Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Lately life has seemed a bit more.....normal!! For those of you that have never "had" a child, this small excitement for a normal household may be hard for you to understand. Although it is only hump day, I haven't felt so accomplished in atleast 4 months. You see, towards the end of pregnancy all of those pesky little annoyances from the beginning begin to pop back up (i.e tiredness, exhaustion, some sickness) not to mention the fact that you can't see your feet, much less bend over to pick ANYTHING up. So the fact that my house is cleaned, laundry is folded, and I have actually cooked homemade meals everynight, is to be celebrated.

Let me take this commercial break to "brag" about my homemaker skills. Sunday I made a potroast with yummy veggies, and Joshua called his Nana and got her recipe for a Lemon Delight (this we are still snacking on). Monday I took my leftover roast and made homemade BBQ...even the sauce was a modgepodge of household condiments!! And I might say that it was also very yummy. And last night I cooked steak, and we ate the left over roast veggies (I did boil these a bit more and added some extra seasoning)!!

Did I mention that I haave showered, fixed my hair, and worn makeup everyday!!?? This is a feat almost never accomplished before noon in this household. And all of this was done while holding, nursing, cleaning spit up, changing diapers, and otherwise trying to entertain a well developed one month old. I swear she thinks she's five already!! So sad!! :0)

So needless to say, life is starting to shine a bit more through the poo and milk of this mundain housewife's life!! Today we are even going to dare go out into public for something other than a doctor's visit!! ;0)


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