Monday, December 14, 2009

"Why do I even bother!!??"

Yesterday was Hubby Josh's 24th Birthday. At his request, we spent the day just lounging and enjoying the company of one another. Quiet time together is something we are trying to appreciate more of, knowing that in a few short months that quiet time will occupied with cries, feeding, diaper changes, and peek-a-boo games!!

After a few hours of lounging, my ADD kicked in and I had to find something to do. After admiring my smelly, dirty, baby girl Allie, I decided it was bath time. I removed her collar, ran a tub of water, and wrestled my little cocker spaniel into the bathroom. Once there, it took only a matter of moments before the tub was a nice shade of brown, from the dirt she had collected in her fur. That was the moment I decided we would be getting the "twice over"!!

After the bath I got her out, and because it was so cold out decided to dry her off. I usually let her air dry, because I know the blow dryer can really dry out her skin, but I made sure to spray in lots of doggy conditioner, and used her oatmeal bath. Josh had to give a helping hand during this process, Allie does NOT like to be blow dried!!! We got all of her tangles out, brushed her skirt around her legs (something I love because they always resemble UGG Boots) and cleaned out her ears. Let's just say that Allie was looking good.

This process took about two or so hours, with periodic grooming through the night. So, why go to all of this trouble when today I had to put her in her crate to go to my monthly check up, and come home only to find her DRENCHED from head to toe.

Let me explain. My dog has HORRIBLE seperation anxiety and can not stand to be left home alone. She will literally hide when she suspects Josh and I will be leaving. The problem with this is that when crated she throws a horrible fit and manages to slobber all over herself. Its absolutely disgusting and frustrating to come home and find your dog covered in her own saliva. (esp after pampering her the day before)

Needless to say, I will have to bathe her again sometime this week before getting her groomed for Christmas. I always bath and brush her out before I take her to the groomers. Silly, I know, but I don't want them to look at me as some neglectant "mother"!!

There's today's dilemma on my mind! That, and the fact that I have decided that after today's weigh in I will be deducting 4 pounds for my snow UGG Boots. I think that is only fair, they are extrememly heavy!! Other than my weight, everything looks great and is right on track, even my weight, just something I have yet to grow used to!!

Alrighty, I have a cookie exchange Wednesday, meaning I have about 4 dozen to bake....I might cheat and go the candy route!! I'll let you know!!


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