Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming together!!

So life is starting to really take shape and come together in this home of ours. NO, we have yet to finish painting our bedroom, the outline is done, and it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to put the coat on!!! And, we are still waiting for Lena's furniture, which should arrive in the next week. But, all in all it's really starting to take on a sense of "home" as opposed to "house"!!

My mother offered to buy us Lena's bedding (as if they haven't already done WAAAY to much). I found one at Target in their shabby chic collection that I liked, but unfortunately they've been sold out of them online!! So, mom was at babys-r-us yesterday and called me to look online at this adorable collection they had ( ! You have to understand that my mother has become completely obsessed with Baby Lena!!! I seriously think we might have to have an intervention or put her in counseling for it!! I joke with her a LOT, but am truly blessed to have such an amazing family!!

I am just as bad as the rest about getting carried away. I don't even want to think about what all I bought for Gavin when he was born! Anyways...I got off track again!! Back to our house!! I have successfully gotten the downstairs to a state of cleanliness that I have been able to keep up for the past week. Got a dirty dish? Put it in the dishwasher!! See some dust? Wipe it up! This logic is really working for me. So now, after dinner all the dishes are washed and put away. Something I used to do all the time, but have slowly lossed!! It's nice to wake up to a spotless home, well atleast downstairs, each morning!!

The bedroom should be painted and put together by Saturday...which means Sunday is reserved for "spring cleaning". Lena is due in about 9 weeks and I feel like there's soo much to get done. Knowing that we will be having family and other visitors for a while, I want to make sure my house is in order. Side it rude that I asked all of our parents to get hotels while they were in for the birth? You see we have a nice house, but not HUGE. And there's absolutely no way we can pick and choose who can and can not stay here. Plus this is our time. I want to be selfish and have time at home with just me, Lena, and Josh. We get one opportunity for that first time at home together. And, although I love our families, I think I will go crazy with everyone here. It's easier to deal with mine...mainly because, well they are my family. They know exactly how I am, and I am not afraid to tell them they are getting on my nerves and I need them to give me time. Josh's family, however, is a different story. I'm pretty sure I would offend or upset someone if I got irritable, and let's be honest...I will be irritable during this joyous time!!! This is one of those moments when living away feels a bit like a burden.

I want all of our parents here for the birth, but I am hoping that they are each planning to come for a visit later on also. This way it's not so stressful on us, and we are given the alone time to bond with our baby....but also so they can each have their time with her and not feel like they have to share!!

Well, Joshua should be home soon and my eyes are drooping!! So nap time it is!!



Definitly make everyone get a hotel except your mom! I will say this, you will for sure want your mom with you 24/7. It's weird because even though you will now be a mom you are still her child and you will need her a lot in the first couple weeks. And don't feel bad if you have to tell everyone to leave (In fact this is where your mom can help and do that for you) The only person I wanted anywhere near us at first was my mom and no one else.

Ashley Belle

OH of course!! I am such a mommas girl's kinda sickening!! I just worry about hurting everyone elses feelings or upsetting the inlaws!!

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