Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 38 Survey!!!

Sooo...this could very well be my last pregnancy survey! I am hoping that if I make it to my next doctors appointment they will allow me to schedule my induction for Friday!! YAY and with my mom coming into town for the week, I have a feeling my computer time will be cut into!!! So here it is...

How far along?: 38 weeks
•Total weight gain: A little over 35 pounds...AHHH!!! ;0)
•How big is baby?: Huge...atleast that's the way it feels! Just about every movement causes a gasp!!
•Maternity clothes?: Yes, all the time. Unfortunately since I have dropped my clothes fit me HORRIBLE. And with my belly expansion over the last few weeks I have few shirts that cover me completely!
•Stretch marks?: My least fav. question...yup. But I started using palmers skin oil...AMAZING, smells a little funny, but it really has helped a ton!!!
•Sleep?: You know, I have actually gotten used to the whole waking up once an hour thing. What stinks the most is how sore I am after laying in the same position for so long....and getting in and out of bed is starting to really take some talent!!!
•Movement?: Bless her heart, she really wants to wiggle andd squirm, but it's just getting to crowded in there!!!!
•Food cravings?: Skittles....Josh bought me a big ole bag tonight!! haha!
•Labor signs?: Starting to really notice some contractions. Today I noticed that I was having hot flashes that seemed to happen each time I was having one. And I thought the UK game was going to send me into labor for sure....!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: real cute clothes that make you feel sexy and pretty! I can't wait to go shopping in the next couple of months!
•Milestone: This is it...we are literally in our last stretch and couldn't be more excited!!! :0)


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