Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way behind...

So not only are my attempts at interesting blogs lagging behind, but my actually reading of them are as well! So tonight I've taken sometime to sit down and catch myself up on everyone else's happenings!!

I was pleased to find a LOT of happy and positive vibes being spread out there in blogging world. With so much turmoil going on, I find myself getting caught up in other's heartache and inevitably ending up in tears after venturing into cyber space!!

With that said, I promise to make a better attempt at supporting you all!! I don't always comment, but am I truly touched by each of your lives and stories, many of which have made me a better person!!

As for my life, this past weekend I became CRAFTY! I have been wanting to purchase a sewing machine for some time now. So I finally took the plunge on Saturday. After my weekly Hobby Lobby fix I had found myself with tons of fabric and patterns, but alas no sewing machine. One not so quick trip to Walmart (let's face it when is that place ever in and out?) later and I was a proud owner of a Brother's sewing machine.

After moving my office space into the spare bedroom, Joshua helped me set up shop. (I swear he thinks I'm going to be making all of our clothes, and churning butter-if that's the case we shall be naked and hungry) My first sad attempt was a burp cloth. While usable, it's cosmetic appeal is humorous!! Next I made a matching burp cloth, apron, and a wall organizer. While I don't have the photo evidence as of yet, I will try to prove my skills to you soon!!

I also gave a go at some diaper wreaths. These are turning out way, way cute, and since the girls I am making them for follow my blog, pictures will just have to wait until after the shower!! So YAY me!!

Let's face it, I am a SAHM, and while Barney and Elmo appeal to my younger heart, I am in desperate need of a hobby!! So atleast this can keep me busy while the little one naps, and I'm being creative!! I have an audition coming up in August for a great choir out here!! Maybe that'll help me with getting out of the house a bit more!! ;0) Happy blogging all!


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