Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I had my weekly visit yesterday with Dr. Croce, and unfortunately I hadn't made anymore progress from my last visit!!! (Keep in mind that I saw a different doctor the last 2 visits, and they each have their own opinions..etc) I really like the place I go to and have faith in all of the doctors, something I think is extremely important. I had decided that I am all for induction, but only if my body is already progressing on its own. So I would actually only be using the induction process as a little push, not a means to get her out...NOW!!!

Dr. Croce was right on the same page. I know a lot of times you get doctors that are all for induction, let's be honest, it has to make their lives easier knowing what to expect!!! The policy at my doctor's office is that at 39 weeks you can schedule an induction at anytime, or not. So I can basically walk in today and schedule my induction for this weekend, if I want. Dr. Croce was very intense in advising me against an induction, until my cervix was ripe enough and really progressing on my own. Whew...that was exactly what I was thinking!! :0)

She was a bit concerned about the measurement of my uterus, but the problem there in lied with the fact that Lena has already dropped. She decided to have an ultrasound done, just to be safe- I love it when a Dr. takes the time out to go through all the precautions, instead of writing it off as a normal thing around this time of your pregnancy. Everything with Lena looked and measured great, but there is a chance that my little one, is not so little...weighing at about pounds 8 ounces. I know that this isn't a completely accurate measurement and it could be that she is just long, but it still has given me room for concern. With this information on hand, and the knowledge that a fetus is rapidly gaining weight around this time, I will probably choose to induce right around my due date, if I haven't gone into labor myself. Reason being if she gets much bigger I will heighten my chances for a c section. Let's be honest I can't push out a nine pounder!! :0)

I know a lot of people have opinions on induction, and trust me I am not going into any of this without research, knowledge, and a full trust for my doctors. For some it turns out horrible, for others it was a breeze. The one thing I decided a long time ago was NOT to make my mind up about how I wanted my labor to go. You can't plan these things, and I know too many moms that went in with this set plan, something happened, and their anxiety over the failed situation only hendered their labor. I have NEVER stayed a night in the hospital, much less given birth. Like I said previously, I trust my doctors 100 percent....and I have had an amazingly blessed pregnancy. I am going into this with a completely opened mind and the set that I can and will do this. The end result....a healthy wonderful baby the only thing that matters!! ;0)


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