Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 40

So I know I said the last survey would be my LAST, but happens, and here we are at week 40....still large!!

How far along?: 40 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 35 plus!!
•How big is baby?: no clue, and to be honest, I am afraid to ask! I have to try and push that thing outa me!!
•Maternity clothes?: Nothing really fits me right....which caused a slight breakdown today, but it's almost over!
•Stretch marks?: Yup!! Anybody know any tricks to make them less....disgusting?!
•Sleep?: yup...I've actually slept better since mom has been here. Our cocker spaniel Allie is sooo in love with her, so it's one less body in the bed...which means more room for momma!!!
•Movement?: Yes, but I am not sure how she manages it!
•Food cravings?: Nope
•Labor signs?: I'm going to say no!! Everytime I think I might be starting to have contractions or pains....I'm only disappointed when it stops. I think this is the only time in a woman's life when you actually look forward to one of the most painful things you will ever experience!!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: Me...I have really felt out of body lately. I can't wait to just feel normal again!
•Milestone: I have truly grown to understand the phrase "patience is a virtue"!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nine Months

Soo, not only am I nine months pregnant...but today was also our "9 month anniversary". Something I probably wouldn't have even thought twice about if I wasn't pregnant and counting every single day!! The other night my dad sent me a text that asked if Josh and I had considered that it could be our last night as just a married couple!!??

Of course we've thought about this time and time again.....but aren't at all feeling like we are giving anything up! My response to my father was "ehh no biggy, being a parent will be waay cooler!!" So many people tend to forget how long of a journey this has been for me and my husband. Yes, married only nine months, but together (on and off) for four years, not including the time we spent together in highschool!! To say the least we know one another very well.

We never really went through that "weird" period after you get married and finally move in together. No, we didn't live together before we were married, but we spent a LOT of time with one another. This could also be in part to the fact that we found out we were expecting just a few short weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. Needless to say we had more important things to worry about then how the laundry was seperated....although folding it did cause a riot once.

Although we've only been married for nine wonderfully short months I think we've already mastered the "pick and choose your arguments" chapter in Marriage 101. We both have days where everything the other does drives us MAD, but we get over, and have learned to just stay out of the others way! And we communicate....I mean REALLY talk. Trust me, Josh and I hold absolutely nothing back. We went through a period in our dating relationship where we'd let something just eat at us until we exploded. This caused us to end up in some crazy spiral where we'd start to argue about something that happened five minutes ago, and end up yelling about a situation from months before. Soooo not fair!! This is when we made a pact to just let each other know what's wrong and what we want done to fix it...the end. Trust me it works, and we never never NEVER go to bed angry....and that's no lie.

I am truly blessed and in an amazing relationship. I couldn't imagine my life any other way than exactly how it is right now....right in this moment when I am secretly wishing my water would break!! ;0)

I can say that it's not in the least bit close to where I would have thought my life to be 6 years ago....funny!! Josh and I have been through so much together and I wouldn't want to go through this crazy chapter of parenthood with anyone else by my side!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This waiting game....

So today I went into my doctors appointment with every intention of letting them know that tomorrow I would be holding my baby girl. Unfortunately, as life so often does this, it didn't completely work out that way. I am still only about 2 cm dilated and my cervix is just really not thinning out. My check ups are almost unbearable. Dr. Croce told me I could induce at anytime, the choice was my own, but she still just wouldn't recommend it. Because the check ups are so painful she informed me that just to have my water broken I would need some anesthesiology (sp)...this really threw me off. I don't want anything more than needed inside my body when it comes to meds. And goodness, if that was going to hurt that bad what would my entire labor end up like.

So after having a moment, worrying about all the people planning on coming in this weekend, crying like a baby, making a bit of a fool of myself while internally battling with my decision, and talking to my husband....I decided that the best thing to do would be to wait. She had suggested inducing Monday, but I told them to just schedule my next appointment for next Wednesday so I have another week for something to happen, and by then I would truly be overdue. Plus if I went into my induction with all of this mental anguish and fear, it was going to be worse than necessary.

I am still praying for a natural labor. I know that God has made our bodies in such a way to handle these things so it's my hope that Lena chooses her own birthday. The idea of induction is seriously only nice because of the fact we live so far away from any of our family. But I have to put that all aside and do what's best for myself and my little girl. I'd hate for something to go wrong just because of my own impatience, or the fact that I having this uncanny way of wanting to please everyone around me!!

