Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Halfway there!!

I can not believe that today I am exactly halfway through my second pregnancy! This time around seems to just really be flying by! I think having a little one helps this along!! For fun I thought I'd look back at my survey for week 20 with Lena! I didn't start doing them till about 19 weeks...there's was a TON going on around that time, but I do have something to compare with this time around....

When are you due: March 29, 2010 How many weeks: almost 20!!
Was this planned or unplanned: Unplanned
How much weight gained: ?? Does it really matter!!
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes
Latest food craving: Still wanting that Rafferty's salad, but now I am really looking forward to the Meatloaf I am making for us and our dinner guests tomorrow night!!!!
Your top two name choices or baby's name: Her name is Lena Belle McCombs
Worst Thing about being pregnant: It's always something new, sickness, cravings you can't fix, breakouts, weight gain, moodiness for no reason!!
Best Thing about being pregnant: Knowing I have this amazing gift growing inside of me!!
The first person you told was: Hubby Joshua!! Well after I talked to Allie (our dog)!
Are you more scared or excited: A little nervous about the delivery, but oh so excited!!
Happy or mostly moody: Both!! I'm a rollercoaster!
Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: I really really really needed a Rafferty's salad, and there's not one anywhere near us!! It got to me! lol
You pee an estimated __ times a day?: Oh gosh, TONS! Lena things my bladder is a nice cushioned seat we installed for her comfort!!!
Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: Before I knew it was a girl, I dreamed I had a baby girl and she amazingly just started to walk and talk very soon after birth!! Maybe I am a little obsessed with Twilight, but it creeped me out!!
Will you breast feed: Oh of course! It's only natural and there are so many benefits!! I'll never understand why those that can, won't!!
Words of wisdom : No matter how much you plan and prepare, life will still get you with it's curve balls!!

While the two seem so consistent on paper...I can honestly say this pregnancy has been oh so different!! I have WAAY more energy this time around then I did with Lena, and the sickness did not last nearly as long. I also haven't had any horrible food aversions like I did with chicken the first time around. I also had this INSANE sense of smell! I could not even stand to be near my dog, or my husband after he got home from work, or had been out in the yard all day...bleck!!

I also find myself feeling somewhat guilty this time. I don't sit around and daydream like I did with Lena. Not because I don't care or love Parker as much, but I just don't simply have the time. With Lena I didn't work, didn't have kids, so I just layed around all day thinking about what was to come. Lena keeps me pretty well on my toes these days!!

I also don't have the self image issues I had the first time. I think you just get used to it, plus I am carrying Parker so differently, and haven't gained any weight...yet! Lena seemed to make my hips spread out like a big ole balloon, Parker seems to just be nestled contently in my tummy area. Josh tells me constantly that I don't even look preggo till I turn sideways!! Because of this I can still fit into most of my Prepreggo jeans. I usually opt for the maternity just for comfort, but it's nice to know I have options!! ;0)

I am just as moody this time around. After 8-9 hours of chasing Lena, picking her up, calming her down, cleaning the house, yelling at the dog...etc etc I am just at my limit! Not to mention our sleeping still isn't the best (Did I mention Lena has 4 molars almost completely in now) She is also getting to the stage where she's cut a nap out and now only tends to take one....if I'm that lucky!! While I'm not complaining about having to care for her, I will say that it's a lot harder with a growing tummy, and a constant aching back! I have my moments where all I want is to sit down in a quiet room!! The up side, she is growing up and becoming more independent. So my attention isn't needed for playing, sometimes feeding...etc!!

I haven't had any crazy dreams either! My dad did call to say he had one the other night about Parker hanging off the balcony in their living room, and refusing to get down. He might be a handful!!

One thing is for sure...I am CRAZY excited! I'm soo curious to see if he will be/look like Lena, or if the two will be complete opposites. Lena is such this perfect little combination of both Josh and I, hopefully for Josh's sake Parker will have many of his attributes!! :0)


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