Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 32

How far along?: 32 weeks
•Total weight gain: I'd say somewhere close to 30. But lately I don't feel like I have gained like I was there for a while! So maybe it's slowing down!!!
•How big is baby?: The book says close to 4 or so ppunds and 19 inches!!
•Maternity clothes?: Is there anything else??!!
•Stretch marks?: Yes, but I am working on them. Lots of lotion, oil, and working out!!
•Sleep?: It's definitely becoming less and less, and more painful!!
Best moment this week?: The realization that Lena could be here in about 6 weeks!!
•Movement?: Yes, but it's changing. She doesn't roll around as much....but she still give a good swift kick to my side often! haahaa
•Food cravings?: No, not really. After my husband went to the grocery before the snow storm the other day I noticed that I have been eating a lot of "kid" food. IE mac and chz, pbandj's, cereal. Apparantely that's what I've been craving without noticing. The hubs, however, made sure we were stocked up on what I wanted most before we were snowed in!! :0)
•Labor signs?: I am for sure having Braxton Hicks, and some cramping. Nothing feels serious, and I am sure my tummy is stil not done stretching...!!
•Belly button in or out?: Slowly moving out. Josh is obsessed with it. DRIVES ME CRAZY.
•What I miss: Right now I miss my family the most. I know that's not really pregnancy related, but I moved away just before I found out I was pregnant. It would be nice to be able to get up and go to my mom and dads when I need some sympathy or feel the need to be spoiled!!!
•Milestone: No crazy amazing milestone this week. Although I guess every day you wake up could most definitely be considered one. I have gotten a LOT of lovens out of my hubby though, he even gave me an amazing pedicure yesterday!!!!


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