Thursday, January 28, 2010

The secret of life...

SO lately I have been thinking about the choices that we make in our lives. Ok, this post is going to have some serious undertones!! I have so often heard people complaining, or rather, whining about the cards that have been dealt to them in life. "I hate my job, I'm so out of shape, I dread going to class..." I too have been guilty of these whoa is me statements. But, the fact is that everything in your life, with the exception of certain illnesses is YOUR CHOICE!!

People like to make life out to be this hard, complicated thing, where only the rich and lucky can succeed and be happy. In reality, life is very simple. You want to be happy, be dislike your job, start looking for another one you might enjoy more...this class is dreadful and brings down your day, drop it, replace it with some invigorating or transfer to another teacher!!

We so often believe that once we start something we are stuck. NO, you have chosen to be stuck. (note, I am no expert on life) I have just been through it. Unfortunately it took my grandfather falling ill to cancer for my eyes to open up. I had wasted so much energy in my life focusing on the things that didn't matter, and ultimately can not make you happy, (ie going out, clothes, looks, etc) that I had neglected those that do- God, Family, and your best of friends. It really is amazing how living for God, and not yourself can help your life just fall into place.

I am not saying that you have to be sitting in church every Sunday, and reading your bible every free minute. I, personally, don't think religion makes your faith. Religion is a means of worship and learning, but your faith and relationship with God is within you. You can take that with you anywhere. Yes, church is amazing (I personally love going home to my church) and if you've never had a great relationship with the Lord, it is a starting point. But you can't lean and depend on the church to carry your cross. I often found that after I went to church I always felt refreshed and better about myself. This was a selfish endulgemtn, because I had been out the entire week fulfilling personal sins. I used church as a means to "start over", but it was completely up to me once I stepped outside of those four walls to Live for and through Christ.

My life changed pretty fast. Unfortunately I had to make decisions for my better life, that may have offended others. I started by cutting those people out of my life that were deemed "bad influences". Not that any of them were bad people, I just didn't like the person I was when I was around them. I moved back in with my parents, mainly due to the fact that my lease was up, but also just to be closer to them. I cut back on my hours at work. After working an entire weekend as a server in a restaurant I was usually too tired to get up for church on a Sunday, or just completely unpleasant to be around. Plus it was far to easy for me to be convinced in going out for a "drink....or 2" after a long shift. Not exactly the smartest of ways to unwind.

The process wasn't easy. There was a LOT of turmoil, arguments, etc etc. I finally just woke up one day and said NO MORE!! This is what I want for my life, and this is what I am going to have. I haven't turned back since. Granted life didn't lead me where I was expecting, but by waking up every morning and decided that today is going to be amazing, just because I was allowed to wake up and life, I have discovered the secret to living a happy life!!

You see the secret of life is....Just be happy!! It's a choice, a priviledge, not luck!! :0)


The Alexander Family of 4!

I knew that one day you would find your happy place! You don't know how happy it makes me to read and see the "grown up" Ashley! I just wish we weren't thousands of miles away from each other because now we really could go and do stuff and have SERIOUS conversations! It broke my heart when I talked to you when you were "college Ashley". Life throws us curves, but how we deal with it is what matters. You are right, we make our own choices so we need to deal with them or fix them. By the way, you better hurry up and have Lena so you won't change your blog background six thousand times! Just kidding! Love ya and miss you! I will see you in a few weeks!

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