Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh So Very Close....

With just a little over four weeks left until D-Day...The arrival of my mom's help couldn't be more perfect. She's the reason for my absence as of late, in the blogging world. She got here late Monday afternoon, and will sadly be leaving to get back home tomorrow. (don't worry, she plans to fly out as soon as the Dr. gives me the ole' any day now) We were finally able to get Lena's room organized and put together, and ended up having to add shelving to her closet so all of her clothing could be accomodated. We also did a "little" shopping. Might as well get my fix in now, I am sure after she is born it'll be a while before I feel like getting out and going on my own with a newborn!!

Mom also got to go with me to my Dr. visit last week. It all worked out so perfectly since Josh was going to need to be out of town for work. He had planned on driving the 2 hours back and forth to South Carolina for a couple of days, but since mom was with me. he felt better about leaving and I told him it'd be better for him all around to just stay the night!! Anyways, at the appointment Dr. Croce guessed that Lena is right around 6 pounds...WOWZERS!!! I was 7 lbs 13 ounces when I was born (a week later than the due date) and Josh was born 3 weeks early at around 7 pounds. Let's face it, she will be on the bigger side of the scale. Which is wonderful!! The more there is to squeeze and love on, the better! She also said her head feels down, and I am measuring great. I have truly been blessed with an amazing pregnancy. I have had the usual sickness and aches, but no major scares that have kept me up at night! "Thank the good Lord".

I start my weekly visits on Wednesday. Josh is taking the entire day off so we can get down to Charlotte to sign our "Living Trust", spend some us time together, and get to the doctor!! Another note...Josh got a raise this week! How exciting! I couldn't be more proud of him. He has done such an amazing job at work, home, being a husband, and I have no doubt this father thing will come naturally to him!! I am sooo lucky all the way around!!

I will post some pictures of Lena's new and improved room later, along with a tour of our finally finished and beautiful home!! Much love and happy blogging to all!! :0)


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