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next week. Hopefully she won't get too big that a csection is my only option. Luckily for me I haven't had to suffer from any of the swelling, and to be honest I am not at all miserable. You know how there are those women that are full term and look like they just want to roll over and die?? Yeah not me... I have tons of energy, shoes and wedding rings still belly has outgrown all of my clothes, but ehh no big deal. The only problem I really have is standing and walking for too long. She is sitting so low that it can amost become painful. So basically I can deal with another week or so of pregnancy....if that's what Lena has in store for me!! :0)

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Last Preggo Survey!!!

How far along?: 39 weeks
•Total weight gain: About 35 plus!!
•How big is baby?: I had an ultrasound last visit, and by their measurements she could have been about 7 pounds 8 ounces....which would mean PAIN in my book if she gets too much bigger haha!!
•Maternity clothes?: Yes! I officially have one pair of maternity jeans that fit over this growing belly!! Today I am getting out to find some sweat outfits to wear for about the first month post partum!!!
•Stretch marks?: Yup!! Anybody know any tricks to make them less....disgusting?!
•Sleep?: Yeah, it's actually not too bad right now. I still get up and pee, but I guess your body gets used to it. I have a hard time right this moment getting my mind to settle down for sleep...I am ridiculously anxious!
•Movement?: In the last week or so I've noticed a decrease. Nothing huge...I am still counting, but she is def having a harder time getting around....
•Food cravings?: Nope...but I am looking forward to some sushi!
•Labor signs?: Contractions.....the day after my visit last week I had them constantly, but they never got closer together or too intense. Just when I start to think "this is it" they calm down or stop for a while!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: Nothing I can't live without for a few more days!!
•Milestone: I have decided that I will for sure let them induce me on Thursday!!! YAY....with her growing like she is I know if I wait too long I risk a big chance for a c section (not that that couldnt happen anywho) Plus it's nice to give the family some sort of heads up that its coming!! :0)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I had my weekly visit yesterday with Dr. Croce, and unfortunately I hadn't made anymore progress from my last visit!!! (Keep in mind that I saw a different doctor the last 2 visits, and they each have their own opinions..etc) I really like the place I go to and have faith in all of the doctors, something I think is extremely important. I had decided that I am all for induction, but only if my body is already progressing on its own. So I would actually only be using the induction process as a little push, not a means to get her out...NOW!!!

Dr. Croce was right on the same page. I know a lot of times you get doctors that are all for induction, let's be honest, it has to make their lives easier knowing what to expect!!! The policy at my doctor's office is that at 39 weeks you can schedule an induction at anytime, or not. So I can basically walk in today and schedule my induction for this weekend, if I want. Dr. Croce was very intense in advising me against an induction, until my cervix was ripe enough and really progressing on my own. Whew...that was exactly what I was thinking!! :0)

She was a bit concerned about the measurement of my uterus, but the problem there in lied with the fact that Lena has already dropped. She decided to have an ultrasound done, just to be safe- I love it when a Dr. takes the time out to go through all the precautions, instead of writing it off as a normal thing around this time of your pregnancy. Everything with Lena looked and measured great, but there is a chance that my little one, is not so little...weighing at about pounds 8 ounces. I know that this isn't a completely accurate measurement and it could be that she is just long, but it still has given me room for concern. With this information on hand, and the knowledge that a fetus is rapidly gaining weight around this time, I will probably choose to induce right around my due date, if I haven't gone into labor myself. Reason being if she gets much bigger I will heighten my chances for a c section. Let's be honest I can't push out a nine pounder!! :0)

I know a lot of people have opinions on induction, and trust me I am not going into any of this without research, knowledge, and a full trust for my doctors. For some it turns out horrible, for others it was a breeze. The one thing I decided a long time ago was NOT to make my mind up about how I wanted my labor to go. You can't plan these things, and I know too many moms that went in with this set plan, something happened, and their anxiety over the failed situation only hendered their labor. I have NEVER stayed a night in the hospital, much less given birth. Like I said previously, I trust my doctors 100 percent....and I have had an amazingly blessed pregnancy. I am going into this with a completely opened mind and the set that I can and will do this. The end result....a healthy wonderful baby the only thing that matters!! ;0)

Monday, March 15, 2010


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 38 Survey!!!

Sooo...this could very well be my last pregnancy survey! I am hoping that if I make it to my next doctors appointment they will allow me to schedule my induction for Friday!! YAY and with my mom coming into town for the week, I have a feeling my computer time will be cut into!!! So here it is...

