Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parker Scott

I can't believe Parker is almost six weeks old, and I have yet to find the time to blog about his birth, and amazing life he is living! So forgive me for my delay! Have 2 under 2 can leave you with little time to eat, much less a chance to sit down and "journal"!!

Parker Scott made his entrance at 11:52 p.m on August 18th, 2011. He weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 15 ounces, and was a height of 22.5 inches long. I wish I could tell you that it was this perfect, amazing birth that I will look back on lovingly for the rest of my life.

I had decided that week to go ahead with an induction. I felt discouraged for "giving" into this temptation, but the fact remained that I was completely, utterly, miserable. I had been dialated about 4 centimeters for almost 2 weeks, on and off bleeing, lost my mucus plug, painful contractions that would pick up and stop, and swelling that was so painful I couldn't make a fist and was barely able to pick up Lena. Suffice to say my body was taking a MAJOR beating.

The doctor kept assuring me that he wasn't a "big" baby, but my gut was telling me something else. There was no way that I was feeling him up as high, and down as low as I was if he was just as big as his older sister. Anyways after weeks of utter pregnant misery I caved and scheduled an induction. I gave myself about another week after I scheduled one for my body to kick in on it's didn't!

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30 that morning and since I had done a preregistration we were quickly taken back and set up in a delivery room. I'd been contracting all morning, but was so used to it that I didn't think much of it. They were reading about every 6 or so minutes apart, but nothing ever intensified or picked up.

They started me on the pitocin around 9:45ish. It didn't take long for the contractions to set in. About an hour or so later I started to really feel pressure. The contractions hurt, but they weren't mom so kindly informed me that my contractions were only reading about a 40...and they needed to get to a 100 before it was all said and done! LoL after informing her that I wasn't in a good mood and didn't need them telling me what did and did not hurt...she decided to take a walk...aka get away from my bad attitude! (and trust me, when I am in labor...or going through anything for that's better to just back off and leave me be. If I need ya, I'll tell ya!!)

I had already told them I wanted the epidural. After my last delivery I didn't want to risk any more pain than necessary. I decided to goempty my bladder before the doctor showed up with the "good meds". It took me a minute to get up, and get to the bathroom, and at this point my contractions were just a few minutes apart. I can't even describe to you the way they felt. With Lena I remember this HORRIBLE period like cramp down through my legs. This time around they were different. They were concentrated in my "woman parts" and felt like I was trying to hold a bowling ball inside...literally.

So I tell my nurse the type of pain I'm having. She wants to check me, but they are here with the epidural and we decide to wait till after my line is in place. The epidural was the hardest part. Having to sit still when all you want to do is pace around the floor...and I had been....was no fun. Not to mention once she got it in, she decided it needed to be redone. UGH!! They were absolutely wonderful and gentle with me and worked amazing around my contractions...waiting for my go ahead each time before moving to the next step.

After the "test dosage" my nurse checks me. Yup...fully dialated, and was already fully effaced when we got it was go time! Basically I labored without any sort of drug, and am not sure teh pitocin really did a whole lot...maybe sped it up a bit, but hey I had already felt like I was in labor for weeks.

So an hour after starting the induction, I was ready to push. Pushing went great, until that small dose of pain medicine kicked took a minute to get my groove back. About 45 minutes later his head was out...and this is where the story turns. Parker just stopped coming out...he had shoulder dystocia, aka he got stuck.

At this point all I remember is the nurse pushing mom away, my doctor jumping up out of her seat, and everyone YELLING at me to just push and don't stop. Next thing I know, Dr. Booth is literally elbows deep in me just pulling, tugging, twisting, whatever she can do to get him loose.

I can vividly remember thinking, what if they don't get him out...what are we going to do. I'm positve I prayed through the grunts, and what felt like forever later, he was out. Dr. Booth yelled for the respiratory doctor. At this point my heart stopped. "what is wrong with my baby" "please dear God let him be ok"...these kept going through my mind over and over. I don't think I had any sense of readable emotion until they told me he was okay. At that point I just broke down and cried...babyless, layed up alone on a table. When mom and Josh saw this, they were immediately at my side hugging, kissing, reassuring me.

Eventually my uncontrollable sobbing calmed down and they placed my "little dumpling" in my arms. 8 pounds, 15 ounces...he was almost 2 pounds and 2 inches bigger than his sister was...but like his sister he was absolutely perfect!!

After two scary deliveries I am blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children. Parker has completely turned my world upside down, and they both teach me something new daily, but that's an etirely different blog!

For now I will quit this memory rambling!!


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