Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nine Months

Soo, not only am I nine months pregnant...but today was also our "9 month anniversary". Something I probably wouldn't have even thought twice about if I wasn't pregnant and counting every single day!! The other night my dad sent me a text that asked if Josh and I had considered that it could be our last night as just a married couple!!??

Of course we've thought about this time and time again.....but aren't at all feeling like we are giving anything up! My response to my father was "ehh no biggy, being a parent will be waay cooler!!" So many people tend to forget how long of a journey this has been for me and my husband. Yes, married only nine months, but together (on and off) for four years, not including the time we spent together in highschool!! To say the least we know one another very well.

We never really went through that "weird" period after you get married and finally move in together. No, we didn't live together before we were married, but we spent a LOT of time with one another. This could also be in part to the fact that we found out we were expecting just a few short weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. Needless to say we had more important things to worry about then how the laundry was seperated....although folding it did cause a riot once.

Although we've only been married for nine wonderfully short months I think we've already mastered the "pick and choose your arguments" chapter in Marriage 101. We both have days where everything the other does drives us MAD, but we get over, and have learned to just stay out of the others way! And we communicate....I mean REALLY talk. Trust me, Josh and I hold absolutely nothing back. We went through a period in our dating relationship where we'd let something just eat at us until we exploded. This caused us to end up in some crazy spiral where we'd start to argue about something that happened five minutes ago, and end up yelling about a situation from months before. Soooo not fair!! This is when we made a pact to just let each other know what's wrong and what we want done to fix it...the end. Trust me it works, and we never never NEVER go to bed angry....and that's no lie.

I am truly blessed and in an amazing relationship. I couldn't imagine my life any other way than exactly how it is right now....right in this moment when I am secretly wishing my water would break!! ;0)

I can say that it's not in the least bit close to where I would have thought my life to be 6 years ago....funny!! Josh and I have been through so much together and I wouldn't want to go through this crazy chapter of parenthood with anyone else by my side!!!


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