Friday, March 12, 2010

Exciting Progress!!

Yesterday I had my 37 week checkup!! I was really excited....mainly because all week I have just felt different. I can't explain it. I have WAAY more energy, and am just over all in a blissful kind of mood, seriously, ask my hubs!! :0)

For some reason I just ahd a feeling something was about to happen, not just that bad feeling, but the feeling of getting closer to meeting my little girl!! So as I waited at the doctors office, for what I might add was too long- seriously no more afternoon appointments, 7 a.m you are in and out- I began to feel anxious. They took me back, got my dreaded weight, and for teh first time my blood pressure was slightly up (that could have had something to do with the drama or the fact that I decided I should clean the house in case something were to happen) and I was stuck in a small waiting room while they got my room ready.

There was another lady in there about my age, maybe a week or so ahead of me, and she was excited because they were giving her the option for scheduling an induction the next week. So of course this got me hopeful!!! I hate the idea of being induced....I would much rather let mother nature take her course, but I also realize the benefits of an induction with us living away from family. It would give everyone a heads up and plenty of time to get here for the birth.

With that said, I decided to not let myself get overly excited, just to be let down. I was finally back in my room, Lena's heartbeat was 150 and I was yet again waiting, only this time half naked. The last appointment also took forever, and unfortunately I had a headache the entire day and was getting some crazy hotflashes. To my dismay and complete embarrassement my booty stuck to that oh so protective sheet of paper and tore it right up!! **sigh**

No embarrassment this time as the doctor came in. She seems so shocked at how low Lena is, which is a great thing....and I am hoping that when it comes to pushing...she won't take long!! (fingers crossed please) but I had also dilated to about a 2 in the last week and was 50 % effaced!! So no, I am not in labor, but some MAJOR progress has taken place. I was told that if I did not go into labor within the week, or by my next appointment, I would be given the option of scheduling and induction!! HOLY COW!! In about a week to a week in a half I will officially have a baby....on the outside that is!! I am utterly excited, and TERRIFIED!!! :0)

We are hoping they will let me schedule it for next Friday. This way our family's would come later on Thursday and be here for the weekend, without the stress of taking off from work. It would also give the opportunity for more people to come, and our hospital stay wouldn't cut into Josh's paternity leave he is given!! So let's hope they will let me go in a few days before 39 weeks!!

But hey, who knows, this little angell could make her debut before then....there is a new moon Monday!!!


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