How far along?: 38 weeks
•Total weight gain: A little over 35 pounds...AHHH!!! ;0)
•How big is baby?: Huge...atleast that's the way it feels! Just about every movement causes a gasp!!
•Maternity clothes?: Yes, all the time. Unfortunately since I have dropped my clothes fit me HORRIBLE. And with my belly expansion over the last few weeks I have few shirts that cover me completely!
•Stretch marks?: My least fav. question...yup. But I started using palmers skin oil...AMAZING, smells a little funny, but it really has helped a ton!!!
•Sleep?: You know, I have actually gotten used to the whole waking up once an hour thing. What stinks the most is how sore I am after laying in the same position for so long....and getting in and out of bed is starting to really take some talent!!!
•Movement?: Bless her heart, she really wants to wiggle andd squirm, but it's just getting to crowded in there!!!!
•Food cravings?: Skittles....Josh bought me a big ole bag tonight!! haha!
•Labor signs?: Starting to really notice some contractions. Today I noticed that I was having hot flashes that seemed to happen each time I was having one. And I thought the UK game was going to send me into labor for sure....!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: real cute clothes that make you feel sexy and pretty! I can't wait to go shopping in the next couple of months!
•Milestone: This is it...we are literally in our last stretch and couldn't be more excited!!! :0)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Exciting Progress!!

Yesterday I had my 37 week checkup!! I was really excited....mainly because all week I have just felt different. I can't explain it. I have WAAY more energy, and am just over all in a blissful kind of mood, seriously, ask my hubs!! :0)

For some reason I just ahd a feeling something was about to happen, not just that bad feeling, but the feeling of getting closer to meeting my little girl!! So as I waited at the doctors office, for what I might add was too long- seriously no more afternoon appointments, 7 a.m you are in and out- I began to feel anxious. They took me back, got my dreaded weight, and for teh first time my blood pressure was slightly up (that could have had something to do with the drama or the fact that I decided I should clean the house in case something were to happen) and I was stuck in a small waiting room while they got my room ready.

There was another lady in there about my age, maybe a week or so ahead of me, and she was excited because they were giving her the option for scheduling an induction the next week. So of course this got me hopeful!!! I hate the idea of being induced....I would much rather let mother nature take her course, but I also realize the benefits of an induction with us living away from family. It would give everyone a heads up and plenty of time to get here for the birth.

With that said, I decided to not let myself get overly excited, just to be let down. I was finally back in my room, Lena's heartbeat was 150 and I was yet again waiting, only this time half naked. The last appointment also took forever, and unfortunately I had a headache the entire day and was getting some crazy hotflashes. To my dismay and complete embarrassement my booty stuck to that oh so protective sheet of paper and tore it right up!! **sigh**

No embarrassment this time as the doctor came in. She seems so shocked at how low Lena is, which is a great thing....and I am hoping that when it comes to pushing...she won't take long!! (fingers crossed please) but I had also dilated to about a 2 in the last week and was 50 % effaced!! So no, I am not in labor, but some MAJOR progress has taken place. I was told that if I did not go into labor within the week, or by my next appointment, I would be given the option of scheduling and induction!! HOLY COW!! In about a week to a week in a half I will officially have a baby....on the outside that is!! I am utterly excited, and TERRIFIED!!! :0)

We are hoping they will let me schedule it for next Friday. This way our family's would come later on Thursday and be here for the weekend, without the stress of taking off from work. It would also give the opportunity for more people to come, and our hospital stay wouldn't cut into Josh's paternity leave he is given!! So let's hope they will let me go in a few days before 39 weeks!!

But hey, who knows, this little angell could make her debut before then....there is a new moon Monday!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sixth Sense!!??

Have you ever found yourself to be...."psychic"?? You know, you have a dream that seems oddly related to your next day, there's a gut feeling that you just can't pin point?? I get these odd "feeling" a LOT!! And have for quite some time. So when I received some scary news last night....needless to say I wasn't horribly shocked....terrified....but not taken off guard. I'm not going to go into detail of what happened, mainly for protection over the party involved. But I will say that all week I had this gut feeling that something was about to happen.

I made sure to pray for all my friends and family, and when Josh received a text earlier this week to let him know that their dog Spanky had passed, I thought "whew, this has to be it." Unfortunately, however, this nagging feeling just would not leave my side. Like I said, this isn't the first time I have had these crazy insticts, and most the time I try to write them off, because who wants to see the bad before it gets there. It's not like it's something that can be avoided. Now don't get me wrong. I don't claim to have super powers, or be anymore special than anyone else out there. But I do think that there is a part of the human psyche that we ignore, and are afraid to tap into.

