Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011- thus far!

So I know in my last post I promised an update of our Christmas festivies, of which there were many, but to be honest lately I am doing well to get out of bed. This pregnancy is starting to get me down...waay down!

This past weekend my pregnancy sypmtoms began to kick in with FULL FORCE. I had a bit of nausea and a really bad headache the week we were home for Christmas, but thought it was pretty minimal compared to what I went through with Lena. You know the saying never count your chickens before they hatch, or whatever? Yeah I should really apply that to my life. For whatever reason this weekend I found myself to be so completely exhausted and achy that walking around was a pain...not to mention the crazy dizziness I have been getting. I had a couple of dizzy spells with Lena, but nothing so consistent.

To top it all off I woke up Monday morning with a pounding headache and spent the better part of that day bent over a toilet. After an hour or so of feeling horrible I began to notice some blood in my "puke"...sorry for the tmi. This immediately freaked me out and I began calling my husband, parents, and the doctor. Josh decided to come home that afternoon since I was clearly in no shape to try and take care of a nine month old alone.

Here's where the story gets interesting. I was supposed to have my first prenatal visit yesterday afternoon, which brought some kind of relief knowing I was going to be able to see someone and maybe get all of this craziness under control. After talking to the triage nurse she made a note on my chart and offered to call me in some nausea meds (same thing I took last pregnancy). Great!

Soon after Josh arrives home with bags of "goodies" aka crackers, sprite, pudding pops, know, the usual sick aids. I am able to eat a few crackers and enjoy a sprite before getting sick again an hour later. I get up, get myself bathed and ready, and am now laying down waiting to leave for the doctor's office. About 30 minutes before we are going to leave the phone rings, it my Doctors office. The secretary proceeds to tell me that they do not want me to come in for fear I have a virus and they are afraid I will get a fellow worker, who is due any day now, sick! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!

After hanging up the phone I make my way upstairs to tell Josh, who is getting Lena ready, what just happened. You cold have felt the steam coming off of his face!! What kind of a doctor doesn't want you to come in because you are sick??!!??!! He really wanted to call them and let them know what he thought, but I refused to give them the phone. Instead I call back, politely explain my situation to the receptionist, and she redirects me to triage...AGAIN. The nurse hear, while helpful, really just gave me the run around. She continually told me that if I got worse to call back and they'd send me to the hospital, however, in my opinion I was already worse...I was puking blood...HELLO!

This lead to many more calls to the other location, to which I was told that the nurse I had originally spoke to was over the other nurses and they couldn't do anything, but attempt to get me in early the next morning. To which I replied no thank you, I will call somewhere else. You see, I wasn't calling last minute trying to get an appointment, I have had one scheduled for weeks, and I just wanted to see my doctor to make sure that my worries were nothing and the baby was just fine.

So here I sit, the next morning. Still sick, still have a bit of blood in my vomit, a healthcare provider that will now see me, but I am uncertain if I trust their judgement! What to do...?


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