Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The uncomfortable....

So Brit...from Dave and Brit Plus One does a top ten every Tuesday!! Today she decided to do one on the "uncomforts" of your regular visit as a woman!! Check it out here !!

This got me thinking! As a pregnant woman some of your best friends for the next 9 months quickly become your ObGyn and the nurses that accompany the office. Basically, you get familiar. I've never really been what I would call "uncomfortable" at the Gyno's. It's something that's got to be done, they've seen it before, and I can guarantee they've seen something much more interesting then what I happen to be offering up down there. I'm one of those that is anything but afraid to ask questions at my visit...I mean it's going to be another year before I'm up here again, let's get our facts straight.

The problem I've been presented with since my visits as a preggo is I don't know which questions to ask!! The office I frequent out here in North Carolina works in rotations. I have my "listed" doctor, but I have seen three different ones since this new adventure. I don't mind having to switch it up, you never know who will be on call the night you go into labor, so I'd rather just know them all! The down side to this is that they don't really know my "history", atleast nothing aside from what's written down in that secret folder they carry around with them. So a lot of conversations seem to be repeated....

At the end of every visit they ALWAYS ask do you have any questions. In my mind I am thinking..."YES...what is going on, I've never been pregnant" I always either end up asking a million different things, and come off paranoid, or ask nothing, and the second I walk out I think "dangit, I meant to ask about..." Any other mommies ever experience this??

Now that I am almost in my eighth month (next week!!) I will be frequenting my Doctor's more often...every two weeks, then once a know the drill!! And, let's be honest, they are getting more intense!! I'm kind of a nervous wreck about the hospital...I already have packed bags!! (I'm that girl!! So what should I be focusing on in these last couple of months? Or am I just worrying to much!? Probably the latter of the two!!



I would be familar with your hospitals policy about the NICU. I dont want to scare you or anything but it IS good to know incase you go into labor early and the baby has to be there for awhile. I was unfamilar with it and since my baby had to be taken 6 weeks early due to Pre eclampsia, I was rather upset to find out that they would keep him in the NICU till he would have been 36 weeks or better.
Also make sure your car seat is property installed, they checked our before we left the hospital.
I dont know if you plan on going natural or getting a epi but know your anthesiologist (sp)"rules" he wont give it after you are dialted to a certain put etc.
I will think of more I know I will....but those are are start :)

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