Josh's Nana has had these same intuitions. So much so that she was beginning to be able to predict deaths. Scary thing to know when someone is about to pass. Joshua told me that she prayed and prayed for it to be taken away, and to my knowledge has been given some peace from it. It's not all bad....she was also able to tell you how many kids you would have, and what they would be!! And trust me, she was always right with his cousins!!!

So beyond the mind, I've also known of people that were able to heal burns, touch warts and make them disappear, etc etc. No doubt some of you out there think that I am crazy and deserve a quick evaluation, but if you are a Christian, is it so far fetched to believe that God still gives man amazing gifts?? What do you think!!?? I know this is a crazy ramble, but it's whats on my mind right now and I felt the urge to cyber chat this up!! :0)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 37!!!

How far along?: 37 weeks
•Total weight gain: Close to 35 pounds. I love when people ask me when I am due, and I tell them within a few weeks and they comment on how tiny I look. HAHA the scales do not lie!
•How big is baby?: A little over 6 pounds and around 20 inches....say the books!! Hopefully I'll know more Thursday!
•Maternity clothes?: Yup, and since my belly has dropped down my jeans don't fit me right!! It's soo very frustrating!!! LoL...After my "fall" the other day I told Josh I was so excited my jeans didn't rip, they're they only ones that truly fit me right nwo!!
•Stretch marks?: Do we have to go over this....again??!!
•Sleep?: hmm...I'm getting enough through out the day. I have to still get up and pee atleast once an hour, and have now discovered that I have horrible cotton mouth when I get up, so I end up drinking a glass of water, literally, everytime I get up.....doesn't help my case!
•Movement?: Yeppers....her little booty loves to stick up!!
•Food cravings?: Meat...steaks, burgers, you get the picture. It's all I have wanted the last couple of weeks. So I am listening to my body and eating it for fear my iron is low!!!
•Labor signs?: Man I wish. Is that bad? My patience is wearing thin, and I feel like my body is going to give out on me at any moment! After pregnancy God should give women a new temple (body)....cause this one is beat up!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: Rare steak, wine, and sushi!!! Wanna talk about it?
•Milestone: Lena has dropped!! I know that can happen early in first time mommies, but it's still exciting to hear that you are progressing and getting ready for labor!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Update!!

So while the last few weeks have felt like a crazy wild roller coaster....getting nursery together, baby shower, packing bags, organizing, cleaning....the list goes on and on, I have conveniently found myself becoming bored!! I know I should be enjoying having a lot of nothing to do, but it is in actuality driving me mad. Josh and I went to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and found out that Lena has definitely dropped and is sitting very low. I hadn't exactly noticed a change until Wednesday, but I am now feeling the affects of this. There is soo much pressure down below and my bottom is even really sore today.

Unfortunately I wasn't dilated. Although I know that things like that can happen all at once, I was still kind of hoping for a glimmer of light there. This waiting around for things to happen is enough to drive anyone mad!! LoL....I even see Josh getting restless with waiting. He informed Lena last night that he really would like to be off work today hahaha!!! :0)

I get that most mothers become restless at this point, but remember, Josh and I found out we were pregnant only about two weeks after conception, so it's been a LOOOOOOONG nine months!!!

Ok, so enough of this pity, whoa is me fest I have going on!!! Just a small update on everything thus far. Once I become unlazy today I will try to get some pics of the finished house and nursery!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Survey week 36!!!

How far along?: 36 weeks
•Total weight gain: 33 pounds!!
•How big is baby?: Last week Dr. Croce made a guess that she was right around 6 pounds, head down!!!!
•Maternity clothes?: uh huh!! I actually tried on a button up maternity shirt I hadn't worn in a while the other day, and unfortunately it wouldn't button over my belly!!
•Stretch marks?: :0(
•Sleep?: I try!
Best moment this week?: My mom was with me all last week, so that was amazing!! We got everything together and organized in Lena's room, and even found plenty of time to hit up some cute boutiques around town....buying more clothes, diaper bag, and burp cloths all of which I had adorably monogrammed!!
•Movement?: Tons, she gets the hiccups on a regular basis now also!
•Food cravings?: I really want some of Riley's Bakery Tea Cookies. I can't find a good bakery around here that sells them. I might have to call my stepmother in law and see if she will bring me some!! LoL- its serious!
•Labor signs?: Still cramping....we were a bit nervous last night, I ate Mexican and there was a full moon, not to mention my mother had just gotten home!! We figured she'd enjoy a dramatic entrance like that!! LoL!
•Belly button in or out?: Both- in when I lay down, out when I stand up!

•Milestone: A finished nursery with washed and ironed clothes....along with an organized hospital bag for us all!! We are just waiting around now! :0)