Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can't Sleep....ever again!!

So after having my baby home for almost a week, I have discovered that I am paranoid. Poor Lena suffers from reflux, and after almost every meal spit up insues. I hate laying her down because there always seems to be some sort of gagging involved. I fight to get her to burp after most feeds, and notice when she finally does, she's so much more content and relaxed, but many of them don't come without a bit of struggle. I also have her bassinet propped up at an angle, hoping that gravity will do it's part.

And yet, I can't seem to sleep in between feeds because of this waking fear that she will choke. Crazy, I know, but it's all I can think about come bed time. Any other mommies suffer from some kind of paranoia!!?? Any suggestions on how to handle her reflux....I hate when the doctor gives you the standard "its fairly common" speech. Common for babies, yes, but for this first time mother, absolutely not!!

Alas my precious one has finally settled down and is peacefully resting!! Pray that I can do the same....atleast for a couple of hours tonight!



I dont have any advice on the reflux end of things because thankfully that is one problem we have not had BUT I can tell you about a handy little invention we just purchased that has made my sleeping 100% better. I bought the Angel Care monitor from and cant speak highly enough about it. You put this sensor pad under the matress, sometimes (especially with a bassinet) you might have to put a board under it. It detects his/her movements (breathing) and it they stop it will sound an alarm. The first one that goes off is supposed to startle the baby out of sleep, if they still dont take a breath a louder alarm sounds.
It is WONDERFUL! You should check it out!

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