Monday, July 12, 2010

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!!!

So as I previously warned, my blogging has taken a HUGE backseat to my hectic and amazing life. Weekend before last we got to celebrate the 4th of July with what I am considering the best neighborhood...EVER!! Laurie De Esch (and of course her hubs) were gracioius enough to open up their front and back yard to host a block party. Tons of good food, great company, and of course ooing and awwing over my ridiculously adorable daughter. Ok, maybe I am partial to my own child, but aren't we all!! The fireworks were RIDICULOUS!! Ok, I am from Kentucky where you have to drive down to TN to get the "good stuff", which inevitably adds up to about 2 hours worth of bottle rockets. These were the nice, pretty ones that went...KABOOM! And believe it or not Lena LOVE LOVE LOVED THEM! No surprise, she enjoys her mobile, and pretty colors, so naturally she's like fireworks. Thanks again to the De Esch family for an amazing time!!

This past weekend one of my best friends, Emily, and her adorable two year old, Jackson, came to visit! We had an amazing time with both of them. Emily and I got a lot of shopping done, and some great pool time in. Jackson and Lena also discovered their love for one another!!

Besides all of the fun visitors and activities we've had going on, Ms. Lena is really starting to grow up! (don't I say that in every post??) We've recently discovered her admiration for Elmo, Barney, and Baby Einstein!! What a blessing all of these videos have been for me!! Not only is my house cleaner, but so am I!! YAY!! She's too stinkin cute sittin in her swing watching and playing along with these videos. Mom constantly tells me that I loved to watch t.v. when I was a little girl (not much has changed) so naturally my baby would love to veg out as well!! We have also discovered our walker. She can get her self pushed pretty far, but it takes her a few minutes to get there! However, her new found independence has been a reminder that this stage of her life is so short. Another reassurance that, for me, being a stay at home mom was the best decision I could have ever made!! We are also working on moving her into her crib at night, something that has been extrememly hard!! I know that I like to have her near me because it's comforting, but I also know that the longer I wait the harder it's going to get! She does nap in her crib during the day, or bassinet. So we've started putting her in their first thing in the evenings. She usually lasts a couple of hours before she wakes up and realizes we aren't there. If we are already in bed and settling down she is then comforted, and put down in her bassinet in our room! So the move is slow going, but I have a feeling that one night we will lay her in there, and she will just sleep through the night. I am sure my heart will break into a million pieces, and my mommy tears will ensue, but I'd rather her grow up than not!!

Hopefully this next month will be pretty quiet in our lives. We looove to go go go, and trust me, we have, but I think I am ready to just sit down and be a little family for a bit! I am hoping that we can get togeth with mom and dad before September. I don't know if I (or they) can go that long without seeing one another (aka without seeing Lena) If not, we have plans to visit them and their new home for labor day!! Before that (Aug 21) Josh and I are going to see the Zac Brown Band. I got him tickets for our anniversary, and we are both pretty pumped about it! His dad and stepmom are going to come in that weekend and watch Lena that night for us! That will be our 3rd night out without the baby! It's very hard to leave her, and I usually at some point get this ache to have her near, but I know that it's good for us. ESP since we are still newlyweds!

Oh, and did I mention I am throwing a baby shower for two of my neighbors!! I am soo very excited about this! Since they are both having their babies in the fall I've decided to them it "Little Pumpkins"!! I have a lot of cute little ideas for it, and can't wait to share how it goes over with you all!!

So there's life yesterday, today, and tomorrow!! Again, sorry for the lack of blogging enthusiasm!! Hopefully I can become more motivated to do something other than coo at my three moth old for a few minutes a day!!

Happy blogging!!!



She is growing so fast! I can't believe it! My third (another girl) will be here in just a few weeks or less and it's hard to believe how fast the time does fly. You will not regret the decision to stay home with your baby. The decision for me to stay home and to photography in the evenings so I could raise my kids has been one of the BEST I ever made!

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