Monday, February 8, 2010

What's with my mind!!!

Ok, so I have a few minutes here, before I need to finish my morning duties, so I thought I'd let you all in on something!! I have MAJOR baby brain....and NOT the good kind. I'm talking forgetful, can't finish sentences, and words have amazingly vanished from my vocabulary baby brain.

Let me explain. In the last month I have deep fried a top, melted a spatula, burnt tea, and couldn't figure out what that boiling noise was about ( I had forgotten about the water I was boiling on the stove)!!! All of these have occurred simply because I forgot, or just wasn't thinking. The deep fried top incident came about when I decided to make some french fries. I plugged in my little deep fryer and left in on the kitchen counter to heat up, unfortunately I forgot to take the plastic top off of the top- HOLY COW!! I was soo confused when I got back into the kitchen as to why the grease looked so black, and what was that smell!! Luckily clean up wasn't to big of a job. The spatula had it coming. I have had this utensil since I lived in my years!! I had this amazing idea, as they usually are, to make myself pancakes for lunch. So I made the most delicious round sweetness, "thought" I turned off the griddle, and for some reason placed the plastic spatula on top. **sigh** Thus again I was left wondering what the smell was...a lovely glob of melted plastic. Again cleanup was easy!!

I have also spilled an entire pitcher of tea on the stove also smells bad, and many times have left water boiling, only left trying to figure out where that odd water noise is coming from!! I find it hillarious at the moment, but I think my husband is pretty convinced he's going to come home to a pile of ashes with me standing confused in the middle, holding Allie!!

Did I mention I also burnt the baby bump making cinnamon toast!!??


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