Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting in the Way...

So this adorable baby bump I have been working on the last eight months is starting to cause problems for me!! Not only can I NOT put on shoes, tie them, properly shave my legs, comfortably wash off in our stand in shower, or pick much of anything up off the floor, but I have officially crossed over into that miserable pregnant stage. EVERYTHING hurts...esp my back and rib cage! With most of the weight gain in my mid section, I feel like I am carrying around a backpack full of rocks and stones.

A couple years ago I got into two wrecks in the same summer. Since then my back has been warped....working as a server at a restaurant didn't help either. Before getting pregnant I had been able to take a muscle relaxer to help the pain. Since the only thing you can really take preggo is Tylenol, I have spent a LOT of time trying to relax in the tub. This helps while I am there, but the second I get out it tenses up again. And as for the stretches suggested...they really don't do much at all!

So, I'm learning to live and deal with it for now. I change positions... A LOT!! And don't stand for long intervals. Hopefully this doesn't mean I will have some horrible back labor!! :0)


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