Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Update!!

So while the last few weeks have felt like a crazy wild roller coaster....getting nursery together, baby shower, packing bags, organizing, cleaning....the list goes on and on, I have conveniently found myself becoming bored!! I know I should be enjoying having a lot of nothing to do, but it is in actuality driving me mad. Josh and I went to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and found out that Lena has definitely dropped and is sitting very low. I hadn't exactly noticed a change until Wednesday, but I am now feeling the affects of this. There is soo much pressure down below and my bottom is even really sore today.

Unfortunately I wasn't dilated. Although I know that things like that can happen all at once, I was still kind of hoping for a glimmer of light there. This waiting around for things to happen is enough to drive anyone mad!! LoL....I even see Josh getting restless with waiting. He informed Lena last night that he really would like to be off work today hahaha!!! :0)

I get that most mothers become restless at this point, but remember, Josh and I found out we were pregnant only about two weeks after conception, so it's been a LOOOOOOONG nine months!!!

Ok, so enough of this pity, whoa is me fest I have going on!!! Just a small update on everything thus far. Once I become unlazy today I will try to get some pics of the finished house and nursery!!


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