Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okie dokie!! So Joshua and I are going to try and get our Baby Registry done this weekend! I was hoping that some of you mommies out there can help me out by giving me tips on what to register for. It's all a bit overwhelming, and I'd rather get what I need, as opposed to registering for a bunch of stuff I think is cute, and will inevitably NEVER use!!!



Need...and lots of them...
Diapers, Wipes, Mylicon drops, (however breastfed babies won't require this as much but it's still good to have). Crib sheets, burp cloths, receiving blankets big enough to swaddle with, gowns and onesies.

High chair, Car Seat with base that stays in car is a MUST...the best kind is with the stroller system so all you have to do is remove infant seat from base and it attaches directly to stroller, no need to wake and rouse sleeping baby!

You will get lots of smell good baby bath products but beware. These contain very harsh chemicals and some babies (especially both mine) are very sensitive. We stuck with Dove unscented bars, Cetaphil (yep like you use on your face) and Aquafor. Also instead of Dreft we opted for ALL Free and Clear detergant thanks to recommendations from our pediatrician.

Also both mine loved Their swing and their exersaucer when they got older. Hope this helps!


First advice. DO NOT worry soo much about matching things up. I went with a whole Graco family and wasted money BIG time. Read consumer reports. SAVE reciepts... if your baby doesn't like something... box it up and exchange it!

I found that Chicco keyfit is a better car seat than the Graco. We went from a cute pink Graco to a gray Chicco, but the baby likes it a lot better and the Chicco stroller BLOWS the Graco out the water! All my friends have gone with Chicco too because supposedly it got a higher consumer report rating.

Here is the seat we have:

Here is a stroller like we have:

Again, I got rid of my Graco swing because she hated it and replaced it with the Fisher Price Cradle N Swing Lamb. It's awesome because it goes sideways and front to back. Here is the link to that:

They also make a pink one now that plugs into the wall. I think it's the same thing. I've seen it at Babies R Us.

I highly recommend this tub:

It constantly circulates the water so it's always clean (no baby pee) and it has temperature control! It's awesome. Only thing... at first when the baby is newborn you will need to buy a little foamy thing ( they sell them at BAbies R Us) for like 5 bucks and I think they are yellow. This helps the baby not to slide.

As far as diaper warmer... we used ours at first when she was really little but now there is no need. As far as diaper genie...we hardly ever used it... we just use the trash can and take our trash out... the diaper genie was kind of like having an extra trash.

LOVE the Baby Bjorn infant carrier. Highly Recommend.

Boppy and Bumbo are BOTH must haves. (I even used my boppy to sit on after labor!) ha

WE really liked our Boppy Brand Bouncer.

We have several Jumparoo (pink ones, fancy ones, cute ones,) and this is the one K likes BEST:

And out of them all this is our favorite exersaucer:
You can also buy toys later on to interchange.

That's all I got for now! Good luck! Hope that helps. IF you have any other questions... email or msg me. I feel like we have bought at least EVERYTHING once! I wasted a lot of money to find the best!

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