Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Punching Bag, Known As My Tummy!!

So lately Little Lena has become ridiculously active!! Last night Josh really wanted to feel her move, so he layed his head on my stomach. As soon as he did, poor thing got a swift punch in the face. He sat up with the biggest smile, and slight look of shock on his face yelling "HOLY CRAP"!! It was absolutely perfect!! I love that now I can lay on my back and just watch the gymnastics going on!!! It's such an amazing feeling, and it brings this "new life" more into perspective!!

I am truly starting to actually "enjoy" being pregnant. Once you over come the sickness, and tired feeling, you are able to focus on the miracle of it all. So far I haven't had any random people come up and want to touch..(thank goodness, cause that's just creepy!)!! I do, however get a lot of questions and predictions. The lady checking me out at Sams this afternoon had me pose a couple of different ways, before guessing it was a girl. And of course she is right! I don't mind talking about her to strangers. Babies are such a blessing and miraculous thing, that I am soo excited I could just share the news with the whole world! Cheesy right??

Well, it's time to get prepared for It's Always Sunny!! I know with a baby inside of me, I should probably be stimulating her mind with Reading Rainbow or something, but a little laughter never hurt anyone!! Sweetdreams everyone!!!


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