Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Trimester

So I realized last night that I was already at my 10 week mark, which means just a few short weeks until the beginning of my second trimester! The light in all the pregnancy darkness!! So far this pregnancy has differed very little from the last. The main distinction between the two was my ability to just lay around with Lena. I didn't work, nor did I have a little one to chase around all day, so when I felt sleepy it was absolutely no big deal for me to take a 3 hour nap.

This time around, however, I'm not so fortunate. With a little pistol like Lena, my days are pretty much constantly on the go!! The upside to that is the fact that I just have to deal with it. I have had a couple of mental breakdowns, where I just felt like "What have I gotten myself into", but I will attribute a lot of that to the crazy stir of hormones inside of me right now!

I've, again, had horrible morning sickness, crazy headaches, and embarrassing breakouts! All of which are beginning to get under control. So things are looking up there! RIght now I am waiting anxiously for warmer weather. I can't wait to just sit outside....Lord knows I could use some warm, fresh air!

The best part about the second trimester, besides feeling slightly normal again, is finding out the sex. We find out what the baby is March 21st, right before Lena's first birthday! I'm sure she won't understand, or really care for that matter, but it will be fun to experience that with her!! I am also anxious for my bump! I have a TON of winter wear, that I am hoping I can get a little use out of before the summer hits. My belly already has a slight pooch, but its mainly just bloating! I haven't gained any weight, but my jeans feel snug, you know the way you feel right before you start your period!!

I'm hoping to keep my weight gain under control. I still have a bit to lose from Lena, so my goal is to just not put on as much as I did with her. Hopefully with the summer nightly walks, and daily the fact that it's just too hot to eat anything but fruit, salad, and drink water, should help!

Needless to say the time is kinda of flying by. If it wasn't for the sickness I think I might forget I was pregnant. Lena keeps us on our toes daily. She is a constant entertainment, and sponge! It's so much fun watching her grow!!


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