Friday, July 16, 2010

Making it!!

If there's one thing that I have learned in my nearly four months of parenthood, it's that patience is by far a HUGE virtue!! I'm sure other mommies (esp stay at home moms) can relate!! The last few weeks we have been dealing with these horrible on and off crying tantrums. I would build it up to colic, but the fact that she is literally taking our hands, sticking them in her mouth, and gnawing down as hard as she can, really leads us to believe that her little toothers are causing her some major issues!

I absolutely HATE not being able to fix what's wrong, so the crying ensues. I felt horrible yesterday, because I called Josh and asked him to come home, instead of going bike riding with friends. I was literally at my wits end. She screamed from the moment she woke up till about 4. The only time she calmed down was to eat, and the few times I got her to take a cat nap. I feel like a horrible person when I let my frustrations get the better of me, but hey, I'm only human.

I could tell that Josh wasn't too thrilled with having to give up his man date, but you're a parent now. This comes with sacrifice, and learning to put this amazing little life above anything else...including bike riding. For me, my usual summers of tanning, cocktails, and gossip are no where to be found. And that's ok!! I love being a mommy!! But I won't lie when I say there are days I could just sit and cry with her!

Josh finally got her to suck on an ice cube through a rag, which seemed to really calm her down. Trust me I tried it all. The frozen pacifiers would work, until they thawed out 30 seconds later. She HATE orajel, I mean fights with me to get it in her mouth, and the teething tablet magic seems to have disappeared!! A nice warm bubble bath helps her relax and take her mind off of it for a minute, but once she remembers, she's back to screaming.

So here I am. Learning to be a mommy!! My dad told me that once I became a mom, I would find patience in me I didn't know I had. Wow...was he ever right!! It's not Lena's crying that bothers me, it's that I feel like a failure when I can't make her stop! PreBaby whenever I heard a little one wail, I would literally cringe from head to toe. And think...that's why I can't have kids!! How horrible right??

Anywho, we are making it!! I know these moments of frustration will pass. I'm grateful there's no fever, or anything serious that's she's dealing with! None-the-less I hate seeing her so upset!! **sigh** Today's been a bit better, I guess the fact that we've both bathed and been clothed helps the situation out!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Happy Blogging!


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