Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grilled Cheese, Candied Apples, and Funnel Cakes!

So now that the food aversions and morning sickness have finally calmed down, I find myself craving delicious goodies, that aren't so good for my body! For example, last night the hubs and I made a Subway/Movie! While we were preparing the video for our entertainment a commercial came on for the Cabarrus County Fair! "FUNNEL CAKES AND COTTON CANDY!!" The only things I could think about for the next half hour. So being the wonderful man my Josh is, he got up, prepared the pancake mix, and made me my own personal funnel cake!! (Don't worry, he made himself one as well, topped with his favorite honey!)

While I am glad that I finally have an appetite, and am beginning to lose weight, instead of lose, I worry about the things I am putting into my body! Are they healthy for baby? So tonight I began to crave some french fries. Instead of driving down to McDonalds, my first instinct, I got out the potato sack, sliced and diced, and baked myself some parmesan french fries! Much better than deepfried and covered in salt!!!

So here is my goal, fulfill my cravings the smart way! It's getting harder to do. I used to be so easy to turn away and go for the healthy, but when all you can think about is a donut dipped in chocolate (Thank you Stephanie!!) you aren't satisfied until you get it!! Let me know if you have any delicious healthy recipes, (I'm looking for a new way to cook my Salmon) I'd love to give them all a try!!




Have you ever made lemon pepper salmon? Just either use the marinade or seasoning and bake in the oven until done. It's fabulous!

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