Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 37!!!

How far along?: 37 weeks
•Total weight gain: Close to 35 pounds. I love when people ask me when I am due, and I tell them within a few weeks and they comment on how tiny I look. HAHA the scales do not lie!
•How big is baby?: A little over 6 pounds and around 20 inches....say the books!! Hopefully I'll know more Thursday!
•Maternity clothes?: Yup, and since my belly has dropped down my jeans don't fit me right!! It's soo very frustrating!!! LoL...After my "fall" the other day I told Josh I was so excited my jeans didn't rip, they're they only ones that truly fit me right nwo!!
•Stretch marks?: Do we have to go over this....again??!!
•Sleep?: hmm...I'm getting enough through out the day. I have to still get up and pee atleast once an hour, and have now discovered that I have horrible cotton mouth when I get up, so I end up drinking a glass of water, literally, everytime I get up.....doesn't help my case!
•Movement?: Yeppers....her little booty loves to stick up!!
•Food cravings?: Meat...steaks, burgers, you get the picture. It's all I have wanted the last couple of weeks. So I am listening to my body and eating it for fear my iron is low!!!
•Labor signs?: Man I wish. Is that bad? My patience is wearing thin, and I feel like my body is going to give out on me at any moment! After pregnancy God should give women a new temple (body)....cause this one is beat up!!
•Belly button in or out?: out
•What I miss: Rare steak, wine, and sushi!!! Wanna talk about it?
•Milestone: Lena has dropped!! I know that can happen early in first time mommies, but it's still exciting to hear that you are progressing and getting ready for labor!!


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