Monday, March 1, 2010

Survey week 36!!!

How far along?: 36 weeks
•Total weight gain: 33 pounds!!
•How big is baby?: Last week Dr. Croce made a guess that she was right around 6 pounds, head down!!!!
•Maternity clothes?: uh huh!! I actually tried on a button up maternity shirt I hadn't worn in a while the other day, and unfortunately it wouldn't button over my belly!!
•Stretch marks?: :0(
•Sleep?: I try!
Best moment this week?: My mom was with me all last week, so that was amazing!! We got everything together and organized in Lena's room, and even found plenty of time to hit up some cute boutiques around town....buying more clothes, diaper bag, and burp cloths all of which I had adorably monogrammed!!
•Movement?: Tons, she gets the hiccups on a regular basis now also!
•Food cravings?: I really want some of Riley's Bakery Tea Cookies. I can't find a good bakery around here that sells them. I might have to call my stepmother in law and see if she will bring me some!! LoL- its serious!
•Labor signs?: Still cramping....we were a bit nervous last night, I ate Mexican and there was a full moon, not to mention my mother had just gotten home!! We figured she'd enjoy a dramatic entrance like that!! LoL!
•Belly button in or out?: Both- in when I lay down, out when I stand up!

•Milestone: A finished nursery with washed and ironed clothes....along with an organized hospital bag for us all!! We are just waiting around now! :0)


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