Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day!!

Today was my first every Mother's Day!! I can't tell you how crazy it is to me that I am now a mommy!! What an amazing blessing it has been. There's no other job so rewarding, and I couldn't imagine doing anything but changing dirty diapers, making crazy faces, cleaning spit up, and feeding this adorable growing little girl! Thank you Lena Belle for making me a Mommy and "hiring" me for the greatest job in the world.

To start my "mommy weekend" off Joshua brought me home an arrangement of beautiful flowers, and the most adorable "coupon" book (It was full of coupons for foot rubs, cleaning, me time..etc etc)!! We then decided to eat out on Friday night, because it was no doubtedly going to be crowded the rest of the weekend, and I just wanted to go out, get in, eat, and enjoy my time with my family. For this venture I decided to go Japanese. It's been almost a year since I had any sushi and wine, so I thought what better way to bring it back into my life. (Don't worry...I only drank half a glass of wine with my sushi, and didn't breastfeed for a while afterwards) It was nice to treat myself to this delicacy that I have so come to enjoy over the last few years. I used to eat sushi on a weekly basis...!!!

Saturday I spent my afternoon laying out!! OH how I love me some sun. Unfortunately I got a bit burnt...ouch!! We then got out for a little bit, visiting our favorite- Sam's Club, grabbing some Taco Bell, and watching NINE. I finished my evening with a nice hot bubble bath...perfect!!

Today I layed in bed all day. I absolutely can NOT remember the last time I did that, just for the heck of it. Joshua brought me up breakfast in bed, and cleaned the entire house...including laundry, while my baby girl and I snuggled away the day. Right now he is fixing steak, crablegs, asparagus, and salad for my mother's day dinner...I CAN NOT WAIT!! YUMMO!!

To say the least it's been an amazing Mommy Weekend!! I forget sometimes at how blessed I am just to have this normal perfect life!! I love my little family and all of life's blessings God has provided us with!!

I hope all the Mommy's in the world had an amazing day- including my own!! You don't understand the love your parents have for you until you become one yourself. Thank you Mom for all you've done and given over the years!! :0)


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