Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sixth Sense!!??

Have you ever found yourself to be...."psychic"?? You know, you have a dream that seems oddly related to your next day, there's a gut feeling that you just can't pin point?? I get these odd "feeling" a LOT!! And have for quite some time. So when I received some scary news last night....needless to say I wasn't horribly shocked....terrified....but not taken off guard. I'm not going to go into detail of what happened, mainly for protection over the party involved. But I will say that all week I had this gut feeling that something was about to happen.

I made sure to pray for all my friends and family, and when Josh received a text earlier this week to let him know that their dog Spanky had passed, I thought "whew, this has to be it." Unfortunately, however, this nagging feeling just would not leave my side. Like I said, this isn't the first time I have had these crazy insticts, and most the time I try to write them off, because who wants to see the bad before it gets there. It's not like it's something that can be avoided. Now don't get me wrong. I don't claim to have super powers, or be anymore special than anyone else out there. But I do think that there is a part of the human psyche that we ignore, and are afraid to tap into.

Josh's Nana has had these same intuitions. So much so that she was beginning to be able to predict deaths. Scary thing to know when someone is about to pass. Joshua told me that she prayed and prayed for it to be taken away, and to my knowledge has been given some peace from it. It's not all bad....she was also able to tell you how many kids you would have, and what they would be!! And trust me, she was always right with his cousins!!!

So beyond the mind, I've also known of people that were able to heal burns, touch warts and make them disappear, etc etc. No doubt some of you out there think that I am crazy and deserve a quick evaluation, but if you are a Christian, is it so far fetched to believe that God still gives man amazing gifts?? What do you think!!?? I know this is a crazy ramble, but it's whats on my mind right now and I felt the urge to cyber chat this up!! :0)


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