out!! OH how I love me some sun. Unfortunately I got a bit burnt...ouch!! We then got out for a little bit, visiting our favorite- Sam's Club, grabbing some Taco Bell, and watching NINE. I finished my evening with a nice hot bubble bath...perfect!!

Today I layed in bed all day. I absolutely can NOT remember the last time I did that, just for the heck of it. Joshua brought me up breakfast in bed, and cleaned the entire house...including laundry, while my baby girl and I snuggled away the day. Right now he is fixing steak, crablegs, asparagus, and salad for my mother's day dinner...I CAN NOT WAIT!! YUMMO!!

To say the least it's been an amazing Mommy Weekend!! I forget sometimes at how blessed I am just to have this normal perfect life!! I love my little family and all of life's blessings God has provided us with!!

I hope all the Mommy's in the world had an amazing day- including my own!! You don't understand the love your parents have for you until you become one yourself. Thank you Mom for all you've done and given over the years!! :0)

Friday, May 7, 2010

What makes me happy....

Those cheeks and eyes....yeah she'll pretty much get whatever she wants with that puppy dog look!!!

She was soo chill!!

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Lately life has seemed a bit more.....normal!! For those of you that have never "had" a child, this small excitement for a normal household may be hard for you to understand. Although it is only hump day, I haven't felt so accomplished in atleast 4 months. You see, towards the end of pregnancy all of those pesky little annoyances from the beginning begin to pop back up (i.e tiredness, exhaustion, some sickness) not to mention the fact that you can't see your feet, much less bend over to pick ANYTHING up. So the fact that my house is cleaned, laundry is folded, and I have actually cooked homemade meals everynight, is to be celebrated.

Let me take this commercial break to "brag" about my homemaker skills. Sunday I made a potroast with yummy veggies, and Joshua called his Nana and got her recipe for a Lemon Delight (this we are still snacking on). Monday I took my leftover roast and made homemade BBQ...even the sauce was a modgepodge of household condiments!! And I might say that it was also very yummy. And last night I cooked steak, and we ate the left over roast veggies (I did boil these a bit more and added some extra seasoning)!!

Did I mention that I haave showered, fixed my hair, and worn makeup everyday!!?? This is a feat almost never accomplished before noon in this household. And all of this was done while holding, nursing, cleaning spit up, changing diapers, and otherwise trying to entertain a well developed one month old. I swear she thinks she's five already!! So sad!! :0)

So needless to say, life is starting to shine a bit more through the poo and milk of this mundain housewife's life!! Today we are even going to dare go out into public for something other than a doctor's visit!! ;0)