Thursday, April 22, 2010

And so it begins....

Do you remember the feeling you used to get when watching a movie about the couple with a newborn baby?? How the mom always looked like a nasty mess (I'm talked matted hair, no makeup, puke stains all over the shirt) and neither parent could seem to get rid of those dark circles around their eyes? (undeniably caused by a sleepless night with baby) I would always think that this had to be some exaggeration of the "truth". Little did I know that today I would be sitting here with an unwashed matted ponytail, a nasty stain of puke on my nightgown, that I have yet to change out of, no makeup....and as horrible as it is to admit, teeth that haven't come in contact with my crest just yet!!

I have officially crossed into the world of mommy. As exhausted as I am from staying up most of the night with Lena, I am truly trying to enjoy every moment of this tiny stage of life she's in. She will be a month old in just a short week and already I can see a change in her personality, looks, etc.

The nights have suddenly become a fussy event. She has decided that bedtime, and getting up are her two least favorite activities. During these times she also tends to cluster feed...and talk about exhausting!! She's also developed this horrible "gunk" in her left eye. The pediatrician assures me it's just from her undeveloped tear ducts, but no matter how much I massage and wipe with warm water it just seems to look worse and worse. I'm talking her poor little eye is completely matted together in the mornings...very frustrating for us both.

She has come to really enjoy bath time...well not that she ever didn't like it. The warm water is like a miracle worker. She can be screaming about something, and the second you lay her in that tub....silence. She's even fallen asleep a few this is slowly being worked into our bedtime routine.

Lena has also really started to smile and giggle a little more. In the mornings I can lay her on our bed looking at the ceiling fan and she will just smile and coo. Something about this household luxury amuses my little angel.

Josh and I have also learned that gassiness and going poo are two dramatic tasks for our baby girl. I mean you've never heard such noises coming from something so small...and I'm not just talking about the grunting!! We have also survived our first diaper rash...whew!! I was horrified that at only 3 weeks her tiny bum developed a red bumpy rash. Nothing to make you feel like a horrible parent then your child getting something that you deem to be preventable. We had been using desitin, but I found some sample packs of balmex (much thicker than the desitin) I decided to mix the two together and just glob it on at every change...and amazingly the rash was literally gone the next day. So my mission now is to find an actualy human size of balmex.

So to say the least....this new chapter of life has officially began!! No doubt that we are absolutely in for a wild and amazing ride!!


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