Sunday, April 8, 2012


I am the WORST. BLOGGER. EVER!!!! I can not believe it has been about 7 months since my last post! Scratch that, yes I can! I am a stay at home mom of not one beautiful baby, but TWO beautiful babies!! Life is in full swing ladies and gents!!

I apologize completely for my absence! A lot has happened since we last chatted. You all know I had Mr. Parker, what you don't know is that by 3 months he was rolling over, and laughing, by 6/7 months he began to crawl and said dada, and is a CHAMP at eating. We can actually scoop the food onto the spoon and the child will feed himself!! Parker can also GO in the walker. I'm talking take off running and just slide! It's the funniest thing to watch! At this time he already has SIX TEETH! You read it right...6! It has been a LOOOOOONG couple of months in our house. Currently he is working on two more for a grand total of eight coming soon!!

He is the polar opposite of Lena, well except in the way they both make my heart melt! He is a sensitive little thing. Parker gets his feelings hurt extremely easy. Sissy (Lena Belle) will often find Parker playing with a toy that is CLEARLY off limits to him...aka her Ken doll. He is welcome to play with ANY ONE of her 20 barbies, but no Ken!! This usually insues in a pulling match, followed by some yelling, the likes of which I can not understand (probably better off), and ends up with an upset little boy crying on the floor. OH, but don't worry, Lena does not miss a beat. Once she has secured the Ken doll she will always find something else more suitable for Parker to play with!

All mothers say it, but I really do adore my kiddos. I am so blessed, in more ways than one! I couldn't be more thankful for how loving Lena is to her little brother. She's at a sensitive age, you know THE TWOS!!! I was terrified that once tantrums began her anger would be taken out on baby bro, but so far so good. Daddy, myself, and Allie take the brunt of the hostility!! :0)

I guess you figured out that Ms. Belle turned two! still my heart! Where does the time go? I am absolutely LOVING this stage of her life. Her speech is greatly improving, and her sentence structure gets us laughing everytime! For instance:

What you would say:

"May I please have a glass of juice"

The way it goes down in my house:

Lena- "Duice, dada, go-go, bye!!!"
Mom- "Lena what do you say??"
Lena- "PEEEZZE...k bye!"

She's getting there! In the meantime she keeps us entertained! We are working on potty training! It's a slow process with her, and I am afraid it's just going to be. The girl is so independent. She does things on her time...period! So that whole putting your child on the potty every 30 min or so...yeah it doesn't work here. What we end up with is a big screaming, kicking match and a mommy frustrated...while baby watches from the door in the walker! Kind of commical now that I think about it!

She has gone potty, several times in fact, and usually atleast once a day. She knows what it means, how to get on it, how to wipe, on and so forth. She just really isn't interested in doing it sometimes!! But she absolutely does not want to be in a dirty diaper. SOO with that said, since potty training she has began to come up and tell us when it's time to be changed! Another grammer lesson....

What you would say:

"Mommy I went poop/pee! Change me please"

Lena's rendition:

"Mama..poo..SHOOOOWEEE!! Mon, go!!!.....PPEEEZZEEE"

No lie, I even caught the child changing her own diaper one day! I went into Parker's room for something only to find her sprawled out naked on the floor, wipes in one hand, diaper under her booty, and a MASSIVE amount of AandD ointment in the other hand! It wasn't half bad I guess! HAHA

So you see, I have stayed pretty busy these last few months! And I won't say it's because they are such a hand full, and yes having two kids so young can be a LOT at times. But really I just enjoy being a mommy. I can't think of any other way I would rather spend my days then lost in their baby blues reading the same book over and over again, enjoying tea partys, giving ANOTHER bath for the day, chasing around the house, dancing around a musical teapot, or cuddling up to the couch with!! They are absolute perfection and have made my life something worth blogging about, but at the same time...lacking the real desire to take time away to do so! hmm funny how that works!!


The Alexander Family of 4!

Yay!!!! I've missed more ways than one!!! Glad to see the updated posts and those cutie pies to pieces! I have Lena's bday presents and a few things for Mr. Parker. Will mail them one day this week. Love you all to pieces!!!!!!!!!

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