Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In Saturday!!!

The snow began to fall right around 430, literally as my husband was walking in the door from work! This tickled me pink, mainly because they had been calling for rain and freezing rain to happen before the actual snow hit!! Snow I can deal with, ice is another story. In celebration of our first big snow (the last snow turned more into a solid sheet of ice for a day) I decided to make some homemade potato soup and garlic cheese biscuits. They were delicious and just what a cold night calls for. Joshua then proceeded to bake a peach cobbler....of which we ate over half!!

So, the snow storm started off sweet and romantic, but this morning when we woke up we realized we would be stuck inside ALL WEEKEND. Atleast 5 inches of sleet and ice had accumulated outside our front steps- a dream come true for any gradeschooler. For two twenty somethings....boredom!!! I have conveniently kept myself inside, the last thing my 32 pregnant butt needs, besides the stretch marks, is a large bruise from falling. So after watching some bad programming on cable tv, we both ventured off into sleepy land. I think I slept for almost 3 hours. I woke up sore, and refreshed, and completely lazy.

Thank goodness there's a Kentucky game on. My poor husband has this combination of ADD/OCD (atleast that's my diagnosis) and absolutely can NOT stand to just do nothing. After fixing breakfast this morning he decided to bake another clean the kitchen from top to bottom. Sometimes his fidgitiness (sp) really pays off for me!!!

I hope the rest of you have enjoyed this beautiful white blanket, my hope is it melts tomorrow so we can get out and keep our sanity!! Stay safe and happy blogging!!


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