Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Fail

So last night was planned to begin today with the best of every intention, we were scheduled for our "Planned Childbirth" class. A seven hour class of nurses showing you other women's "hooha's" and terrified men!! Unfortunately, last nights preparations didn't pay off. I woke up about 2 this morning sick to my stomach....again. Granted this time was nothing like Tuesday's illness, it still had me down for a few hours. My stomach was in so much intense pain that for a minute I considered the possibility of early labor.

I finally settled down and started to feel better about 530/6, with an alarm set for 7! (yeah right, not happening) My husband did get up at 7, but graciously shut the door and left me in bed, knowing I had been up the night before. Unfortunately he "lost track of time" and forgot to get me up to get ready for our class...and let's be honest, after a night of yuckiness, this chick was not going without a shower today. And I was also not showing up over an hour late and rushing to play catch up. So, we missed our birthing class.

To be honest....I'm not too disappointed. I wasn't looking forward to it, and was just really going for the tour and lamaze skills. However, I found out that they don't really teach you "lamaze". They go over certain breathing exercises, but nothing too in depth. Plus, I have read every book under the sun, and am pretty sure that no matter how prepared you feel for pushing a human life out of your goodies, it will NOT go the way you plan!! :0)

So, alas, today I am waiting for that dreaded call from my mother telling me we made a huge mistake!! 23, about to have a child, and still scared of my mommy!! :0)


Jessie and Batman

We did not go to ours either! We thought that people have been doing this for thousands of years and I am pretty sure I do not need to pay 70 bucks to have some one tell me whats going on. :-) I read books and watch DVDs and when it came to this is IT! Everything went out the window! :-)You will be fine!

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