Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Allie Mae

Remember the sweet little puppy that I bought for Joshua two years ago for Christmas?? So you can put a face with the you go...

Adorable, right?? This little cockerspaniel has been a spitfire since day one. I will never forget how she acted the first night mom and dad brought her home. She made herself completely comfortable eating all of Foster's (my parents blonde cockerspaniel) food, and dragging out every single toy! Needless to say, I knew she was going to be a handful!

This is most certaintly noticeable during the Holidays! Allie LOOOVES presents. The past two years I have found myself rewrapping gifts due to her playful ways. And this is where our story begins.

Yesterday morning Lena and I were rushing to get ready. We had woken up late and had plans to meet Joshua for his birthday for lunch. The drive was going to be atleast 45 minutes, maybe an hour with traffic, so I knew we had to be out of the house no later that 10:45.

I found myself running from room to room like a mad woman with Allie close behind chasing and growling at me. I assumed she thought I was playing since I was in such a rush. A few minutes later I began to notice tiny pieces of paper EVERYWHERE. I assumed I'd left a receipt or something out and she got hold of it and had a jolly good time. Needless to say I was WRONG-O!!

Ms. Allie had nuzzled her way through the waves of gifts that cover my bedroom floor, and found the ones I had purchased for the pups of the family. She then proceeded to knock over the bags and pull each and every toy out. This doggy was on cloud nine and had for sure hit the jack pot!

I expect this kind of behaivor from Lena a few years from now, if she's anything like my brother and I she will find her gifts well before Christmas, or maybe my cousin will teach her how to unwrap them and then wrap them back!! But my 2 year old pup...??? I swear she's just like having a 4 year girl running a muck!!


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